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Not much bigger then 2 meters

Who wants a sequel to that Pete/Patrick fic I posted last night?

Sigh, mum's so annoying today. Meh.

I'm writing the wiL/Sean fic now and shall start the next part of Plaything after it.

I'm in a strange mood where I've felt like doing a post but haven't known what to say. Le sigh.

The best part of Christmas shall totally be Doctor Who.

Now, onto the Friday Fives cause they weren't posted Friday and I wanna fill this post with something.


1. Choose (1) band. What are the boys getting each other for the holiday of their choice?
Bullet For My Valentine. Padge gets booze (which has knock out drugs in). Jay gets sex toys. Matt gets a rubber suit. Moose gets... erm...

2. Which non-Decaydance band/artist would you like to see Patrick produce for?
MCR! That'd be interesting or Kylie or Bullet. *has images*

3. Brendon Urie's Big Gay Coming Out Party - describe it.
*whines* Does it have to be Brendon's? It's not really much of a coming out party, since 95% of the people there already know. Brendon gets drunks and tied to a table over the night. Inserting enues.

4. Epic Battle. OCK vs MCrmy. Who wins and what is their weapon of mass destruction?
*blinks* OCK? Has someone missed a c?

5. To this day, the real reason behind the great Bert/Gerard split still remains a mystery, for the most part. What's your spin on it?
My theory: Bert hates Gerard for taking Bob away from him.


1. Who do think has the best sense of humor and why?
Bob, just cause...

2. What is your favorite group photoshoot?
Ugh, that's a hard one. I'm not actually sure... they're done so many.

3. Are there any small venues in your area that either you know that Chem has played there years ago or that you wish Chem would play there?
I don't know. I was lucky enough to see them at Underworld in London and that was awesome.

4. Gerard's musical guilty pleasure is T.a.T.u. What's yours?
I never really feel guilty about listening to stufff so... I dunno. Maybe Spice Girls? I listen to a lot of stuff.

5. What do you think of the new Skeleton Crew designs?
They're... interesting. Not as good as the one I got though.
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