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All in favor of a new scissor lift

YAY! They kiss!

Gods that course is so sinfully boring, just as I thought it would be in the first place. It's just sitting around not doing much. I could do better jobsearches at home and have music, food and drink. Bah. I purposely didn't ask when I had to go back. That way I can feign ignorance and be honest.

I was on Resident Evil and now I've completed Train Derailment. That means I'm almost done with the leeches. Course, I forgot about the web spinners which are worse. Have a guess what they are. They're human sized monsters.

It's very satisfying, though, to make zombies heads explode.

Kerrang's a bit eh, with no posters and I disagree with their albums. I should do my own one. It'd probably be only 10 though. Does Dan always have to wear his hood up? Does his hair have an avasion to sunlight? The one in two weeks has about Bullet's album which makes me yay, but the posters are shit.

The best part of this weeks is the Madina interview. For one, the picture is of the twins and makes it look like there's two sets of them (which'd be oh so hot). Matthew's met Gerard (so that's no surprise, but it's confirmation they've met). Dan (their drummer) woke up in another guy's clothes with no memory of how it happened. Matthew's a rescurer (whoo pushes toilet roll under stalls) and for Christmas matthew thinks they'll be doing 'things that we shouldn't speak of'. Oh Matthew < 3

The rest are a bit eh. gerard's picture freaks me out (but at least he obviously missed Mikey). Tom Delonge loves Sunshine. Pete looks like a hooker. Robb looks scary. Oli looks pretty (is there any part of his skin not tattooed?). Jared's odd (why not say anything about the album?). Matt's pretty, but there's somethign... off. I dunno. Ian needs to sort his hair and show more skin. Least there's a new album out soon. Charlie looks cute with mistletoe. Who's he want kissing him? Alex put a drawing of girl parts on his back and let him go out with it.

I forgot Fightstar had a one off date in Birmingham tonight. Damnit. I really wish I could go to Nottingham for New Year with Bullet. I can't get there or back though without outside help.

Things to do today:
*Drop something off at mum's friends
*Go on Resident Evil again
*Consider writing (I might write one of the requests before Plaything)

I'm sure there's something else...
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