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Does whatever a spiderpig does!

So today is all kinds of glee and niceness.

The course was only a half day and there was this cute gay guy there. However it was sinfully boring. We weren't told what to do so I just looked through the paper's till I got bored. Then I sat doing nothing until I started reading Betrayal. Three more chapters now.

However I was thick and forgot the cards, so I'm sending some in a bit. I've only got 5 stamps though.

Went into Woolworths and there was this hot, tall guy. Seriously, he made me look small. He looked like Sylar. he was also on my bus and got off the same stop as me, so he lives round here. The figure I'd took back was on the shelf, which was kinda oddly cool.

Went into Asda and got The Clangers series 1 for £3. I loved them, they're so cute! (Clangers are weird little pink things that communicate by cute sounds. This is a pic of one.) Yeah, I'm an eternal child. I also got The Simpsons Movie (which I'll watch later) which is awesome cause itt has exclusive figures. They didn't have Resident Evil on the shelves, but I asked at the till and got the last one. Yay! It was a little more then I'd hoped for, but still over £5 less then everywhere else. Zombies beware!

That'll get rid of anger later.

I also got babu's card, hula hoops and pizza. Yay!

While I was in Farmfoods there was this little girl behind me and I just thought: 'I want one of those to call me daddy'. Gah this broodyness is unnatural.

I'll be getting Pepsi when I post cards.

Anyway, I came home and there were three cards waiting for me which made me all happy. The first was obvious, from fastbetty31 and it's so cute:D You're so sweet. Then there was one from shebangsthedrum which has a gift horse which I think is amusing and cute:D But I'm easily amused. last one was taped up so it was hard to open:P Twas from bloodyhands and had lotsa sparkles and an ickle sprite and was aww < 3


At a recent gig, Bert took a fuck MCR banner thing from the crowd and ripped it up onstage.

I'm off now to sort card/get Pepsi/write fic/shoot things.
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