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As I am now

I woke at half 1 today. I like waking up in the afternoon, though if it's too late I can miss things. I don't think I have today.

It's very nearly Christmas and that scares me. Though least I've got Lego Star Wars to go on.

After Christmas I'll do a poll. Cause so many (read as every) standalone I've done has seemingly caused everyone to demand sequels I'll do a poll and the top 2/3 shall get a sequel. I'll probably do it on the Friday.

Tonight I'm gonna try and do another standalone/the next part of Plaything.

I've update the fic to do list. At least four of them will be done before the poll (which'll bring the poll up to an even 8/9).

Last night we watched The Clone Wars, Family Guy and the Mighty Boosh. Yay! And ate pizza. Yay! And with my new found Wii connection, I was finally able to download games. I downloaded Kirby, Paper Mario and Mario 3. At a later date I'll download Sonic, Ocarina and Pokemon Snap. Old school games = yay! I hope they do Majora's Mask, since the disc with it has gone missing.

Robb in Total Guitar looks like he's fisting.

And now I waddle off to ponder writing again, eat cold pizza and get papers.
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