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Today's the start of the long fight

Mum woke me up this morning. Grandad's mmedical records arrived today. We're going to use them to prove that, because of them, my grandad died. Which is so fucking true. That and we ned to know if they lied in to our faces a month before he died when they said he had months if not longer left. They're going to pay.

Also came today is babu's card. It's all glittery and perdy.

Why is it in every picture of Jay lately his hands are magnetised to his crotch? I'm not complaing, it's very hot.

Obviously Doctor Who's gonna be the best thing about Christmas Day 07. The video explains all. And you guys know I don't go much on het, but the Doctor and Astrid would be so immpossible cute together.

So yeah, expect a big squeally post about that after it's been on on Christmas Day.

Also, bullet's new video. Which focuses way to much on Matt and not enough on Jay the others. Be warned, Moose's cymbals are so fucking shiny.

I wonder what's on the dvd single. What drunken, nude madness will there be? Please be porn, please be porn, please be porn

My cold's not as bad as it was. It's left my head and throat, mostly so it's just in my nose now. So I need tissue's to hand all the time.

I seem to be losing my touch with killing cause I just can't do it Even rewritting the one's I did when the comp screwed up is hard. Sigh. That and the fluffyness of the last bit of Plaything... is anyone scared? I am.

I have started a standalone with Patrick, this morning. It seems to be going well and should be done today I feel.

And behind the cut is friday5_bandom

1. Pick a boy from each of your favourite bands. What is your favourite picture of them and why?
I'm only gonna do four, cause I'd be here all week otherwise.
Bullet: Jay

Look how pretty and adorable he is! And so so sexy
P!ATD: Spencer

he looks like a whore. An evil whore. But gods I wanna sit on his lap
FOB: Patrick

I can't decide between those two...
MCR: Ray

I constantly thank the higher powers for this picture. WHY DIDN'T HE DO THAT AT OUR GIG?

2. Someone found an AIM log on Beckett's computer, and they're pissed. Who's it with, and what's it about?
Cybersex. With Patrick, Spencer or Mikey depending on who's found it.

3. If Panic! at the Disco weren't a band, what would each of the members be doing for a living?
I'm gonna state the obvious here. HOOKERS!

4. Make a 5-song playlist for your bandom OTP. Why did you pick those songs?
I'm gonna do two, cause... well, I wanna.

1: My Chemical Romance - Honey, This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us: This song's a bit obvious. 'You can't touch my brother' Simple.
2: Kylie - 2 Hearts: What? I had to have a Kylie song and this one seems to just... fit somehow.
3: Madina Lake - Stars: 'Take my hand let's get famous' That has seemed to be the mentality of their relationship. I loved that Mikey chose to learn bass so he could be in a band with Gerard.
4: The Blackout - It's High Tide Baby: Oh this song really does fit. with the 'is this worth fighting for?' and 'I apologise for the summertime' I'm sure one of them did something.
5: Fightstar - Fight For Us: The title says it all.

1: Bullet For My Valentine - The End: 'The bed we fucked in smells the same' That's basically the reason for putting that in.
2: Lostprophets - Always, All Ways: Just listen to it, it makes sense. 'Always, all ways, I wanted us to be'
3: My Chemical Romance - This Is How I Disappear: 'And without you is how I disappear'
4: The Blank Theory - Addicted: I dunno what it is, something about it sings to me.
5: The Used - The Taste of Ink: Again, I dunno why. I think this pairing needed a The Used ong and this seems to fit.

The two pairings, to me, are so different. While Gerard and Mikey seems to be fairly stable to me, Bert and Bob seems... less so. I think Bert basically screwed things up and Bob tried to make it work, but failed.

5. Fashion show! Who's strutting down the runway, what are they wearing, and who's just watching?
Pete's wearing that gods awful silver outfit he has, he thinks it looks good, no one else does. Ryan's wearing his hobo outfit and he's forced Spencer to wear something tight. Jay's up there too, wearing an outfit of leather straps. Bob, Ray and Patrick are 'watching'.

Well, that took longer then I thought it would.
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