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Point it at the deck!

I hate leeches. They're the worst part of Resident Evil 0 (and thusly, it's levels in the Umbrella Chronicles). For those that don't know what I mean (which I assume is most of you) leeches are bad guys in Resident Evil that come in two types. The first type is the basic leech that comes at you. These die in one hit but have a tendancy to swarm at you. The second is when a lot of leeches group together and turn into a kind of 'leech person' (Admittedly they're a lot easier in UC then 0). The problem is that they seem to like attacking together. So while I'm slashing at te normal leeches with my knife, the leech people are attacking me. Bah.

The other bad thing is the controls. Now while the point and shoot works find, it seems to want you to shake the nunchuck. Which you can't in the Zapper (esspecially annoying when you change it to zapper settings and it says to put the nunchuck in the zapper).

Still, I've got to the last level of train derailment without going too crazy. Which is good. Then I won't have to deal with these horrible leeches again (please say I don't). Then there'll just be the zombies, crimson heads and whatever else there is. I wish I'd played Resident Evil 3 more so I could know what to expect.

I watched The Simpsons Movie again today (after watching it last night). It's one of those few films I could watch over and over in a short time without getting annoyed. Yay Spiderpig!

I'm joint 4th in my catergory in the bandom awards? How's this happening? Why am I not last? I'm scareded.

I meant to clean off the other bed today. I failed and napped instead. Eek. Ah well, there's always tonight, tomorrow afternoon and Thursday. On Friday I'll be in Birmingham pestering Claire and she's gonna stay for a night or two. So yay! I'll still be on though, just not as much.

I wish it'd say if tomorrow's Kerrang had posters. But the other stuff in it still makes me want it (Bullet and Madina) plus The Used kidnap santa and... Gerard looks odd in his picture.

I want the Bullet calendar. Can someone put Jay under my Christmas tree? he doesn't need to be wrapped... of wearing anything really.

I'm gonna finish fic now. Which is based on Deathcar.

At 9 I'll be watching Pan's Labyrinth on Film4. That means I'll have to go, waddle downstairs and yoink the tv.

Edit: D'oh! Pan's was on Monday:( Wah! Still, it's on this weekend so I'll watch then.
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