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Oh Alice, well she was just small

I'm in an odd mood. My guinea pig peed on me. Damn thing.

Why is it in every new Bullet picture Jay looks hotter and more like a whore? I swear he's trying to kill me. Bullet's site seems to be confused. A flyer for the single says there's a dvd but the site doesn't say. Odd.

I'm pondering the end of Plaything even though I'm not half way through yet. I guess it's cause I've got so many notes about it.

Today I'll do part 5 of 5 Dreams. Cause there's killing in that and I think it'd help with the last of my anger. Also I'll redo the bit of Plaything I lost and hope to get back on that (damn doing standalones all this week). This part's a Jay part.

I'm still looking into doing a sequel to Duct Tape And Doggy Sex and prequel/sequel to Taste Of Cum. I know if I don't decide soon I'll probably lose interest.

I'll probably also do a few standalones and finish some other stuff before Christmas. It'll probably be very dependant on my mood at the ime though. One might be tentacle porn and you can practically guarantee one'll be about Jay.

I'm going to do some of the Christmas cards to send today. Some'll be sent Monday though. So this is the last call for em really.

I hate that people just assume something by me is gonna be really twisted and fucked up. I think I do a fairly even split between the twisted and the smut. I'm not one for fluff, fluff's boring. I prefer doing the rarer pairings (cause Gerard/Frankie's done to death, though the cest is always mentioned...). Just cause a writer does something unusual doesn't mean you should base your whole judgement of them on that. Then again, people are stupid.

Anyway, since it's Christmas I'll try and do Christmas fic for everyone. Even if it's only an ickle ficlet. So, basically, if you want one I need several things. The most important being the pairing. I'll pretty much try any pairing and it can be any fandom or crossover (a list of main fandoms'll be under the cut). Yes, it can be a three or moresome if you'd like. There's only two pairings I outright won't do and that's Gerard/Frankie and Brendon/Ryan, anything else I'll try. Along with your pairing put a prompt/situation you'd like. It can be as vague or detailed as you like. If there's anything you'd like to see, put that too (eg rimming). If there's anything you don't want, put that too, but try not to be too limiting.

These are the main fandoms I do or have done before: Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine, Fall Out Boy, Fightstar, Lostprophets, Madina Lake, My Chemical Romance, Panic! At the Disco, The Blackout, The Used.

I will try and do other fandoms, especially if it's one I'm familiar with.

I'll try and do my best to whatever it is, so bring it on.
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