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Pairing: Omar Abidi/Charlie Simpson, Dan Haigh/Charlie Simpson
POV: Omar
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Gore, surgery, necro, death
Notes: Based on the video of the same name. The pic of Omar isn't very good cause capping the vid=hard.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

His screams were very distracting. I was having a hard time keeping my concentration on the road, swerving around the road. Normally it would be dangerous, but this was so late the road was practically devoid of traffic. Thankfully. I didn't know why they didn't just gag him. I briefly glanced into he rear view mirror and saw them. They were busily working around the body they'd bought onboard a few minutes earlier. The boy's clothes were torn off and his chest was open. His blood was splattered all over his face and his eyes were squeezed tightly shut. I flicked my eyes back to the road, noting how close we were to our destination on a signpost. "We're almost there."

"Good." I heard Dan yell from behind me and the boy screamed louder. I wanted to look back again, but couldn't risk it. If I did I'd miss the turning. I bite my lip and turned the corner, entering a more narrow street. I kept my eyes on the road, ignoring the screams. We were so close now, I could see the hospital looming ahead. I heard a last scream, one which I couldn't block out and then there was silence from him. I looked at the mirror again, seeing Dan hold the boy's still-beating heart. I nodded briefly as I pulled up outside the hospital.

This was what we did. We picked up people that were on the streets late at night and Alex and Dan would remove all their viable organs while I drove us here. Sometimes they were innocent people, other's were criminals released from prison. It wasn't my job to question, just to drive. I was paid well for it too. They picked up the boxes where they'd put his organs and undid the back door, stepping out wordlessly. I watched them as they headed into the building and I turned to park the car. They'd be gonna for a few minutes, long enough for me to use the other perk of my job.

I undid my seatbelt, running a handthrough my long, dark hair before stepping out and circling our van. I opened the rear door, climbed in and gazed over his body. I didn't know his name, which made this whole thing easier. He was tall, obviously taller then me or the others and his feet dangled off the makeshift operating table. I ignored his open, bloody chest and looked at his face. The most obvious feature were his bushy eyebrows. His hair was a dark brown mess and his mouth was open wide, surrounded by blood. His eyes were open wide, a look of terror filled the dead orbs. He was quite beautiful.

I undid his jeans and pulled them down his hairy legs. I smiled as I discarded them, parting his legs and opening my own fly. I prised open my boxers, pulling out my throbbing erection which was already leaking precum. A lot of people would think what I was going to do was wrong, but I didn't care. I'd done it before, I would again. I was a realist, very few guys would go for someone like me. They'd be too afraid I'd crush them during sex or eat them due to my weight. If he was alive, he'd say no. I lifted his legs up over my shoulders and aimed my thick cock for his hole. I didn't prep him, what was the point? The ring of muscle was surrounded by blood anyway. I thrust my dark length into him, moaning loudly at his tightness. I gripped onto his hips, using that as leverage to start thrusting into his body. I saw his cock twitch, but didn't pay much attantion as I moved. the first time I'd done this and saw that I'd freaked the fuck out. I'd jumped back so fast I fell out the doors and on my ass. Dan told me it was normal for the body to move a little after death. As long as it didn't rise up and try to bite me then it was normal, even if he became fully erect or shit himself.

I gazed over his open body, which was now mostly hollowed out. All that was left were the organs that couldn't be used, like his stomach and entrails and the few bones they hadn't removed like his spine. I tried not to look at the bloody mess, studying his face instead. He was such a pretty boy, way out of my league if he was living. I'd reach up and close his mouth, but I knew that Dan and Alex would be using him after me so it was a bit pointless. The first time I'd screwed a body, I'd gone to great length to return his body to how it had been to conceal what I'd done. The next night Dan made it clear he'd known I'd fucked the body, so I didn't bother hiding it anymore. I kept thrusting into the boy's body, steadily getting faster. His blood covered my fat thighs now, my dick having torn him now. I heard his screams of pain in my head, though they were slightly toned down.

I smiled to myself, making soft groans as my balls slapped against his ass, my belly hanging over his crotch. I felt him twitch against me and grinned down at him. "You like being fucked slut?" I knew I'd get no response from him, but I didn't care. "Of course you do. You're so pretty you must have had so much cock." I slammed hard into him, imagining him moaning in pleasure as I hit his spot, then moaning louder as I slammed into it harder. It's times like this I missed I knew their name's. Perhaps it was best not to know, as I'd only form an attachment to each one.

I felt a breeze on my arse and knew the door behind me was opening. "I had a feeling you'd be fucking him." I heard Dan's voice, feeling him climb in behind me and shut the door. I could have stopped my movements, but I just didn't want to. I was enjoying myself far too much just to stop because of him. I just grunted a reply to him, watching as he moved around the boy's body, pulling out his erection. "Alex sent me back cause I'd popped a boner." He turned the boy's head to one side, pushing his dick between his lips and moaning in pleasure. "His name's Charlie, in case you wondered." He started moving his hips, his movements a lot rougher then my first ones were. Great, now I knew his name.

Watching Dan fuck Charlie's mouth was mesmorising and caused my body to move at the same speed. I never understood why he did it. Wasn't the whole pleasure of a blow job from having your cock in a warm mouth with a wiggling tongue? Maybe there was some sort of pleasure to be had from it. If I'd had one I was sure I'd know one way or the other. Dan was moaning softly behind his surgical mask, so he had to be enjoying it.

I tried to ignore him, focussing on my own movements instead of his. The sooner I came, the sooner I could leave him here and watch from the safety of the drivers seat. I'd seen him and Alex fuck the boy's after delivering the organs. Dan would frequently reach over and scratch at Alex's chest while fucking the guy's throat. I was afraid he'd do the same to me. When he did reach over to me, I made sure to pull back to hold off the contact a few seconds. He chuckled at my action, his fingers running over my clothed chest instead of scratching. "I'm not gonna hurt you Ohms." He licked his lips as he spoke, using the nickname he'd given me instead of my actual name. "In fact..." He smirked, thrusting his hips hard as he spoke. "In fact... you should come to ours tonight."

I bit my lip lightly, thrusting deep into Charlie's body. They'd never asked me to come back before. I'd drive them back home, drop them off with the body and return to my own home. "What for?"

"Sex of course." He grinned at me as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. "Wanna?"

I closed my eyes, too close for my common sense to say no. I just nodded and groaned, thrusting my hips and shooting into Charlie's body. I opened my eyes a few moments later, spotting a few spots of my cum in his entrails as I did so. I panted heavily, my clothes clinging to my sweaty skin. I wondered what exactly I'd agreed to. I stepped back, Charlie's legs slipping from my shoulders to hang off the edge of the table.

"Excellent." He kept his movements fluid, yet at a rough pace that would've surely hurt a breathing person's throat. "I promise we won't hurt you to much." He came soon afyter saying those words and I saw his seed spill into Charlie's chest cavity.

I nodded, zipping myself up as the doors opened behind me again. I had a feeling I'd loose my virginity tonight.
Tags: charlie simpson, charlie simpson/dan haigh, charlie simpson/omar abidi, dan haigh, fic, fightstar, omar abidi, slash
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