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Taste Of Cum

Taste Of Cum
Pairing: wiL Francis/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: wiL
Warnings: Bondage, non-con
Notes: Yes I know the title's kinda sucky...
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

"Suck it bitch."

I moved my lips down his length slowly, looking up at him. I hadn't expected a guy like him to be so dominant. With his blonde hair and youth, I'd just assumed he'd be the one on his knees doing the cock sucking instead of me. I pressed my tongue against his underside, feeling his dick pulse. Maybe his dominance was due to his Welsh nationality. After all the Welsh guys I'd met before had been dominant, although it was more obvious with them due to their more muscular bodies.

I tightened my lips around him, moving my head up and down slowly. I heard him growl above me, clearly not pleased with me. "Faster bitch." I nodded slightly, speeding up the movements of my head, lapping at the sensitive flesh of his head whenever I could. I blamed Bert for this, he'd implied Sean was easy. Maybe he was getting me back for something I'd done to him, but I couldn't remember what it could be. I tried not to think about it, sucking harder on him and licking his underside and head whenever I could.

I wasn't the world's best cock sucker, but I felt I was pretty decent. Least he was moaning now instead of growling down at me. I hand of his was in my hair, his fingers holding tight onto my dark locks. I reached up, stroking his balls, hoping that I could get this over and done with quickly. Then I could spend the rest of the tour keeping my distance from him. I hoped I'd be able to. I heard him moan in pleasure above me, his dick spilling down my throat. I choked as his load filled my mouth, barely able to swallow it all and I felt some dribble from my lips. He pulled out only when he was done, tucking himself in and pulling his pants up.

Wordlessly, he left, leaving me alone. I panted softly, still tasting his cum on my tongue. Thank fuck that's over.


I awoke, groaning softly as my eyes opened. I was naked and sprawled out on a table. I looked around me, noting I was on a tourbus, my wrists and ankles tied to the table legs. All the curtains were closed and I felt like a had a fucking hangover. Who's tourbus was on? Was anyone else awake? Had they taken advantage of me last night, or just tied me down? I closed my eyes again. My ass didn't feel sore, so that was a good sign.

I heard a noise and opened my eyes again. There, completely naked, was Sean. He came towards me a smirk gracing his features as he approached. "Hi wiL. Did you think that blow job was the only time I'd use you?" He was hard and leaking. "I know you've been avoiding me since then. Thankfully Bert was kind enough to get you pissed last night and bring you here." He licked his lips, his eyes gazing over my body. "You look much better naked."

I shivered slightly at his words. "What are you going to do to me?"

"I'm going to fuck you." One of his hands was on his cock, stroking the sizeable length. "Then you'll lick my cock clean." He was standing next to me now, his hands roaming over the inked skin of my back. "Then whoever else is awake has a go with you." I turned my head to face him, that smirk still on his lips. "And since it's our day off..."

He didn't need to finish that sentance, I knew what he was implying.

"I'm sure you're used to such treatment." His hand was on my ass now, a finger roughly thrusting into me. I groaned loudly in pain at the rough intrusion. "Bert told me all about you and Bullet." What exactly did he know? That they'd all took me to a hotel room and took turns fucking me all night? I lost my train of thought when he forced a second finger to join the first, scissoring them inside me roughly. "He makes it his business to know such things. That, and there's a dvd of your sexcapades. I didn't know a guy could take four cocks until I saw that." He twisted his fingers, not waiting for a response from me. I just groaned, my cheeks flushed bright red. My mind raced. How many people had seen it? How many copies were there? How much money had they made off me? The bastards.

Sean removed his fingers, placing his head at my hole. "Since you're a whore for Welsh cock, you'll love today." He pushed forward, forcing his cock inside me. I groaned at the pain, but bit my lip to stop making more noise. I didn't want everyone waking up altogether. If it was just The Blackout on this bus that meant I'd have five other cocks to deal with, but I doubted it was just them, so there'd be more then that. I closed my eyes, his cock thrusting roughly inside me. He pulled out and slammed back inside me moments later. My cock twitched to life against the table's surface as his dick hitting my spot. He either didn't notice or care about it, his hands gripping onto my asscheeks instead of attending to my length. He thrust harder inside me and I could feel blood coat him as my ass tore. I was barely able to surpress my moan of pain this time, biting my lip open. "Your bloodied ass feels so fucking good."

He digs his nails into my cheeks, increasing his speed. He's still hitting my spot roughly, but he doesn't care. If I told him he was, I was sure he'd change his angle purposely, so I kept my mouth shut. I squeezed my ass around his length, hoping that I could get him off quickly like when I gave him head. He moved a hand from my ass to my hair, gripping my locks and pulling my head back. "You better make noise, or I'll make you make it." I stopped biting my lip, making soft groans. "Louder!" He slammed hard into me and I cried out loudly in pain. I heard groans of the others awaking, which I guessed was exactly what Sean had wanted.


He growled my name in pleasure and I felt his semen splash against my torn insides. I whimpered softly in pain and he pulled out from me, his cream sliding out of my hole and down my cleft. Two of his bandmates were standing in the bus corridor. One, a sllender boy with short hair, was rubbing his eyes, either in waking or to make sure he wasn't seeing things. The other was slightly larger, with shoulder-length haair and a hand on his hardness.

"He's all yours guys." He circled around the table, shoving his dirty cock down my throat. "Well, his is free ass anyway."
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