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Plaything Part 7

Pairing: Ray Toro/Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone
POV: Ray
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Mentions of BDSM and slavery
Notes: Since I couldn't decide on who to do for this part (I figured it was too early to do Matt's part, so it'll be in the part after this) I decided to do a part about Ray. Because the first part of this part was so long, the second part became different andshorter, but I think it works out better like that. Note that this part is set a year plus before the rest.
The Pete/Patrick shall be done and posted later.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface
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7: Ray

I combed my fingers through my dark brown curls, staring at my reflection as I did so. I'd gazed into this mirror so many times over the past few years, getting my hair right, sometimes even doing make-up. It was all a little pointless really in the long run. My hair would end up all over the place and any make-up I had would be smeared by sweat within an hour. My eyes shifted for the mirror slightly, to the pictures that had been stuck to it's edges. Today it was twins. The first picture had them both together, the other two had them topless seperately. Written in silver at the bottom of the individual pictures were their names. I scanned them, looking for differences between the two. They both had bleached blonde hair and bright blue eyes. The one called Matthew was decidedly the more feminine of the two, with a slimmer body and sharp hips. He also had a dark stripe in his hair, which was the most obvious difference between them. Nathan, on the other hand, was slightly more bulky and didn't wear any make-up around his eyes.

Today would be interesting.

"It's time." I nodded briefly and left my seat, heading out of the small room that had become the place I spent most of my days. They'd given me it after my first month, a sure sign they wanted to keep me for the long haul. I smiled to myself as I headed down the corridor into the bedroom. I called it the bedroom, though it really changed every few days. Some days I'd enter and it would look like the most expensive hotel room money could buy, other times it looked like an emo boy's bedroom, complete with posters on the walls. Sometimes it wasn't even a bedroom, instead being a bathroom or a longue with a long sofa.

Truth was though, the bedroom was only the center of a much larger room, where various pieces of equipment were set up.

Today the bedroom looked like a cheap hotel room and Matthew was already laying on the bed, completely naked and fondling his cock. I don't know how long he'd been there for, there was really no way of knowing right now. I put thoughts of standing to watch him jack off out of my mind and instead did what I was meant to. I took a few steps closer to the room, waiting until his eyes were closed and head tipped back before making my entrance through the room's door. "Well, well, what do we have here?"

Matthew's head snapped towards me, though he didn't stop his movements, he just slowed them down. I felt his gaze on my body, which was bare apart from a pair of jeans that clung to my waist. "Who are you?"

I took another step towards him, the door closing behind me. I briefly wondered where his twin was, but guessed he'd come in later. "Does that really matter?" I trailed my tongue over my thick lips briefly, keeping my gaze on his blue orbs. "What are you doing in my room?"

He bit his lip, letting out a soft whimper. "This is the room the receptionist gave us."

"Us?" I tipped my head to one side with fake curiosity.

"My boyfriend." He arched his hips into the air as he thought of him.

"Your boyfriend isn't here." I came closer towards him, smirking and allowing my own eyes to look over his naked body. He was quite a beauty, with sharp hips that hadn't been clear in the picture I'd seen. I licked my lips again, moving until I was at his bedside. I reached down and stroked my hand over his chest, which made him squirm though he didn't try to pull away. I pinched one of his nipples, using my other hand to stroke his thigh. The hand that was working his length fell to his side.

"Stop..." His protest was weak and his cock twitched. A bead of precum was shining on his tip.

"Your dick doesn't want me to. In fact, I'd say it wants me to keep going, don't you?" I let my fingers brush over the base of his erection, my thumb pressing against his sac. He let out a soft moan of pleasure, nodding slightly. I smiled and bent down, flicking my tongue over the head. I purred at the taste of him, before standing up and undoing my jeans. I could hear him gasp when I opened my fly and pushed the denim down my legs. Most guys did that when they saw my cock for the first time.

Matthew parted his legs wide, moving his hand between them and pushing a finger inside himself without being told to. Such a professional. He wiggled it, then pulled it out, adding a second quick, moaning loudly, his body squirming. "What do you want from me?"

"I'm going to fuck your pretty, little ass." I gripped his wrist, pulling it from his hole, his fingers easily slipping out of his ring. I moved between his leg, pointing my erection at his hole. It was clear that he'd had more then two fingers inside him recently. He'd been prepared for me before I'd gotten here. I smiled down at him, rubbing my head against his hole. I held onto his thighs as I slammed hard into him. His own hands were gripping onto the dirty bedsheets tight, his head tipped back again. I groaned in pleasure as he squeezed around me, moving in and out of him steadily. Every so often I'd make my thrust rougher to take him by surprise and make him squirm beneath me. His right hand had left the bedsheets now and was instead wrapped around his length, stroking rapidly. He looked so beautiful like that. I laid over his body, giving his neck a slow lick before straightening back up and slamming hard into him.

I heard the door open, but didn't bother to turn my head. I knew Nathan would be standing there, watching us. Now, one of several things could happen. Most likely he'd wait a minute or two, shed his clothes and come over to us. It was where he'd go when he was here that was a mystery. "What are you doing to my brother?"

I turned to him, flashing him a smirk as I did so. He was only wearing a t-shirt and jeans. "What's it look like?" I thrust hard into him to make my point, making Matthew moan.

He looked between me and his sweaty, groaning twin. He didn't say a word, just undid his jeans, revealing his crotch that was identical to his twin's and came towards us, suckling his fingers into his mouth. I nodded to myself slightly, turning back to look at Matthew's pretty face. When I felt a finger at my entrance I just moaned softly and pushed back, impaling myself on it. It wiggled around inside me, his tip pressing against my walls. The finger pulled out from me, then slammed back in with the second, scissoring inside me. He fingered me just like his twin had done himself minutes before. He pressed against my spot lightly, then removed them from me.

His hands were on my cheeks, holding them open. My hole twitched as he looked at it, before plunging his cock inside me. I groaned in pleasure at the intrusion. I'd had both bigger and smaller inside me, but he was a good size. I felt his lips on my neck and felt him purr against my skin. "What's your name tight ass?"

"Ray." I gasped breathlessly, feeling his body press against mine. A threeway with twins was the fantasy of thousands of people and I was living it. And getting paid for it too.

"Nice to fuck you Ray." He pulled out and slammed back inside me hard. "I'm Nathan and the whore you're fucking is my boyfriend and twin Matthew."

Our sweaty bodies moved in a rough sort of unison. Matthew's hand moved up and down his cock, his other hand moving up to stroke my chest, while I kept thrusting between the two. One of Nathan's hands was on my stomach, rubbing it slowly while the other in my hair, pulling my head back roughly. Although Nathan was making out like he was in control, his teeth nipping at my neck lightly, I was the one in control. He wasn't moving his hips much so the motion was mostly mine. I was rocking between the brothers, groaning in pleasure. Between Nathan's cock brushing my spot and Matthew's ass squeezing my thick cock I was already close. I was a professional though, I wasn't going to climax until Matthew you did.

Thankfully, I didn't have long to wait. I watched as the boy I was fucking thrust his cock up into his hand, shooting his load over his chest. He squeezed around me as he moaned my name, but I wasn't going to cum just yet either. Instead, it was Nathan's turn to orgasm, his thick seed spraying against my insides. He had to have been watching us before he came in, beating off. As soon as he came he pulled out of me, letting me go as fast as I liked without having to deal with his body laying on me. Instead of fucking him though, I pulled from Matthew's hole with an audible pop and moved onto the bed, stroking myself in front of him, just out of reach of his lips. It only took me three strokes to spill myself over his face and in his hair.


Over an hour later I left the room, having had both twins eat me out, suck and ride my cock. I'd seen them fuck and was surprised that Matthew seemed to be the more dominant one in their relationship. It seemd to come natural to him to scratch at his brother's chest, slap his ass and pull on his hair. I hoped to do something else with them in the future. I towelled the seat off my naked body as I entered my room, though I was surprised to see another man in there, sitting in my chair and having his eyes on me. He was large and clearly had been watching my performance due to the bulge in his pants. "Who the fuck are you?"

"I'm Worm and I'd like to give you an opportunity." What the hell sort of name was Worm anyway?

"What sort of opportunity?"

He leaned forward, looking me right in the eyes. "How would you like to do more extreme stuff?"

"Depends what that would entail." I tossed the towel over the nearest table, picking up a pair of jeans that I'd laid out on it before I left. I turned back to him as I stepped inside them, still studying him. He silence probably meant he was checking out my saliva slick ass. "I've done BDSM."

"I know." He smirked, licking his lips. I wondered how much he knew and what was going through his mind. "This is more then the basic stuff you've done in the past."

I thought for a moment, turning to get a t-shirt and pull it onto my body. "How much more?"

"The boys you'd be fucking aren't free boys, they won't have a choice. They'll be slaves, some of them will be different then normal. Your pay will be ten times as much as you get here, plus you'd get your own slave and as much equipment to use on him as you'd want."

I snorted, before realising he was serious. "What makes you think I'd be interested?"

"I'm here to give you the choice, if you're interested or not is up to you. You could always do one film, see what it's like and then make your choice. You'd still get paid and the slave."

I considered his words for a moment. It couldn't hurt, just once and I had always wanted to try something that was kinky then just whips and chains. "Would I choose the slave?"

"Of course." He grinned as if my question sealed the deal. He fished in his pocket, pulling out a picture. "To give you an example of a slave, this is one of mine." He handed it to me and I gazed over it. To me, it looked like a girl, with dark black hair that hung to her waist, a collar around her neck and oversized breasts. What looked like paint stains marked her chest and she wore just a short skirt. "His name is Gerard." I gazed at the picture, then back at Worm. Surely he was kidding, it had to be a girl. "Yeah, you heard right. That's a he." He snatched the picture back, stuffing it back within his pants pocket. "When you choose your slave you can choose for him to have tits too. Or be castrated, limbless, fat, thin, whatever. We'd pay for any additional costs for such surgery, of course. And if you ever wanted another slave, we'd arrange a discount for you."

His words made me shiver slightly, but also made me twitch. I smiled at me, standing up from my chair and came over to me, patting me on the shoulder. "I'll see you tomorrow at noon."

With that, he exited my room, leaving me alone with my own thoughts. The main thought was 'fuck, what did he want me to get into'. Then there was the voice at the back of the mind that told me that I could do all the things I'd ever wanted to do to the pretty boy slave he offered.

That made my decision easier.
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