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A wave of love

Today was wayyy better then yesterday. For one, we didn't have he arsey teacher and just spent the time discussing things/hangman/not doing much. So yay!

Next week I'm in Wednesday (yay not having a second bus trip) for a pointless hour and hour and all day Tuesday. WTF? i thought it was meant to be two mornings?

Then I went to get mum's present (Harry Potter), but it went up to it's original price in Woolworths. So I couldn't get that and'll wait to get it later. However, that did mean I could buy two new Star Wars figures from there (which I pondered getting yesterday but this was is £1.51 cheaper). I got Yoda on Kybuck and Anakin topless *drools over the pic* I'd have got Pre-Cyborg Grievous if he was there, instead of Yoda, but no.

Next stop was Game and I got my Wii Zapper with Link's Crossbow Training. YAY! I'll set it up and go on it later.

So I feel much happier today.

Plus I finished fic last night and started another. So yay!

I totally want Resident Evil. It's £25 in Asda and I want so bad I'll totally get when money's in.

Under the cut is the stuff from the poll, current fics and a meme yoinked from fastbetty31

Worm/Bob Bryar: 2 votes: I was goonna do a standalone of Worm and Bob in a golf cart, but since I've done Right Where I Want You I might not. Though I might do a sequel to that too

Worm/Ray Toro: 3 votes: This'll get a standalone, I blame the pic I made my icon from. Either that or a Daddy sequel

Worm/Mikey Way: 4 votes: Is it the size difference that made people vote for this? I didn't have any ideas for this pairing, so we'll see. Probably a standalone

Spencer Smith/Ryan Ross: 7 votes: I've got to finish My Body is Your Body cause of this don't I? Spencer/Ryan is coming up.

Pete Wentz/Hemmingway: 5 votes: Originally I had a vague idea for a Pete/Hemmy fic, but I never got round to doing it. It's being inserted in the fic I started last night.

Billy Martin/Paul Thomas: 1 vote: Apart from the Billy/Paul/Frankie threeway, I don't think I'll do anything with this.

Patrick Stump/Pete Wentz: 9 votes (making it the second most voted for paitring): I haven't done a proper Pete/Patrick, it's all been implied so far. I have been meaning to do one though and last night I started a kinky one (I blame a macro I saw reminding me of a certain Kerrang article) so watch this space.

Matt Tuck/Padge: 2 votes: I'll do one soon, causa Matt looking all slutty in Rock Sound

Jay James/Padge: 2 votes: See above, only replace Matt with Jay ;)

Jared Leto/Gerard Way: 8 votes: I wasn't gonna do a fic with this pairing anytime soon. However, I might see if anything comes to mind.

Sylar/Hiro Nakamura: 2 votes: Poor Hiro *cuddles him* I'll still do one when I have a good idea. I do have an AU one actually

Ryan Ross/Pete Wentz: 8 votes: i'm not surprised this got so many votes. I've had vague images but nothing concrete to go on with this pairing. Bunnies appreciated

Mikey Way/William Beckett: 13 votes: Holy fuck, how did this get so many votes? You do realise their hip bones rubbing against each other is classed as a fire hazard? I've got a threesome planned with Spencer, but with this many votes I might have to do another roo.

Ian Watkins/Ilan Rubin: 4 votes: I'm surprised this got so many votes. Means I'll have to finish the sequel to Hand Work.

Oli Sykes/Curtis Ward: 2 votes: Proobably for the best, I get the others in BMTH mixed up.

Sean Smith/Ian Watkins: 5 votes: Someone remind me why I haven't written this? I must soon.

Sean Smith/Oli Sykes: 5 votes: I need to tthem fucking properly. it'sd probably end up being rape.

Sean Smith/Matthew Davies; 2 votes: I've gotta finish that one I had the idea for... and find a good pic of Matthew.

Ian Watkins/Mikey Way: 7 votes: This another 'why haven't I done this pairing properly' moments. I'll have to think.

Bob Bryar/Bert Mccracken: 5 votes: This is my new Waycest. It'll be inserted in practically everything I do with either.

Jepha Howard/Dan Whitesides: 3 votes: I haven't had any ideas for this pairing, even though it's so obvious.

wiL Francis/Moose: 2 votes: *blinks* has no one seen the kiss they did?

Charlie Simpson/Omar Abidi: 0 votes: that makes me sad:(

Ray Toro/Mikey Way: 7 votes: Another high voted one. There's at least two in the works.

Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone: 4 votes: After 5 Dreams and the Watcher sequel I think I'll take a break from the pairing..... what the fuck am I saying? After seeing Matthew's pic in Kerrang I have to do him with someone soon. And twins are like book ends.

Gerard Way/Gerard Way: 8 votes: How has everyone voted this so much? *sigh* Well, the idea I had for it got used in 5 Dreams, but who knows. Anyone have any specific requests for which Gerard's should fuck? Helena!Gerard/Black Parade!Gerard? IMO!Gerard/now!Gerard?

Dan Torelli/Matthew Leone: 1 vote: Drummers are so unloved

Oli Sykes/Zacky Vengeance; 5 votes: I did have a very specific idea for this. If I still have the notes, I'll do it.

I don't see a point doing te non-pairing part. Thoguh I'm glad 7 voted for tentacle porn. I'm still trying to see what comes to mind (I was gonna do a Link/Morpha at some point). It might involve Ray or Pete.

5 Dreams: 2 Parts left to do: Multiple pairings
Plaything: Roughly 12 parts left to do: Multiple pairings (I need to be sure on the next part before I start it though, if I'm still unsure I'll do a poll)
Untitled: Standalone: Moose/Jay rape for babu
Untitled: Standalone: Kinky Patrick/Pete
Untitled: Standalone: wiL Francis/Sean Smith

Two names you go by:
1. Stu
2. Stuie

Two things you are wearing right now:
1. Madina Lake hoodie
2. Crappy jeans

Two longest car rides:
1. Sevenoaks to Walsall
2. Walsall to Sevenoaks :P

Two of your favorite things to do:
1. Snuggle in bed
2. Write

Two things you want very badly at the moment:
1. ;)
2. Bullet For My Valentine porn

Animals you have had or have
1. Solo, kitty
2. Dougie and Harry, guniea pigs who are in loveeee

Two people who will fill this out:
1. Everyone I'd say has!
2. ^

Two things you ate today:
1. Chocolate biscuits
2. Pringles

Two people you last talked to:
1. Person at bank
2. person in Woolworths

(Though people that matter:
1: Claire
2: babu)

Two things you're doing tomorrow:
1. Snuggling in bed
2. Writing

Two favorite holidays:
1. I don't know. I'm not sure if they'd be tainted now

Two favorite beverages:
1. Pepsi
2. Buck's Fizz

I'm going to sort out the Zapper and open figures now. Back later. Probably have the Pete/Patrick done tonight.
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