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Plaything Part 8

Pairing: Jay James/Ray Toro
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM and slavery
Notes: Sorry his took awhile to do. I was a bit stumped what to do with this part, then when inspirartion hit the comp fucked up. Sigh. It's also ended up sort of fluffy. I guess we'll see how it goes. Next part's Matt's.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface
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8: Jay

I kept my eyes on the device in front of me, still having absolutely no idea as to what it could be. Maybe it was some form of strange fish tank or beverage dispenser, but that wouldn't explain the top half. My Master was looking at me as if he was expecting me to respond soon. I thought for a few seconds and bit my lip. "Is it a fish tank Master?"

He chuckled and smiled wide, running his hand through my hair. "You're so cute, but no, it's not." He bent down and kissed my forehead lightly, his hand now rubbing my back. "A demonstration will make it clear for you." He pulled my over to it and bent me over the object's black surface. My breasts entered the large holes on the items surface and I purred at the feeling of the soft, smooth rubber of the sides as it pressed against my skin. I was glad it was smooth and not knobbly or spiked, though I guessed spikes could be concealled in the sides. My nipples were both in smaller holes at the base of the space my tits filled. Master pulled a leather strap over my back, securing it on the other side to keep me in place. I looked up at, wondering what was going to happen to me now. "Ready?" I bit my lip again and nodded, I was ready as I'll ever be. "Good." He smiled, flicked a switch on the side and sat cross-legged in front of me. "Watch."

I looked down, staring into the clear side of it, not understanding what he meant. I felt a soft tugging on my nipples, which had started as soon as he flipped the switch. I felt a strange tingling in nipples, letting out a soft purr of pleasure. Then I saw something through the clear plastic. A spurt of white liquid. I blinked, not sure if I was seeing things. If my cock was in there it would've made sense. But there it was, a small pool of.. .whatever it was at the bottom of the container. I looked at my Master in confusion, not understanding. He grinned at me. "Keep watching."

I looked back, feeling an even stronger tingle in my chest. This time instead of a short sport, there was a heavy gush of the cloudy fluid. It sprayed over the side I was looking through and kept coming. The tingling didn't stop as the container filled up. That's when I realised something. It was coming from me. My tits.

Master's hand stroked my hair again, clearly noticing my sudden realisation. "Surprise little one. Your chest isn't silicone, it's real. They injected you with a large amount of hormones so they'd grow quickly. Of course, that also means you're now producing milk. Which is exactly as I wanted you." He kissed my forehead gently, his hand stroking the back of my neck above the collar. "And it's very sweet. I'll let you taste it when it's done. I'm sure you're felt your chest getting heavier the past few days, now you know why." I watched it fill up, gasping that it was already half-full. For some reason that made me fill up with pride. "I made sure to get the most pleasurable model of milker. So many are designed to cause undeserved pain." He sighed softly when he said that and I glanced up at him. "You're my good boy. I don't want to hurt you like that."

I purred, kissing his hand lightly, the tingling spreading to my whole tits now. "You're so kind Master. Thank you."

He planted his lips on my, pushing his tongue into my mouth. I closed my eyes, lapping my own tongue against his, my eyes lidding slightly. His soft, thick muscle wiggled inside my mouth, exploring the now familiar territory. I purred around him, feeling the tugging on my nipples start to slow and then stop. My Master left my lips. "All done my pretty." He stood up, kissing me lightly on my head. "Such a good boy." I glanced at the container, noting that it was now completely full with my milk. He undid the leather strap and pull me out of it, lifting me into his arms and settling me on the soft bed. My breats felt a bit lighter, though hadn't shrunk in siize.

I watched him as he got a pair of glasses from inside his wardrobe and knelt beside.the milker. He used the tap to fill each of them with my milk before returning to my side, handing me one of the tall-stemmed glasses. "Here, try it." I bought it to my lips, drinking it curiously. It tasted pretty much like... ordinary milk, only slightly warmer and sweeter. He was halfway through his glass already. I gazed at him, swallowing ore of it as he drank his last. I leaned up when he'd done, kissing his lips lightly and finishing the last of my own.

"Mmm it's good Master." He nodded, curling up beside me and stroking my chest. I yawned, realising how tired I was from the earlier fucking and the milking.

"You've had a busy day. Rest up." I closed my eyes as he said that and he whispered softly against my ear. "Just sleep. Just sleep. Just sleep." And I did.


I woke a few hours later, looking over my Master's sleeping form. He was so beautiful. I'd often spend hours watching him sleep. I hated the days when he left, but asumed it was work. I wondered what he did. Maybe it was something boring, like working in an office somewhere. Then again, this place did seem to be rather expensive so maybe he did something that paid better. I thought what that could be. Lawyer? Plastic surgeon? Designer? I wanted to ask, but it seemed inappropriate to do so.

He stired beside me, waking up slowly. "Mmmm hello pet." He stroked my belly with one hand, using the other to reach for the remote and flick on the Tv. "Watch this, I'm going back to sleep." He kissed my shoulder and I saw him drift off, then glanced at the Tv. On the screen there was a bed, similar to the one Rou had been on. However, this one was in a proper bedroom and not a dungeon. Laying on the bed was a figure, with long dark hair, large breasts, a collar around their neck and an unusual crotch. They had a dick, though no balls. Instead they had what had to be... girl parts. I blinked in confusion but kept watching curiously.

"Why don't you to everyone who you are?" A voice of camera said. The camera person didn't turn to the source of the voice, just zoomed in on the face of the person.

"Hi, my name's Gerard." Their voice was soft, but the name was clearly male. So his master had changed him into a girl. Well, mostly. "I'm 28 and I used to be a boy. I've been my Master's plaything for 5 years now. I get fucked every day by his dog." He purred softly, spreading his legs. "The thought of being fucked by him makes me so wet. My Master always fucks me. Today he wants me to be a star." He stared right at the camera and smiled.

The camera panned back and another person appeared in the shot. I gasped softly, instantly recognising him as my master. His hair was a slightly lightly brown and a tad more fluffy, but it was definately him. He headed towards Gerard and pulled him down the bed by his feet. Gerard hooked his legs over my Master's shoulders, pushing his ass back. Master rammed his shaft into him and Gerard moaned, writhing on the bed. "My Gerard likes big cock doesn't he?"

"Ugh..." Gerard moaned, his eyes lidding as he nodded. "Yes Master."

I watched the thrusting, enthraled by my Master fucking someone else. It was oddly hot. He moaned in pleasure, reaching down and groping Gerard's tits. "You like them? Your boy can have them if you want."

"I don't think so." My Master said, despite his fingers roaming over his softness. Gerard's were bigger then mine and I wondered if he could walk with those things. He sure as fuck couldn't lay flat on his stomach. least I could do that.

"We'll see." My Master kept thrusting harder and harder in Gerard's ass. I wondered when how long it'd take him to cum "That's it go fast..."

Then the screen went blank.

I turned to my Master, seeing he was now wide awake and had the remote in his hands. "You weren't meant to see that." I blinked in confusion, wondering why he didn't want me watching that. "I thought another one was in." He left the bed, removing the disc, popping it in a case and stuffing it in one of the drawers. Which one I didn't see. H ereturned to the bed, sighing and looking at the ceiling.



"Who was Frankie?" I bit my lip, deciding it would be best to ask him about that then his job of that film.

"Frankie Iero was my first slave." He sighed softly, turning to look at, drapping an arm over my chest. "He was covered in tattoos, I'm sure you've seen them. I keep them in frames around the house. Anyway, he was my first slave and I thought... I thought I could train him." He looked away, shaking his head slightly, pausing for a few moments. "I was wrong. I'd never had any experience, so I was going in blind with him. But Frankie wasn't the sort of boy you should go into bliind. I give him the same treatment I gave you, except he was more impulsive, more stubbon. He refused to accept me as his Master. he wouldn't follow even the simplest of instructions and always fought when I tried to fuck him. A more experienced Master could have broken him, but I couldn't. I only used basic piunishments. Spanking, paddling, whipping. I threatened to castared him, but I never followed through and he knew I wouldn't." He combed his hands through his dark hair and I still listened to him intently. "Eventually I knew I had to get rid of him, nothing else would work. Of course, if I knew what he did now, I'd have paid to get him broken but I was stubbon to. I refused to ask anyone for pointers or help. Two months after I got him, I paralysed him and flayed his skin off his body. He was still alive when I was done. I decapitated him."

"I'm sorry Master." I leaned into him, kissing his skin. I should probably have been frightened by his words, but I just felt sorry for him.

He smiled at me slightly, stroking my hair again. he seemed to like doing that. "Thank you pet. I was reluctant to get another slave after that. But then I saw you and I had to have you, because you're so beautiful." He kissedmy cheek lightly. "I don't regret buying you, you're more obedient then Frankie ever could be. You know, 3 in 10 slaves sold in places like you were end up dead within the first 2 weeks?" I shook my head. "I didn't want you to be one of them. I'm sorry if your friends are though. You should be glad for Ian though, he's got Spencer, he's a good guy. Sure, he's turned Ian into a dog, but that's better then being dead. I'm sure he'll get Ian his boyfriend again." He paused for a moment, looking at me intently. "Did you have a boyfriend?"

I shook my head slowly after a moments thought. "No Master. I mean, I had a guy that we did things with but it wasn't serious." He nodded, understanding what I meant. "Do you Master?"

"Me? Oh no." He shook his head, his hair doing that swishy thing it aways did which made me smile. "I've never had one in fact. But that doesn't bother me. I have you."

It made me sad when he said that. Why had he never had a boyfriend? I mean, he was beautiful and he made me smile despite our different positions. Plus there was that cock of his. How had a guy like him stayed single for all his life? Maybe there was something wrong with him that I wasn't seeing. Or perhaps the guys out there all wanted young, pretty boys and didn't want a manly guy like him.

I leaned forward and kissed him lightly, then curled up tighter against him. I was still too tired to service him, but he didn't seem to mind. We just laid like that, in a comfortable silence, with him stroking my hair lightly.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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