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You should really learn what eradicate is

I don't get why the Jedi and Sith don't just kill every single member of the opposite side and be done with it. There's been, what, 7 wars due to them now? The next side that wins should ensure that all the members of the opposing side are killed. Not just exhiled or demoralised, but slaughtered. Else they'll just come back again, like they have 7 times now. Plus, how hard would it be to blockade worlds like Korriban? Honestly, both sides are so stupid.

It's like in Zelda. Every time Ganon rises up (again, it's about 7 times now) he gets killed/sealed away in one realm or another by a blonde boy with blue eyes (the Link of that generation) so why the hell doesn't he just kill or imprison every single male that fits that description. Fuck knows he's done it to Zelda's before. (And imprisoned entire races too.)

Sigh, some people are so dumb. You have to prioritise people!

Last night was sad causa the carolling outside. Nan always used to like that. 2 years ago I was the one to take her out to it. It made me sad. And mum too. It's easier for mum to cry.

I don't think I'll like Christmas.

Danny vanished earlier. He's an odd dog.

I've posted fic and am now working on that Pete/Patrick one. I fell asleep last night cause the bed was too comfy. It should be posted tonight, then I'll go on wiL/Sean.

Watching Japanese porn videos is inspiring.

Link's Crossbow Training is fairly easy though can be a bitch sometimes. like Level 8.

Does anyone have Bleed The Dream or Wolves In The Throne Room?

*begs the universe for Jay porn cause... just cause*
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