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Pairing: Patrick Stump/Jay James
POV: Patrick
Notes: The moral of this story is never eat while writing.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

People thought Pete was a whore. Maybe it's because he partied a lot and seemed to get close with a lot of guys. Or maybe it was because I'd leaked those picttures of his cock and everyone just assumed from that. Why else would Pete have cock pictures on his phone if not to send them to potential fucks? He learned his lesson. He'd never say no to me again. No one said no to me.

Course, when you looked at the picture of us Pete did seem to be the most whore-like. Joe seemed to... oblivious, Andy didn't seem like it either for some reason (that and he did have a boyfriend) and I, well I just looked all cute and shy. No one ever thought I could fuck with the best of them until I proved them wrong.

I remembered when I first met Ryan. Pete had been so excited about their band and so asked what I thought. So I met Ryan Ross, at Pete's appartment. At first the young boy was largely dismissive of me. it was pretty easy to size the boy up. He knew he was close to getting fame for his band and so he was all charms with Pete, hoping he could use his sexuality to get ahead. Shame he was wasting his charms on the wrong boy. When Pete excused himself to go to the bathroom, that's when I decided to make my move. Little Ryan was surprised that my lips were on his neck and my body was pressed against his, but a few softly spoken words were all he needed.

We were out before Pete returned.

He wasn't that bad in bed, though it was clear he hadn't had much experience. That was ok though, I was willing to teach him what he didn't already know. He still comes back for more.

When I met the band a week later it was clear to me who Ryan had his experiences with. So I took Spencer to one side and fucked him too. It was only fair. I ended up working my way through them all, though Brendon and Brent weren't too good. Jon was a better fuck then both and he was a top normally. So whenever we toured with Panic! I went between Spencer and Ryan. Then a brilliant idea struck me and I wondered why I hadn't thought of it before. Have both at the same time. That was so much hotter. There's a certain thrill in watching two guys fuck right in front of you. It wasn't my first time watching guys fuck of course, I had been on the Warped Tour.

I digress. Now was not the time to dwell on my sexual record. I'd be here all night otherwise. Tonight I was looking for 'fresh meat', a guy I'd never done before. This was the only reason I came to these damn places. Tonight I wanted a guy that was against my usual type. I normal went for pretty boys, this time I wanted a man. I'd never slept with groupies, since they had big mouths and the internet. Fucking other guys in buisness ensured that they'd keep quiet. After all, if they told others they'd be revealling that sweet, cuddly Patrick Stump had fucked them. Most people wouldn't believe them and the few that did would mock them.

I chuckled to myself, still keeping my eyes open for a guy for me. I always found that the Kerrang parties was the best place to find a more manly guy. The last few I'd had were too drunk to resist me. As I looked around the room I mentally catergorised them. There were four catergories: had, wouldn't touch if you paid me, taken and want. Some of them filled both of the last two.

Of course, then I saw him. He was a small boy that was sat at a table. He looked perfect. He looked muscular, but was pretty as well, with shoulder length black hair and a lip ring. I couldn't tell more from this distance. I looked at Pete beside me, gesturing to him. "Find out who he is." He opened his mouth as if to ask why he should, but I cut him off. "Find out and Ryan'll suck your cock." That made him get out his sidekick and do as I asked. He was a good boy when given the right incentive. I drank at the Pepsi in front of me, waiting for him to provide me with an answer.

"Ok... according to this his name's Jay James, he's Welsh and in a band called Bullet For My Valentine." He read off the screen and I recognised the name of the band, maybe they'd won an award of some sort. "he's bassist and screamer. Should I play a clip of their music?" I nodded and he pressed play, their music filling the air around us. It wasn't something I'd normally listen to, but it wasn't bad either. The clip only lasted 30 seconds, but I'd decided to go after him.

I glanced under the table. "You heard me right? Get Ryan to give Pete head." Spencer nodded, sliding out and heading off to find him. I smiled, then stepped out too, leaving Pete on his own. I wondered absently how long it would take for Pete's ass to get raped, but I shook such thoughts from my head. I didn't want to come straight up to this Jay with a boner and scare him off. "Hi." I smiled at him when I arrived at his table, sitting when he returned my smile with a small one of his own. "Having fun?"

He shrugged slightly. "I guess." I could feel myself grin when I heard his voice. It was so soft and shy and so didn't suit him. How adorable. "What? What's so funny man?"

"Oh, nothing." I smiled at him, leaning forward and licking his lower lip next to his ring. He blinked at me in confusion, but didn't pull away. I smiled to myself, knowing that meant I had him. It was a test I used on guy's. If he didn't pull away, he was either gay, bi or too drunk to care. Either way was fine by me. "You're cute." He blushed at my words, clearly as shy as his voice sounded. Even more perfect.

"Erm..." He blushed brighter, nibbling on his lower lip nervously. Oh this was going to be good. I remained leaning forward, licking my lips lightly. "Our tour bus is out back... would you like to see?"

"Of course." I smiled at him wide. This was just so perfect. He stood up and led me through the crowd to the exit. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Pete where I'd left him, head tipped back as he was getting head. Damn, not raped yet. Maybe I should pay people next time. I shook my head, following Jay out the door towards the tour bus that awaited us. He felt in his pockets for the key and I gazed over his strong arms. Both of them had tattoos from shoulder to the elbow. In this light I couldn't make any of the designs out clearly. Still, that was half the fun of screwing a tattooed guy: trying to work out what the fuck their designs actually meant.

He opened the door, gesturing for me to go first. I looked around the bus curisously. It was always strange being on someone else's tourbus for the first time. There were bottles on the floor and packets of candy open on the tables. And I was sure I seen a porn dvd case too. The bunks were all fairly unkempt too, despite there being more bunks then there were guys in his band. "Sorry about the mess man. If I'd have thought I'd be bringing company back I'd have made it less... messy you know?" He was still blushing, how cute. I'd been in worse places then this. Far worse.

"It's fine." I smiled at him, planting my lips on his and pushing him against the wall behind him. I slipped my tongue between his lips, exploring his mouth. He was too surprised to push me away and when he did come to his senses, he wrapped his arms around my waist and wiggled his studded tongue against mine. Fuck why hadn't I been with a guy with a pierced tongue before? I pressed my body against his, feeling his body against mine. I realised now that he was slightly shorter then me, but that didn't bother me. I reached up under his shirt, stroking at the skin of his belly. His skin was so soft.

We parted for air but ended up removing each other's clothes while we took in lungfuls of air He looked even better topless. I pulled back from his touch, reaching for his crotch and undoing his fly and pushing his jeans down. I felt his erection throb under the denim. He certainly wasn't small and I had a feeling he could overpower and dominate me easily if he wanted to. The trick was to make him not want to. I pushed him back against the wall hard again, grinding my hips against him. "I'm going to fuck you tonight." I licked his cheek, grinning as he purred and squirmed. "Have you ever been fucked before?"

"Yes, a lot." He moaned softly as he said those words, tipping his head back and exposing his neck. I leaned down, nibbling oon his skin. I guessed his bandmates had done most of the fucking, though I should probably have asked Pete to show a group picture. Just to know what I was up against.

I smirked at him, sliding a hand around his waist and pushing my fingers along his cleft. I pushed two of my fingers into him, kissing him roughly as I did so. The digits entered him easily and I knew he'd been fucked today. I explored his mouth with my tongue, wiggling my fingers inside him, opening his hole for me. It wouldn't take too long. I thrust them deep within him, feeling him moan into my mouth as I scissored them. I considered pudshing his face down to my crotch, but knew that was a bad idea. I'd blow my load and he'd still be left with a hard-on. Therefore he'd bend me over and fuck me while I was recovering and I couldn't have that.

I removed my fingers from him just as our lips parted for air again. "You're ready." He nodded, turning around and holding his cheeks open without being asked. Such a good little boy. Maybe I had nothing to worry about after all. Still, I didn't take chances. I undid my fly, pulled out my aching shaft and plunged it into his twitching ring. He moaned out loudly, though I wasn't sure if it was in pleasure or pain. His fingers after his cheeks to hold onto the wall tight and he pushed his ass back against me. I held onto his hips, brushing my fingers over his skin as I started thrusting inside him. His walls squeezed around me as I moved, making me purr in pleasure. His ass wasn't the insane tightness of a virgin but I didn't go too much on that. Virgin's bodies were too focussed on trying to push you out, even when they wanted it. Jay's ass was perfect, it didn't try to push me out, wasn't too tight and was squeezing me just right. He knew what he was doing. I wanted to take him back with me.

"So fucking good." I moaned against him, licking at his neck as I kept moving in and out. I reached for his erection, stroking slowly. Normally I didn't do this but I wanted to for him for some reason. I nipped at his neck, speeding up. Every time I slammed into him I changed my angle slightly, listening intently to the groans he was making. I smiled and kept kissing his neck and shoulders, extending my tongue over the head of the lizard tattoo on his back. I heard him cry out in pleasure, smirking against him. I'd found it. I kept hitting that spot, hearing his sweet moans as I slammed against his spot. I moved my other hand from his thigh, stroking his belly. I closed my eyes slightly in pleasure, feeling that I was nearing completion. I bit my lower lip, increasing the speed of my hand on his dick. "Cum for me you pretty slut." He squeezed around me tightly, moaning out my name loudly as he arched his hips and spilled over his chest. I crashed my hips against his soft ass one last time, closing my eyes and purring as I shot deep inside him.

I kept moving slowly into him as I rode out my orgasm, my eyes opening slightly. I pulled out of him slowly, grabbing one of the opened candy packets from the nearby counter. I panted softly, reached in and pulled out the first pink marshmallow. I thought for a moment, glancing at Jay's body. I reached aroung him, collecting his seed from his belly on soft candy and putting it to his lips, pushing it into his mouth. he chewed on it sllowly, swallowing and extending his tongue to clean at my fingers. I smiled at the feeling of his soft flesh, but removed my fingers, pulling out the next marshmallow. Insert of trailing it over his belly, I knelt down behind him and pushed it between his cheeks. I let the packet drop to the floor, prising his cheeks open with my fingers of my other hand. I pushed the end of the marshmallow into his still-twitching, leaking entrance. I held it there for a few moments, letting my cum coat it before removing it and pushing it into Jay's mouth. "Good boy."

I thought for a moment as he took two of my fingers between my lips, sucking on them gently when he was done. Well, I had nowhere else to be so what harm would it do to stay with him awhile longer? I smirked at him, wiggling the tips of my fingers against his tongue. "You know, there's something else you could be sucking on instead."
Tags: fall out boy, fic, jay james, jay james/patrick stump, patrick stump, slash
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