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The Bullet For My Valentine Primer

This is Bullet For My Valentine. They're a metal band from Bridgend, South Wales. They're Micheal 'Padge' Paget. Micheal 'Moose' Thomas, Matt Tuck and Jay James. They've won several awards in both Kerrang and Metal Hammer.

This is Matt Tuck. he's the lead singer and guitarist. He's had problems with his throat recently. As the frontman, he's the one that does most of the talking in interviews. He has tattoos down his arm. He also shits in tesco carrier bags. no I will not let that go!

This is Jay James, the bassist and screamer. He has a tongue stud and is fairly softly spoken. He has tattoos on his arms and a very hot lizard tattoo on his back. Out of the band he's the one who's changed the most. At the start of the band his hair was all slacked up which made him look scary, then it went fluffy and cute, then emo and now just... guh. (He's also the hottest to me, if you haven't got that:P)

This is Padge, the guitarist (and also backup vocals sometimes). He gets drunk a lot. His voice is the hardest to understand. He has nice arms.

This is Moose, the drummer. He has a nice star arm tattoo. He seems to be the hardest to find pics of for some reason. He jacks off a lot. And he's kissed a boy. Repeatedly. Yet I've never seen the pairing written.

Ok now, you're probably think 'oh, they're a metal band they're not going to do anything slashy'. Oh how wrong you are.

Jay poledancing. Not slashy per se, but still hot.

Showering together, though Padge is upset at being left out.

Matt groping Jay's ass.

Jay all bandaged up.

Matt and Jay's back

Jay getting groped

Moose and wiL kissing. I'm sure they're done it more too.

All tied up.

Jay's gay pose

Moose's mouth, target much?

And some random pics:

From Tears Don't Fall

Jay's perdy mouth.

Them on a tank... with guns

Trawling for porn

On a kids plane...

Perdy jayness

I uploaded way more pics then I've posted which are here if you wanna see.

I hope this encourages you to write Bullet into your fics. Remember when writing them they have Welsh accents and are more likely to use arse then ass during thoughts or speech.

In search of other inspiration? They've been at the Kerrang awards. They've toured with Aiden and are prone to get drunk. Drunken sex has likely ensued.

They also seem to have a rivalry with Lostprophets, at least Ian, for unknown reasons.

Further reading:
My Bullet fics:
Boy Matt Tuck/Robb Flynn
Breathless wiL Francis/Matt Tuck
But It's Better If You Do Matt Tuck/Ryan Ross
Cries In Vain Matt Tuck/Dave WIlliams
Golden Matt Tuck/Charlie Simpson
My Slut Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Matt Tuck, Jared Leto/Jay James/Joesph Gordon-Levitt
One Night Frankie Iero/Jay James
Pet *~ Padge/Ray Toro
Plaything * Jay James/Ray Toro, Rou Reynolds/Shannon Leto, Moose/Worm, Moose/dog, Spencer Smith/Ian Watkins, Ian Watkins/Jay James, Ray Toro/Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
The Hunt *^ Tom Delonge/Brendon Urie, Ian Watkins/Matt Tuck
Tonight * Matt Tuck/Mikey Way
Twitch * Matt Tuck/Dave Williams
You'll Remember Me Moose/Jay James

Other peoples fic:
Revenge Is Sweet Matt/Jay, Padge/Jay
Sickness Jay/Patrick Stump
Birthday Boy Ray/Jay
Riding The Red Nosed Reindeer Matt/Jay/Padge
Serve it In Drag Jay/Matt
Please Please Me Ray/Jay

Pervy Bullet interview from Kerrang

As of now they've had out one album (called The Poison, though that's been released again with a dvd), a live dvd (The Poison Live) and a self-titled mini album. The second album's out in January and it's called Scream, Aim, Fire.

Anyway, thanks for looking< 3 I hope you liked, this was my first primer think so i hope I did good. I'll upload albums at some other time caause of the bitchyness of the comp today. (And cause mum's been annoying and I've been ioning/ficcing slowly).
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