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The Stars Will Still Burn Tomorrow

The Stars Will Still Burn Tomorrow
Pairing: William Beckett/Mikey Way
Rating: NC-17
POV: William
Warnings: Vampirism
Notes: I got the image for this yesterday, so I had to go with it. Set in the Sixteen Candles verse. This was a huge help< 3
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface and nz_bonjovi_gal

I opened the door to my room, looking around for my pet as I kicked the wood shut. He came to me, crawling from behind the bed and looking as pathetic as ever. My pet was a small boy called Mikey and others wondered why I hadn't turned him yet. Keeping him human was important to me. I liked his fear, the smell of it. The sight of him covering in a corner when he saw me. If he was one of us, the fear he had would be gone. After all, why would he be afraid of me if he had the same power as me?

I ran a hand through his soft hair, trailing my fingers over the leather collar on his neck. "Good pet." Apart from the collar his skin was bare. I gazed over his pale body, which hadn't seen sunlight in weeks now. He was covered in various bruises and scars, some of them were clear while others had faded. "Tonight was... interesting." I tilted his face up to look him in the eyes. I could see the questioning look in the hazel depths. "Don't worry, I haven't found your brother. But I will. Tonight I dealt with some pesky hunters and an annoying rival."

Yes, this night had been busy. Pete was in custody and would be dealt with tomorrow. The rest of his pitiful band of hunters had been turned already and we tied down in the main room for all to enjoy. Travis, who had pissed me off for months now, had been hacked to pieces and left for dead. Yes, tonight had been most productive. But the fact that Mikey's brother still alluded captured irked me. It was why two of my best men were not with me to go against the hunters. I'd sent them to search, but they had no luck.

No matter. He'd show up, even if I had to burn this town to the ground looking for him.

I could see the faint glimmer of hope in his eyes that his brother was out of my reach. I growled low in my throat, slapping him hard around the face. "He will not save you just because he's out there. Do you understand?" Why did I have to constantly repeat myself to him? "Even if he finds you here, he'd be captured or killed before he gets within 10 feet of that door." I nodded back to the one I'd just stepped through. "He's not going to be your knight in shining armor." That's why I needed Gerard. Gerard was his glimmer of hope, one which kept him holding on despite the various beatings and tortures he'd gone through. Seeing his big brother go through them would crush what was left of his spirit.

He looked down at the floor and I merely nodded. I undid my pants, moving behind his naked body. Normally I'd beat him for having so much hope, but tonight had been too busy for me to do that. Some could argue that I hadn't actually done much in tonight's operation, but observing and just being there was as important as participation. Besides, my being there was all part of the trap. I shook my head to rid myself of such thoughts, running my hands over the curve of Mikey's ass. At the top of his cleft were a pair of small, round scars where I'd bit him a few nights ago. I remembered that night, using his own blood as lube. Ah, such joys. There were several other such marks on his cheeks and all over his body.

I pulled apart his cheeks, not bothering to bite him tonight and rammed into his twitching asshole in one quick, fluid thrust. He gasped out, but he was used to the intrusion now. I pushed all the way into him, moaning at the feeling of his ass twitching around me. For the first few times he resisted me, even tried to force me out of his body but now he just submitted to me. He knew now it was easier in the long run to just do as he's told and please me as best he could. I dug my nails into his skin, pulling out of him slowly to thrust back within him. He made whimpery noises of pain this time, as he tore around me, but I didn't care. I started to build a steady rhythm, moving my hands to his back to scratch at his pale skin. I didn't bother with his little cock. If he came from me fucking him, he did so of his own accord. I gripped onto his hair, pulling on his long, dark locks as my balls slapped against his ass. I could smell his blood.

He moaned loudly as I increased my pace and pulled his hair rougher. I kept angling my thrusts so I missed his spot, not wanting to give him too much pleasure. I felt him wiggle against me in an attempt to get me to brush against him. I held his ass cheek tight, easily holding him still as I kept up my thrusts. Again he tried to squirm beneath me, but gave up when he realised he wasn't getting anywhere. When I first had him, he hadn't given up so quickly. I recalled him still struggling even after I unloaded up his ass. Now he knew what such actions earned him.

I squeezed my eyes shut as I gasped into the air, his twitching hole sending me over the edge. I came deep inside his bloodied entrance, smirking as I felt that his cock was still soft. I slide out of him, opening my eyes to gaze at his leaking ass. I knealt down behind him, pushing my face against his soft cheeks and extended my tongue to lap at the mix of his blood and my seed. Fucking him had made me hungry and this was a convenient way to quench it for the moment. I purred at the taste of the salty and copper fluids, extending my tongue deep inside him to collect it all. His cock was springing to life, but I neither touched or hit it.

I pulled away from him when I could taste no more fresh blood and licked away the few drops that remained on my lips. He hadn't came and I was completely content to leave him like that, desperate and needy. I climbed onto my large, soft bed and lay on the mattress, watching him intently to see what he'd do. With one hand he reached down to touch himself and I growled, which made him withdraw his hand and curl up on the floor, staring up at him. He was such a frail boy, especially compared to the pictures of his brother I'd seen. I traced my tongue over my sharp fangs and allowed myself to drift to sleep, thoughts of gerard being tortured for Mikey's benefit entering my mind.
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