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I just can't finish the end of that sentance anymore

Another thing to add to the list of things I hate in Resident Evil (after leeches being annoying and web spinners): Crimson Heads. Especially in groups. Evil fuckers. Gods bless the submachine gun. I'm now on the 'mansion incident'.

Inspiration has set in! Well, an image has anyway. That I have to write. So I am. I give no clues apart from the pairing: William Beckett/Mikey Way.

Here's the fic to do list I mentioned earlier.
5 Dreams

Enter Shikari: Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith
The City Is At War: ?
*Bert Mccracken/Bob Bryar/Gerard Way
*Bert Mccracken/Dan Whiteside/Jepha Howard
*Bob Bryar/Sawa
*Dan Whitesides/Jepha Howard
*Ian Watkins/Matt Tuck
*Ian Watkins/Mikey Way
*Jack Harkness/Dalek Sec Hybrid
*Jack Harkness/Luke Smith (probably done when Torchwood starts)
*Jay James/
*Jay James/Matt Tuck/Moose/Padge
*Mikey Way/Gerard Way/Ray Toro
*Mikey Way/Spencer Smith/William Beckett
*Pete Wentz/Robb Flynn
*Ryan Ross/Spencer Smith
*Sylar/Hiro Nakamura
*Worm/Mikey Way
*Zacky Vengeance/Oli Sykes

Sequel to Duct Tape And Doggy Sex: Pete/various
Sequel to Taste Of Cum: wiL/The Blackout
Prequel to Taste Of Cum: wiL/Bullet

I might do a sequel to For The Fantasy. Also I might do another Worm fic, or something involving Bert. Which one's the pretty from Escape The Fate? (I wanna say Ronnie.) Also I've been contracted to do lesbian porn, which isn't up there cause I'm gonna see how it turns out. Also there's tentacleness, but I forgot my idea. Probably will be something with the Leones too.

I hope to have this done by the end of the yearish.

I've sorta cleared off the bed. Basically the main thing on it is clothes and my guitar. And a few folders. And the N64. And...

Tomorrow, I'll be going at about 10:20. That's so I can get out the money for the trip from the Post Office. 11:05's the train to Birmingham. Although I could be confused with times and if I am then everything's an hour earlier.

I'm going to return to writing now.
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