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Do guys have biological clocks?

Today has not been a good day.

First the i-pod died somehow, so I had to re-hook it up to be wiped clean and then have everything put back on. Bah.

This made me late, which I didn't think would be bad since we've always started late. The one day they start early in a different room to normal. I don't like the teacher dude. He seemed to pick on me the whole morning just cause I'd been late. I hate him. He assumes to much about me, I can just tell.

I should get the other side of my lip pierced just to spite everyone.

We watched a video of interviews (from 20 years ago) and there was this cute punk kid in it called Dave. He didn't get the job but he became was the founder of EA games, which was cool.

The journal to Walsall was spent with me and my thoughts. This is a bad thing. I have three real kinds of thoughts: pervy thoughts, thoughts of what I'll be doing and depressing ones. Today was the latter.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about kids. I've never thought I'd make a good father, but I've been thinking about kids a lot lately. I think it's been bought on by the family shrinking down from 4 to 2 in a year. I think I actually may want a kid at some point. I hate that they'll not have great-grandparents, because (the few times I thought about it before) I always wanted them to be there. Now they're not. I actually made myself really depressed about it on the journey, I ended up forgetting what I was meant to be in HMV for. If I had a kid I'd call them Eris or Europa.

But that might just be cause I've been on wiki reading about the solar system. I always loved reading about space.

I got a Force Unleashed booster. The good thing is it was guarnteed to be ones I didn't have. The bad thing was there wasn't a rancor and the ones I got where a bit... eh. I hope the next one has more ones I want.

Also got Pepsi. Though on the first bus I went on with it, one bottle rolled out the bag and another burst out it's bag when I stood up. BAH!

I hate that I saw N-Gamer a few day back with a Zelda Encyclopedia and now it's changed. Though the Zelda Wii-Zapper stickers are super cool and I'll get it for those alone.

Nan was doozing when I saw her, so was I. She tried to tell me something, but I couldn't hear her. She started crying when she saw me though. She's done that before. She's so thin. I hate it.


The bus went right fucking passed me so I was stuck in the rain for another half hour. Bastards.

So I'm home now, blissfully. I'm going to watch The Simpsons in bed, then waddle back to write.
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