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Right Where I Want You

Right Where I Want You
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Bert Mccracken/Worm
POV: Bob
Warnings: Scat, BDSM
Notes: This is done especially for fastbetty31 I hope you like < 3
Dedications: antontobias86, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface and especially fastbetty31 for requesting:*

I gazed down over Bert's body, which lay on the bed before me. His clothes were scattered over the bedroom floor, leaving every inch of his skin exposed for me. His skin wasn't clean though. They were streaks of brown from where he'd rubbed his shit on himself before he'd came over. Just as I'd instructed him. He was an obedient little boy, he'd do exactly what I told him. The trouble was, because we both toured, we were rarely able to get together. I got him a webcam though, so I could watch him do whatever I told him. It wasn't as good as being together, but it would do. I ran my fingers over his face, over the wide ball gag which kept his lips wide and drool covered. Although his eyes were wide with fear, his hard cock clearly displayed his arousal.

He loved everything I did to him, no matter what it was. From something as simple as spanking his ass until it was bright red, to forcing him to wear a diaper for a whole week. He'd do anything to please me. I hadn't even had to train him, he was just a natural.

Still, I loved to just tie him down and do what I wanted with him, even though he'd want it all. I reached down and rubbed his belly lightly, smirking at him as I scratched at his skin. "I'm going to have such fun with you this weekend pet. You won't want to sit down or wear clothes for a week." I grinned down at him, licking my lips as his cock twitched. I was being honest when I said that, I'd only had him for an hour and already he was naked and bound to the bed, the gag in his mouth and a butt plug pushed deep in his dirty ass. I was just about leave his body to get something else to use on him when I heard a noise from behind me.

"Holy fuck." I turned to the source of the voice, gasping as I saw Worm standing there. He looked completely dumbstruck. "I... er..."

I left Bert's body, walking across the room towards him. Thoughts were entering my head of him on Bert, his heavy belly pressing down against him. "Hello Worm, do you like what you see?" I gestured to Bert's prone form his cock still aching hard despite being seen.

"I er..." He was blushing, his eyes on the floor. I could tell I was making him feel uncomrfortable. I came closer and lifted his chin up, so he was forced to look at me. "I do." He whispered softly, trying to look away from me as he spoke.

I sensed he needed encouragement so I leaned in close to him and whispered in his ear. "Why don't you come join us? You can fuck Bert's tight, dirty ass." I reached down and rubbed his crotch, feeling his cock twitch. "His tight ass is just crying out to be abused. Will you answer the call?" He let out a soft moan, hoping that meant I'd convinced him.

"But I'm fat..."

"So?" I shrugged at him, his fatness extremely arousing to me. And Bert too most likely. If all things went well maybe I'd have him to use when we were touring. I concealed my smirk, squeezing his dick gently through his pants.

"Are you sure you'd want me here?"

I gripped his wrist and bought it to my erection. "My dick does."

"Fuck.." He gasped as he touched it tentatively with his fingertips. It was as if he'd never touched another guys cock before. I could tell I'd have much to teach him. He was the blank state that Bert wasn't. My dick twitched against him and I could see his gaze was on it instead of the floor. Excellent. "Alright..."

"Good." I smiled and leaned in close, whispering in his ear softly. "Now, how about you take off all your clothes and climb on top of the whore over there." He nodded wordlessly and I stepped away, watching as he cast aside his jacket and pulled off his t-shirt slowly. I licked my lips as he exposed his large, round belly. I glanced back to Bert, noting his eyes weere on Worm stripping. Such a slut. I turned back to Worm, his t-shirt now on the floor so his entire upper body was exposed to us. His belly hung over his fly, as his fingers worked under it to undo it. He pullled his jeans open and let them fall to the floor along with his boxers, stepping out of them and coming towards us. His dick was fairly large, mostly due to it's thickness. I knew it would hurt Bert, which made me harder. "Fuck him."

Worm nodded a little, slowly walking towards Bert's prone body. I stepped aside to watch him move towards Bert. "How do I...?" He blushed again as he stood at the end of the bed. "Do this exactly?"

Had he never even watched porn before? Mentally, I chuckled though I kept quiet so as not to discourage him. I stepped towards them, removing the plug from Bert's hole. "Your cock goes there." I held the base of his cock with one hand, guiding him into Bert, using my other hand to push his fat ass closer to him. I gazed over his shoulder, watching his dickhead enter Bert's body. Bert writhed against his bonds as the large cock entered him and I whispered against Worm's ear when he stilled, clearly nervous again. "Fuck him, hard. Plunge your cock deep inside him. It's what he wants." Worm bit his lip, but did as he was told, slamming himself into Bert fully. Bert's body arched up into the air as he did so and I could see his eyes squeeze shut in pain. I smirked at him as Worm slowly moved out and slammed his thick length back within him. I could tell with each thrust that Worm was getting more and more into it. He reached down and gripped onto Bert's hips, using them for leverage. Each time he was fully inside Bert, his belly covered Bert's length, which made my cock twitch. Licking my lips I moved my hand on Worm's ass, my fingers brushing along his cleft. He let out a soft moan, though that could've just meant that Bert was squeezing around him. I pressed my fingers deep between his cheeks, searching for his hole. When my tips brushed over his pucker, I pushed my middle finger against him. He was so tight, just as I'd guessed he would be. I slide my finger deep inside him, watching his body arch a little.

"Fuck! Bob what are you doing? It hurts." He whimpered, stilling his thrusts into Bert, his ass trying to push out my finger. I held onto his cheek with my other hand, forcing my finger all the way inside him.He tried to move out of Bert to escape my intruding digit, but I held him pressed into Bert.

"Keep fucking him." I growled in his ear, twisting my finger inside him. If I found his spot he'd be at my mercy. I rubbed my tip against his walls, pressing it every so often. He moaned in pleasure, thrusting deep into Bert. I kept my finger in place, rubbing it slowly as he resumed thrusting. I knew I had him now. I wiggled my finger, then forced in a second to join it. This time he didn't resist, just kept fucking Bert, his ass clenching around me. I had to take him now, I couldn't wait for him to finish with Bert. I moved fully behind him and removed my fingers from his ass, causing him to whimper softly. I glanced at them briefly, noting only the faintest hint of brown. I nodded to myself, holding each of his ass cheeks and spread them apart wide. I gazed at his pucker for a moment, watching it twitch and open slightly. There was something almost mesmorising about the way an asshole moved. I licked my lips, aiming my cock for the wrinkled ring.

With one quick motion, my cock was buried inside him, my balls slapping against his fat ass. He cried out in pain, stilling again while I moaned at his tightness. I pulled out slowly, my hands leaving his cheeks to wrap around his waist so he didn't try and get away. When I slammed back inside, it caused him to do the same to Bert. I glanced at him, seeing his cock painfully hard and yet unattended to. "Don't you dare fucking touch his cock." I purred in Worm's ear, aiming my cock to hit his spot on the next thrust. He groaned in pleasure, starting to move on his own again. "You be good tonight and you'll get this regularly."

He nodded, moans leaving his lips every few seconds. "Yes..." I knew I'd have him forever now. No one would try and take him from me and I'd teach Worm how to please me and men in general. I'd always wanted to train a guy, now I had my chance.

We started moving at a rough pace. I was mostly in control, slamming Worm deeper into Bert's body. Worm moved his hips as best he could between my thrusts at first, though he eventually gave up moving too much. Worm came as I felt his body clench even more around me and a load groan of pleasure leave his lips. I wasn't close yet though, so I pulled his hips back, his body pliant and unresistant due to his post-orgasmic high. I moved him slightly away from the bed, until his body fell on all fours, his head between Bert's spread legs. He turned his head to look at me in confusion and I just growled down at him. "There's an asshole full of cum in front of you, empty it." He nodded, panting softly and licking at Bert's hole, not wanting to argue. I smiled at his obedience, his tongue flicking against the leaking entrance. The sight made me resume my thrusts. I knew it wouldn't take too long now. I gripped onto Worm's belly, as I sprayed deep inside him.

I moved out of his body, moving around and pulling his head from Bert's now clean hole. I wiped my sticky cock over his face, claiming him as my own. It would only be the first time he'd have my fluids on him. I panted softly, but maintained my composure, moving again when I was done to remove Bert's gag, tossing it aside. "Climb on him Worm." I turned to watch as he mounted Bert, my cum leaving a slimy trail along Bert's body. I waved to Bert's upper body and Worm sat there, his belly in Bert's face. "Lick." Without questioning, Bert extended his tongue and lapped at Worm's sweaty belly. The slut.

Soon, I'd have Worm as my slut too. A piss drinking, cock sucking, shit eating slut.
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