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A bounty hunter named Jango Fett

I hate today. First comp fucks up in the night, then I can't sleep. Damn nose. At about 9:30 this morning the net just... died. So I've spent the past two hours trying to sort it. Restarting aol. restarting the comp. Pulling the plugs out the modem.

I was about to call aol, when it sorted itself out. Fucking thing.

I've wrote a third of what I lost to 5 Dreams, but am too stressed to do the rest so I've just noted the rest down. I think I'll do a standalone when I get back. I dunno who to do though. I'll see if there's any I need to do.

I got Kerrang mid-way through the fuckery. I have to get it again so I can have the Waycest and Robb posters up. Sigh. Out of the other posters, only two are good. A Fightstar one and one of Matt from that shoot with the baby. it was inspired by the Jango Fett AOTC poster. I knew it was familiar. The photgraphers baby threw me. Why does it make me more broody?

Anyway, Jay looks so perdy in the article about Bulelt. I still can't make out his new tattoos properly though. He's replaced his lip stud with a ring and it looks sohot. Matt's tattoos are perdy, Moose needs to sort is hair out and Padge needs to smile more. Plus Matt mentions MCR hich is cool. He also has a nice ass.

I wanna see the uncutversion of Deathcar. there's a pic and you see Charlie's heart get cut out and blood. It looks so hot.

Speaking of hot, who are Blessthefall? They're perdy.

Now onto the poll:
MCR win best and worst band of the year again (how they can win both is odd) lso odd is that 30 Seconds is at 3 in both catergories. Also frankie's holding a different puppy in the pic they use. Where's he getting them?
Umbrella Academy 1 is second best book
4th Sexiest male is Ray! yay! 2nd is ian, 3rd Jared (how is Ville one? Eww)Hero Of The Year (how is Ville one again?) Robb 2, Jared 3, Ian 4, Gerard 4
Best video and single is the Kill
Best new band's Madina (yay!) The pic they use is the first one I've thought Nathan and Matthew look unlike each other.
Jared is villian of the year. how? he looks so perdy?
Best TV show is Heroes < 3
I wonder who had more votes for sexiest female: jared or Gerard?

Oli's topless and why is there a half-page ad for Avril's tour? Ick. Next week's a year review thing but it looks awesome. Bullet and Madina are in again. I hope it still has posters.

Later I'll do a Bullet primer, with lotsa pics, downloads and links to fics. Cause I'm nice like that.

I'd do a Madina or The Blackout one but it's hard to find individual member shots. I've been having dreams bout The Blackout's Gareth (the drummer) so i might fic him. He's perdy and nice.

I'm gonna go have soup now, then go to the stupid Job Center. Bah. Mum has her uses though, she's got me a Star Wars fig so... yay.
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