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What I Want

What I Want
Pairing: Tom Sykes/Oli Sykes
Rating: NC-17
POV: Tom
Warnings: Rape
Notes: This was requested on olleh_sexplz, so here it is.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

I gazed at my brother, feeling my cock stir. I'd lusted after him for years now, but never acted upon it. At first my inaction was caused by the shame I felt for feeling that way, then it became more about him resisting me if I tried anything. I sighed to myself. Fucking other guys didn't work any more, since I wanted someone covered in as many tattoos as him and those were few. Far too few. Now all I could do was jack off over pictures of him topless.

Tonight was going to change all that.

He'd been drinking all night, it was only a matter of time before someone had to take him home. Since I'd made sure not to drink anything alcoholic, I'd be the one to take him home. Then he'd be mine. I had considered just fucking him in an alley or the toilets, but I wanted to at home. After all, if I left him in either of those places someone else could have him. After tonight, he'd be mine and mine alone.

I kept my eyes on my brother as he swayed over to me, giggling about nothing. "Tooooommy." He stretched my name out and made it sound whiny, an obvious sign of his drunkeness. As if his swaying wasn't enough. "I think I might be a ickle, teensy bit drunk."

"You don't say." I inwardly smirked, my cock twitching more. I was so close now. "Want me to take you home?" He nodded his head wildly like a deranged bobblehead. I finished the last of my drink, then stood, wrapping an arm around his waist to steady him as I led him out. I couldn't resist gazing at his ass, which was barely clothed as his jeans hung low. I was glad I had self control else I'd have him bent over a table. Oli was looking at me the whole time we moved outside, nuzzling my neck slihgtly as he did so. It made me almost wish he wasn't drunk. Almost.

I dropped him in the back seat of the car, then got in the front seat and drove us home. Again I had to resist the urge to molest my brother in public. Soon. We arrived at my appartment and I helped Oli inside, in a similar fashion to how I did earlier, with my arm around his waist. I took him through the house, keeping him steady when he almost fell over, to my bedroom. I let him drop on the bed and licked my lips, kicking the door shut behind us.

Now I had him.

I pulled his jeans down his legs, grinning when he didn't struggle. Perhaps it didn't register to him what was happening. Good. I tugged them off him completely, tossing them aside before doing the same to his boxers. I gazed over his sweet, round ass. I couldn't wait to be balls deep within him, pounding my cock deep into him. I had to be patient, just a little while longer. I wanted him completely naked. I undid and removed his trainers, discarding them as well. Only his t-shirt left.

"Ugh.... why is my jeans off?" He asked, finally realising what I'd done. Took him long enough. I didn't answer him, merely starting to tug on the bottom of his t-shirt. He twisted his head to look back at me as I pulled it up, exposing the bare skin of his back. "What you doing?"

"Undressing you." I forced his arms up, tugging the black material off him and throwing it across the room. Finally, he was naked. "Now, stop talking." I slapped his ass, making him yelp in surprise. "Be a good boy for me now. You've no idea how long I've watching you, wanting you." He reached down with both hands, rubbing the asscheek I'd hit. I hadn't hit him that hard so I hadn't even left a mark. I'd plenty of time from that later. "Now I'm going to have you Oli."

"What the fuck Tom?"

"I told you to shut up!" I hit his ass again, harder this time which made his yelp one of pain. I hissed at him, gripping his hair tightly as I leaned down. I whispered softly in his ear to make my point clear. "I'm going to fuck you Oli." I licked at his ear lobe which made him shiver, a look of disgust clear on his face. I'd probably have a fight on my hands. "I don't care if you'd like it or not. Eventually, you'll learn to appreciate it." I stroked his ass lightly, feeling him squirm at my touch.

"You're sick, fucking sick!"

"Am I Oli?" I chucked against him, pushing his head into the pillow. "This is all your fault. You have to be so fucking beautiful." I released my grip on him, starting to get naked myself, pulling my own t-shirt over my head. I considered restraining him, but decided against it. I wanted him to squirm and try to fight me, though I wasn't sure why. I looked at him, smirking that he'd hardly moved and started to undo my fly. "See, brother, you're such a beautiful fucking slut. It doesn't help that you get topless eevry other time I see you. Every time I look at you I find myself getting hard." I pushed my jeans down my legs, stepping out of them as well as my trainers. "I used to think it was sick, but I'm passed caring now." I hooked my fingers in my boxers, sliding them down too allowing my hardness to spring free. I could tell he wasn't hard. "I want you Oli, so I'm going to have you."

He turned his head to look at m again, fear clear in his eyes."Tom... you're not thinking clearly..."

I snorted, shaking my head. "I'm thinking more clearly then I ever have. Besides, you shouldn't be making judgements, you've been drinking all night."

He tried to get off the bed, but he was still drunk and his limbs weren't co-operating. He managed to lift himself up, but only fell back down on the mattress again. He let out a groan of frustration, then turned towards me, keeping his gaze from my cock. "You don't have to do this." He sounded desperate.

I came towards him slowly, shaking my head again. "I have to Oli." I made my way to his head, gripping his hair and pulling it to the edge of the bed. My cock was in his face now and he couldn't avoid it, although he was trying to look away and then close his eyes. I responded by rubbing my length over his eyelids, smirking as he tried to pull away. "Now, you will be a good boy and suck my dick. You know how to suck cock right? It's how you got on that Lostprophets tour." He whimpered, trying to pull away as I moved my head to his lips and I growled when he didn't part them. "Now big brother, I could hurt you a lot tonight. Do you know what fisting is?" His eyes opened wide as I said that. Of course he knew. "Either start sucking my cock or I'll fist your ass." Of coruse I inteded to do it sometime it in the future regardless of his actions now, but he wasn't to know.

With obvious reluctance, he opened his mouth and started suckling my head. I petted his dark brown hair, purring softly in pleasure. I knew he'd sucked cock before, both drunkenly and while sober. He'd at least given Ian head to get on their tour last year. And that blonde one from The Blackout. I'd caught them at it. They hadn't seen me, but that's what first made me think about having him for real. I pushed my cock between his lips, feeling his tongue press against my underside. I could feel his teeth against my shaft. "Bite and I'll fist you." I threatened and I felt him whimper again and nod slightly around me. I was going to start thrusting into his mouth, but he started bobbing his ehad before I got the chance to. I was content with the movement, glad he was finally starting to submit to me. Maybe this would be easier then I first thought. i let my eyes lid as I concentrated on the pleasure he was bringing me, saliva coating my shaft.

After a few sucks, I realised I should have kept my eyes open. he taken advantage of my closed eyes and punched mye hard in the gut, causing me to pull out and stagger back a few steps. I gasped, taking in lungfuls of air, watching through teary eyes as he started to move. He fell off the bed and tried to crawl for the door, but I recovered just before he got there. "You little bastard!" I stormed to his side, gripping his hair in my hands again. "You really think you can get away with that?" I slammed his head against the wall, hearing him moan in pain. I did it again, and again, until I could see blood drip from his nose and stain the wall. Then I let go, watching as he curled up into a ball. "I had to do that, to make sure you know never to do that again. And you won't will you? You won't hurt me in any way will you?" He shook his head, blood covering his lips and chin now. I knew I hadn't broken it, since I hadn't heard a snap. It also looked like he had a black eye. Still it had served it's purpose, which was to make sure he knew he was mine. "On all fours."

He did so almost instantly, clearly afraid of what I might do to him now if he disobeyed. I noodded, still aching hard despite his punch. I rubbed my length against his face so his blood coated my erection. I moved behind him, spreading his cheeks. I was going to prep him properly, I even had lube in the top drawer, but now I refused to. His blood would do. I thrust against his twitching pucker, growling when I didn't enter him first time. I was tempted to finger him until he opened up, but decided against it. He didn't want this easy. I slammed forward roughly, this time managing to force my way into him. He screamed loudly in pain, but I ignored him again. I kept pushing my cock into him, moaning at his tightness. My eyes threatened to lid at the feeling, but I kept them open. I wasn't going to make the same mistake twice.

"You're so fucking tight big brother." I hissed and gripped his cheeks tight, starting to thrust despite his protests and his body trying to push me out. I heard him sob, but just kept up with my movement, feeling his muscles twitch around me as I tore him open. Blood coated my length and I was sure it wasn't the only think. I still didn't care, reaching around to grip one of his hips with my hand, using it as leverage to thrust harder and deeper. He was begging me to stop between sobs and screams but they just encouraged me to keep going. I'd have to ask him if he was a virgin at some point. I glanced down at my bloodied cock, smirking at the sight. I watched it as it slid in and out or my brother, licking my lips.

I felt his body go slack under me, guessing he'd just passed out. I had a feeling he might. Between the amount of alcohol he'd drunk and me hitting his face against the wall I was amazed he'd lasted this long. I slowed my movements down slightly, moving my hand from his ass to his cock, fondling his softness. His cock and balls could just about fit in my hand like this. It was kinda nice. I stroked his length, wanting to at least see him hard, but not expecting him to. He squeezed around me in his unconconcious state and I felt his length twitch in my hand.

I allowed my eyes to close, thrusting into my brother one last time. As I did so, both my hands squeezed, one against his hip, the other around his genitals, killing his semi-erection. With a howl of my brother's name, I came deep within him. I pulled out of him slowly, letting his body collapse to the floor. I watched his cum leak from him for a few moments. It was such a beautiful sight. I tore my eyes away to move around him to his face, wiping my length over it and in his hair. Satisfied, I considered what to do to him.

I left his side for my bedside drawers, pulling out a pair of leather belts. I returned to him, securing one belt aroungd his ankles. I pulled his arms behind him and secured them at the wrists. i picked up his boxers, wiping them inhis leaking ass before stuffing that between his lips, using duct tape to secure it in place. that would keep him quiet when he woke up. I lifted him in my arms and carried him to the bed, resting himon his back. I curled up beside him, trailing my hands over his chest. "You're mine big brother." I whispered softly in his ear, kissing at his neck as sleep took me.
Tags: bring me the horizon, fic, oli sykes, oli sykes/tom sykes, slash, tom sykes
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