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You'll Remember Me

You'll Remember Me
Pairing: Moose/Jay James
POV: Moose
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Rape, scat
Notes: Done for antontobias86 < 3 I hope it's ok
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

I watched him intently, like I had for the past hour. He didn't fit the traditional ideals of beauty. He was tubby, had tattoos on both of his arms and a little bt of facial hair. To me, he had an attractive quality to him which had caught my attention. He'd made me tear my eyes from a much younger and slimmer blonde boy. This tubby guy had some muscles in his arms, but they didn't intimidate me. His emoish hair softened him. That and his tongue stud made my cock twitch. I had to have him. All I needed was to get him alone and so far I'd not had that chance.

He moved through the crowd and I left my seat to follow him. This could be my chance. At first I thought he was heading towards the toilets, but then he stepped outside. I followed him, glad that the air wasn't too cold tonight. He was now heading down a back alley and lighting up. I followed him slowly, waiting for my chance. Thoughts of him begging for mercy sprung to mind as I slammed him against the wall. I'd followed him for at least two minutes now and increased my speed. He stopped dead in his tracks and turned his head. "Hello?" I sped up even more, knowing I had to get him now before he realised what I wanted. He tossed his cigarette butt on the floor. "Can I help you?".His voice was so soft, so sweet.

I was in front of him now, licking my lips. "Yes you can actually." He tipped his head to one side curiously. "You can stand against the wall and offer your ass to me."

He blinked, my words clearly surprising him. "Wh... what?"

"There's two ways we can do this. Either the easy way or the hard way." He tried to back away but I matched each step. "The easy way is you offering yourself to me. The hard way is me forcing you too, though I would like to see you bleeding."

His eyes darted from side to side, clearly looking for an escape route. He tried to run, only managing to move a few steps. before I grabbed him. The hard way it was. I gripped onto his hair, slamming his face into the wall. I heard a crack and him howl in pain, blood gushing from his nose to cover his lips and t-shirt. I knew he'd be dazed for a few seconds from the blow, which was time I could use. I pressed my bbody against him, snaked my other arm around him and undid his torn jeans. "I'm stronger then you slut. And I've done this before." I had his jeans halfway to his knees before the daze wore off and he tried to twist his head, snapping his teeth like a deranged animal. I sighed softly, he clearly wasn't too smart. Or maybe I'd hit him harder then I'd intended. I moved my free hand to his boxers, pulling the down quickly and bringing it to his balls, wrapping my fingers around them. "Now, you can stop or I'll start squeezing hard until you do."

He stilled, coming to his senses and realising I was serious. "Please don't hurt me anymore."

"That all depends on your definition of hurt." I smirked, planting a kiss on his neck, his skin covered in sweat. I wasn't sure if that was from fear of what I'd do to him or from the bar I'd found him in. "I'm going to fuck your arse, that might hurt."

He squirmed slightly at my words, but stopped his movement after a few moments. "Can't I give you head instead?" His voice was still as soft as before, though it was shaky.

I smirked and shook my head at hs words. Why did they always think sucking cock would be am adequate substitute for fucking? "If you suck my cock it'll only be after I've plowed your ass." He whimpered softly and I let go of his balls, reaching between my legs to undo my fly. I kept my other hand gripping onto his hair in case he tried anything, which he didn't. I pulled out my cock, rubbing it against the cleft of his ass. Like his belly, his cheeks were plump and round. I pushed my cock between his cheeks, my head rubbing over his hole. I wondered if he was a virgin, though that didn't really matter now. I pushed against his pucker, forcing myself into him. He cried softly as my head entered him, but I ignored him. As soon as I felt the senstive tip of my cock push through his ring of muscle, I slammed my hips foward, burying myself in him. I felt his ass tore as my balls slapped his ass, making him scream into the night. No one would come to see what was going on. Even if I was raping this boy with a gang of guys for an hour no one would come. Before I started thrusting, I whispered against his neck. "What's your name, slut?"

"Jay." He whispered, the last of his blood from his nose covering his lips.

"Nice. Mine's Moose." I pulled out of him, slamming back roughly into him. Of course I wasn't stupid enough to give him my real name, using my old school nickname instead. I held onto his ass, using my other hand to press his head lightly against the wall, thrusting steadily inside him. Well, the pace was steady to me, not him. I guessed this was probably the harshest fuck he'd ever had. I hoped so. The hand from my his hair was under his tee, stroking his belly. I dug my nails into his soft skin, blood coating my entire length now and matting my pubic hair. The feeling made me groan in pleasure and him in pain, his ass tearing more. I kissed at his neck, my teeth grazing over his skin between thrusts.

I reached down between his legs, fondling his cock. He was half-hard anyway, that meant he was enjoying this at least a little. Or maybe it was just from me hitting his spot accidentally. I removed my hand before he got any ideas, returning it to his belly. I held onto him tightly, his sounds of protest and moans of pain now replaced with soft sobbing. I smiled, moaning as I felt something on my cock, that wasn't blood. Even better. I pulled out all the way, pausing a few seconds with just my head inside him. When I heard him sigh softly I thrust back within him. My cock became covered in his shit as well as blood and diespite his pleas I didn't stop my movement. "Remember, you'll be sucking this clean when I'm done slut."

I knew I was probably close, which was a shame. A pretty boy like him deserved to be fucked all night long by more then just me. Perhaps not just by men. I closed my eyes, the thought consuming my mind and I wasn't able to hold back. I sprayed over his torn insides. I heard him scream in pain again, but ignored him, sliding from his bloodied entrance and turning him around, pushing him to his knees.

He glanced at my dirty shaft, then he looked up at me pitifully. "Please no..."

I laughed at him, forcing my cock into his open mouth, not bothering to hear him say anymore. Despite his obvious disgust his tongue swiped at my leangth, removing my cum and his blood and shit from me. I purred and chuckled softly. He'd make someone a good fuck someday. He suckled hard, his stud brushing my underside as he cleans it. I pulled out to lallow him to lap at my head, then removed myself completely.

I stepped away from him, zipping myself up. "Your arse felt so good Jay." I watched as he stood shakily, looking at me with and making soft whimpers. He bent down to pull his jeans back up. Slut, he should know better then to bend over before someone that's raped you. I moved behind him, deciding he needed something more to remember me by. A bit more pain. I held him down with my left hand, balling my right into a fist. I pushed it against his ring, forcing it inside him. He screamed once more, but that only served to make me push it deep into him. Blood, shit and semen covered my hand, but I didn't care. He'd remember this pain. He'd remember me even when he was just the faintest memory in my mind.

His muscle clamped tightly onto my wrist and his screams stopped, his body falling slack as he fainted from the pain. "Wimp." I scratched his insides before removing my hand, his body falling limply to the floor. I wiped my hand in his hair, making sure all the thick shit was off my skin and in his locks instead. Satisfied, I pulled his t-shirt off his body, purring at the tattoo on his back and reaching down to pull his jeans and boxers off him.

I balled his clothes together, carrying them under one arm as I left him. "Bye Jay." I turned and blew him a kiss, leaving his naked body against the alley wall. I hoped some drunks would spot him. I chuckled to myself at the thought, knowing I'd have sweet dreams tonight.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/moose, moose, slash
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