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Well I Like Drummers

Well I Like Drummers
Pairing: Gareth Lawrence/Bert Mccracken
Rating: NC-17
POV: Gareth
Notes: Gareth's name in the pic wasn't put there by me. He's The Blackout's drummer and is so sweet. Anyone guess where the title's from?
Warnings: None really
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

I'd always thought Bert was strange. He always looked like a drunken hobo in every picture I seen. Meeting him in person confirmed it for me, despite not spending too much time together. It hadn't bothered me much. I wasn't too interested in hanging out with anyone, that was the what the others did. Besides, I'd get ignored if Sean was around anyway. I didn't mind though. As the drummer I got ignored a lot, but it gave me more time to watch everyone else. Like how Matthew's eyes would always seem to follow Sean around the stage. I often wondered how the blonde could be so oblivious to the Matthew's obvious affection.

Now Bert was standing in the corridor of our tour bus, looking over me. Everyone else was still in the venue, I'd been the first one to leave. I preferred the quiet. Sure, I'd stayed to watch the other bands the first night, but now I'd much rather be settled in the tourbus, reading or watching something. Now I was watching Bert. He'd been standing there, not saying anything, for a few minutes now. I was about to say something when he finally decided to speak.

"You remind me of him."

I blinked, looking at him in confusion. Was he high? I had no idea what he was talking about. "Who?"

"My ex." He said simply, taking a step towards me. "He was a drummer too." He took a few more steps, licking his lips as he did. Did I see lust in his eyes? He was making me nervous. "I want a drummer, with a nice big cock to fuck me. Do you fit that description?" He extended his hand, stroking my knee gently, keeping his eyes on me.

What was I meant to say to that? I thought for a moment, then shook my head slowly. "I don't know about that..."

"Please." He got down on his knees looking up at me with pleading eyes. I squirmed in my seat, not sure how I should act. He crawled towards me, reaching up and parting my legs as he moved between them. I just watched him, not knowing what to do. What could I do? If I stood up to leave, he'd only see my boner and react to it. Probably by pushing me into a bunk. I thought about what I could do instead, but realised there was nothing I could do. I just sat back watching him, his head now between my knees. His gaze was on my crotch, my cock twitching beneath the fabric. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad doing things with Bert. Unless he had an STD.

He reached up, stroking my crotch gently, making me push up into his touch. He grinned, taking the fly of my black trousers between his fingers and pulling it down. His fingers pushed into the opening, groping my cock through my boxers. He smiled at the feeling of my cock, licking his lips and gripping the top of my boxers, pulling them down to just under my balls so they and my cock were freed. He grinned widely at it, clearly pleased by it's size. He leaned forward and extended his tongue over my head, flicking it over my sensitive flesh. I kept my eyes on him as he scooted closer, taking the head between his soft lips. For a brief moment I tried to remember the last time I'd had this kind of attention.

I honestly couldn't remember.

His lips moved down my shaft slowly when I didn't push him away, his eyes still looking up at me. His lips squeezed around me gently, his hands moving to my clothed thighs. His mouth was so soft, warm and wet. "Fuck..." I reached down, stroking his dark, hair which encouraged him to start moving his head up and down. His tongue danced along my underside, making me purr in pleasure. Every time he moved down he took more of my cock into his mouth and down his throat. His thumbs stroked the soft skin of my balls, his eyes lidding as he pleasured my cock. I wondered what he was thinking. Did he see me, or his ex behind those closed eyes?

Did it really matter?

He moved back from my dick, lapping the drops of precum that had formed on my head lightly. "Would you fuck me?" He asked when he pulled away from my now slick length, moving down and kissing my balls lightly.

I considered for a moment. I had two options. First, I could say no to Bert and push his head back on my cock, let him suck me off until I shoot down his throat then push him off the bus and feel guilty for the rest of the tour. Then there was option two, which involved me having sex with Bert. I wasn't the sort of guy that would kick someone out, that was a Sean sort of thing. So my decision became fairly easy. His fingers were on his fly, waiting for my response. "Alright." He flashed me a grin, tugging down his fly. He took my balls into his mouth, purring softly as he suckled them. I'd never had my balls sucked before and it was a very strange feeling. Good but strange.

My eyes opened when I was used to the sensation. In the short time I'd had my eyes closed he'd removed his trousers and had a finger pushed between the cheeks of his ass. I watched as he thrust it in and out of himself a few times before a second pushed in next to it. My cock was pressed against his forehead, leaving a smear of saliva on his skin. He thrust his fingers in deep, moaning against around my balls. He opened his mouth, releasing them gently. His eyes told me he was ready. He moved back, pulling my trousers down to my knees. He smiled at me, removed his fingers and climbed onto my lap. I held onto the base of shaft as he impaled himself on it. "Fuck..." He felt amazing, his muscles twitching around me, his cheeks pressing against my thighs.

His arms looped around my neck as he moaned in pleasure, slowly riding my slick cock. He buried his head in my shoulder, inhaling my scent as he rolled his hips. I felt bad about neglecting him, so reached between us and started jacking him off. "You cock feels so great up my ass." He moaned, thrusting up into my hand. "Nice and thick, just as I hoped." He grinned, pulling back from my neck and kissing my hungrily, his tongue pushing between my lips. He tasted of cigarettes, alcohol and precum. It was a strange combination of things, though I wasn't surprised since he smelled of the first two. I lapped at his tongue as it explored my mouth, moaning into his mouth.

He squeezed around me tightly, increasing the speed of his movements. He broke away from from my lips, panting against my face before kissing my cheeks. I increased the speed of my hand, not wanting to shoot until he did. My other hand went under his t-shirt, stroking his chest. He kept bouncing on my lap, trailing his tongue over my skin and stroking at my neck. I never knew what to say during sexual activity, so just kept quiet and made soft moans instead. Bert seemed to pick up on that, not saying anything else while he rode me.

For the next few minutes the only sounds were grunts, moans, pants and the slap of skin against skin.

There came a point where I couldn't hold on much longer. I was surprised I'd lasted this longer, considering the most I'd done in the past few months was jack off. Although I had woken once to Matthew giving me head which was strange. I came deep inside Bert's body, moaning incoherently in pleasure. I collapsed against the coach his body still moving up and down, one of his own hands on mine stroking himself in time.

I watched him move for at least another minute, enthralled by how strangely pretty he looked as his cock sprayed over our clothed chests. I heard him moan something, but I couldn't quite make it out. He collapsed onto my ches, panting and kissing my skin again.

He stood up a few minutes later, pulling up his pants, not bothering to clean his ass or tee. He looked at me for a few seconds, was if trying to think of something to say. "I... never mind. Thanks." he turned and left as quickly as he could, not giving me enough time to stop him. I moved from the louge area into my bunk, not wanting the others to catch me there, half-naked and sweating.
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