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Asking yourself what's real

I've spent most of today snuggled in bed. I hate that the course last week has changed my sleeping patterns. I now wake up between 6 and 8 and can't go back to sleep properly. Bah.

Now I'm out of the warmth of my bed, to watch Will And Grace and write. That and I had to waddle downstairs and get food.

Now fic stuff. I'm trying to decided what to do with Taste Of Cum. There's either a prequel with wiL and all of Bullet or a sequel with wiL and The Blackout (and possibly Bert). I'd do a poll to find out what people want, but I'm lazy so could people comment which they want? (And, yes, you can always say both.)

For the potential sequel to Duct Tape And Doggy Sex I've got a few definate guys. Mikey, Bob, Will, Ryan, Spencer, Andy are definates. The others I'm thinking over.

However, I could instead use the Kerrang awards as a setting. Which would mean no MCR or the Madina twins, but would add whoever was there (The Used, 30 Seconds, Lostprophets, Sean, Panic!, FOB, Fightstar, Robb). So I'm unsure on that. Like above comment with opinions.

Right now I'm working on Moose fic, then I'll look at 5 Dreams and try to do something with that. I do want to have that finished soon. Failing that there's always the next part of Plaything, which'll be back on the Jay/Ray.

All day tomorrow I'll be at the course thing, which means I'll be bored out my mind. Bah. What more could we possibly do?
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