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Duct Tape And Doggy Sex

Duct Tape And Doggy Sex
Pairing: Pete/Patrick, Pete/Hemmingway
POV: Patrick
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, bestiality
Notes: I was meant to do a Pete/Patrick, but this came to me when I saw a macro from the Kerrang shoot (where Patrick has Pete bound in his equipment case).
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface

I knealt down my the equipment case that I kept under my bunk, pulling it out. I unclipped it, lifting up the lid and smirking at what lay inside. Pete was curled up in there, bound at his hands and wrists, a piece of duct tape covering his lips. His eyes gazed up at me, pleading for release. "Have you learned your lesson?" He nodded wildly. I just hoped his confinement had done him good, if not i'd just have to lock him in there for longer. I lifted him out, laying his naked body on the bed. I knocked the lid down on the case, pushing it back where it came from. I ripped the tape of his lips roughly, which made the boy below me squeal in pain. "Right, now to be clear, tell me what you did wrong."

"I allowed Spencer to fuck me." I nodded, keeping my eyes on him. A few seconds passed before he spoke again. "And I made passes at about 10 other guys."

I nodded, stroking his face gently. "You have to remember, you are mine Pete Wentz." I slapped him around his face hard, which made him yelp in pain. "No one elses." Slap. "And you are not a common whore." Slap. "Unless I tell you you are." Slap. "Understand?"

He nodded meekly, his cheeks red from my hits. He'd be obedient now. If he really want so much cock I'd have to tie him over a table naked at the next party we went to. There were many guys who'd fuck Pete viciously just for the fun of it, it would just be getting them all in one room that would be the tricky part. "You know something Petey? I think you need a cock other then mine in you." I rolled him onto his stomach, stuffing a pair of Andy's boxers into his mouth, replacing the duct tape. I rolled Pete onto his front, petting his ass, a wide, black dildo buried deep within it. I left his side and called out a name, a name that made Pete's eyes go wide and his body wiggle.

"Here Hemmy." I tapped my knees as I called his dog, the small animal waddling out of his basket towards me. I smirked at Pete. I'd thought about his dog mounting him before, now I had reason to make it real. I stroked his head when he was standing in front of me. I lifted him into my arms and placed him on the bed behind Pete. He sniffed Pete's asshole and I saw his tongue dart out over the sweaty skin. I slowly removed the dildo from him, allowing the dog to lick him more. Ah, so eager. "Now, now Hemmy, you're not meant to lick him." I looked between Hemmingway's legs, seeing his cock start to harden and extend out of his sheath. Well, if it got him hard I wasn't going to stop him. I stroked Pete's hair gently. The expression on his face was priceless. The perfect mix of disgust and arousal. It made me even harder inside my pants.

I flicked my gaze back to Hemmingway, who climbed up onto his owner, pressing his throbbing length against his hole. I watched as the dog pushed forward and the shafter disappeared into his owner. Pete's eyes were now squeezed shut as the slick member entered him. I'd done many things to Pete over the years, but I was sure this was the most humiliating for him. So far. I'm sure I could think of more. Maybe inviting people over to my place and letting them watched as he begged Hemmy to fuck him woud do. I kissed his forehead lightly, moving back to watch as Hemmy fucked him. That little dog sure could fuck.

I could hear Pete moan behind the gag, though I wasn't sure if that was from pain or pleasure. I smirked at him, Hemmy's tongue lapping at his back and his paws on his sides, his cock going deep in Pete. "Do you like that Petey? Hmmm?" I got even harder when he hesitated, which meant he had to actually think about it. I chuckled softly, stroking his hair. "Aww, my little slut has to think."

I decided that the only way to be sure would be to see if he was hard. I moved back, reaching between his legs and feeling cock. I felt Hemmingway's tail wag against my arm as I did so. Such an eager puppy. I felt Pete's hardness. Excellent. I moved back to watch again, this time undoing my pants and freeing my erection. I wrapped my fingers around myself, jacking off steadily as I kept my gaze on them. I wondered how long it would take for Hemmy's knot to force it's way into Pete. Not many people knew that puppy cocks aren't the same as humans, they had a knot designed to keep them inside their mate. It would hurt Pete, but only because he wasn't prepared for it. He'd taken my fist before now so this should be easy.

I kept my eyes on Hemmy's cock, seeing the base expand. Just a few more thrusts and he'd be in. I stroked faster, my cock throbbing in my hand. I looked at Pete's face as I heard the pop of the knot forcing it's way inside. Pete's eyes were practically bulging from his sockets in pain. Again, I chuckled. I wish I'd got my camera to hand. Posting pictures of him getting fucked by Hemmy would be even more fun then letting out those cock pics. Ah, fun times.

Hemmy just rocked back and forth now, unable to thrust properly now his knot was in fully. He made soft sounds of pleasure, pawing Pete's back. I moved up to Pete's face, stilling jack my cock quickly. I wiped my dick over his face, leaving sticky smears of clear precum behind. Hemmingway howled in pleasure which meant he'd came, the expression on Pete's face confirming it for me. I stroked my dick, tipping my head back as I came all over Pete's face. When I came down from my orgasmic high, Hemmy had gone and his semen was dripping out of Pete's ass. Again, I ripped off the duct tape that covered Pete's mouth. He spat out Andy's boxers and whimpered, but before he could get any words out I pushed my soft length into his mouth. He didn't fight or try to bite my dick, just licked at my skin, cleaning the remainder of my load from my head. Maybe him bending over for Spencer had been my fault, after all I'd made him the whore for cock he was now. before me he'd never even touched another guy.

I moved from his mouth, licking my lips. "Have you learned your lesson now slut?"

"I have." He panted softly, looking at the floor. "I'm yours Patrick. And Hemmy's when you wish. I'm so sorry."

"I know." I kissed his forehead lightly, stroking down his back with one hand. I turned my head when I heard the tour bus door open, but no one came in. Instead I just saw someone leave, the only recognisable feature being his long hair and the tattoo that covered his bare back. I wondered how long he'd been there. Maybe he'd seen everything. I'd have to ask tomorrow.

I pulled the case out again and lifted Pete back into it, only this time I untied his hands. He looked at me, confused slightly by being untied. "You may jack off, but only after fingering Hemmy's doggy cum from your ass." He nodded, chewing his lower lip as he started to do it. He licked the seed from his fingers, returning to get more of the sticky fluid immediately. "Good boy." I locked the case again, pushing it to it's position under my bunk. I gazed over my sheets, deciding to sleep in Pete's tonight. It'd be easier that way.

I climbed in and laid down, thinking about what I'd do to Pete at the next hotel. I had a whole back of toys I could use on him.
Tags: bestiality, fall out boy, fic, hemmingway, hemmingway/pete wentz, patrick stump, patrick stump/pete wentz, pete wentz, slash
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