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No, you're trapped like... carrots

Ah, the joys of being awake.

I hate GJ. Things are fucking up there and the admin person won't tell anyone why. Even those that help run it. Fucked up shit right there.

Before I write or anything today I'm gonna finish sorting the other bed. Most likely meaning pick up the stuff on it and chuck it on the floor. Cause I'm like that.

I'll finish watching The Simpsons Move again while I'm doing it. Maybe shoot some zombies after.

I'm gonna try and do the next part of Plaything today. I'll have to decide between Matt and Omar first. I keep thinking it's too early for Matt's part for some reason.

Also, I'm gonna do a fic to-do list so I know what I'm doing. I'll post it later.

Yay for tomorrow being annoy Claire-to-death day! Seriously, you'll end up being sick of me at some point.

Also yay for 67 seemingly being knocked out the running. Ha!

I consider myself to be out of the loop on a lot of fandoms now, since I don't really read too much. So could people rec me good fic? Preferably not Gerard/Frankie or Brendon/Ryan (unless someone else is involved too). I'd like if it was smut. Especially if it has Bob, Ray, Spencer or Patrick.
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