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Cause it's true, what they say

Damn bed being too warm and comfy again. I keep climbing in and just... snuggling in it when I should be doing other things. bah.

I'm finishing the fic I should've finished last night now.

Dougie's back legs aren't working. We're not sure if they're paralysed or anything. They twitched a light while I held him, so we're hoping they'll work soon. He seems fairly happy though and is still able to move with his front legs alone. Plus he doesn't seem to be in pain either which is good.

So the medical records that came yesterday are about a video thick and go back to 92 (why I've no idea, I guess they just sent all they had). However, mum's looked through them today and there doesn't seem to be anything about the operation. So they can send medical records from 15 years ago that we don't need, but they can't send information about the operation that led to his death? Something to hide much?


I hate I have to be at that course tomorrow. I hate more that I dunno how long it'll be. it might be just a morning or all day. I hope it's the former, else I'd be bored to death. Plus I can get the stuff I need and spend the afternoon at home.

Yay for the bloody Deathcar video could someone cap it?

Anyway, I'm off now. Finishing watching Ugly Betty, then The Simpsons. Yay.
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