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From the future

How awesome was the Torchwood ad before Heroes? It amused me.

Poor Sylar getting stabbed, at least he's alive.... in the sewer. Ok, Nathan and Peter's mum is wrong when she says 'no one can stop it'. The Haitian could've. Where was he? Poor Hiro, stuck in time... again. From the little Season 2 preview thing it looks like it makes him evil.

I want Season 2 now damnit.

I was going to finish fic last night, but I fell asleep in bed ater Heroes. Damn back. Still, I did over a week of posting fic daily and Heroes meant I didn't write as much as I'd normally do.

Though yesterday, since I came back, was spent mostly in bed so I didn't do as much as I normally would anyway. Regardless, I'll have something done tonight. Most likely the fic for fastbetty31. I haven't looked at 5 Dreams and I will this weekend. The other fic I'm on is Sean/wiL and I'm not doing so well with it. Once I get into it I'll be fine though.

The next part of Plaything will likely be tomorrow, I just want to be sure I want to do Matt's part now before I start it. If not Matt, then it'd be Omar, but Omar's part isn't planned properly, while Matt's is. I guess I could do Sean or Padge's instead though.


I might do a poll later. Unless people would say here instead in a comment, which'd help.

I'll be posting on mychemicalslash again as soon as it's sorted. part of me's nervous and part also doesn't give a fuck. It's odd.

So today I'm out all day. Up till 1 at the stupid course place, from 1 onwards at Walsall then seeing nan. I'll be back around 5 I think.

Looking at the poll, most of the pairings have something vague planned for them and I did the poll to see how much they were wanted. The pairings with 5+ votes I'll try and do something before Christmas. Especially Mikey/William Beckett (which everyone seemed to want :P). I have been meaning to do a Patrick/Pete and... well, I'll go through the rest and make a post about it when I return. Tentacle porn will probably be a two parter or a standalone, I'm not sure which yet. No one specified who they'd want Matt Cortez or Brian Schechter with which is a problem.

I do know though that some people mightn't have known who was who, but sorting pics would've take so long. Also even the lesser voted ones will get something done, cause from experience I know that the oddest pairings are something that someone, somewhere, would absolutely adore. Plus people will end up reading them anyway so...

Anyway, this is where I beg people again for Christmas fic. It doesn't have to be Christmas themed but if anyone would do one, I'd love em even more.

Fics I'd love:
*Anything with Jay in
*Anything with the Leone twins in
*Anything with Robb Flynn in
*Whore!Matt Tuck
*Any Bullet porn really
*Ian being a puppy
*Guys with boobs
*Tentacle porn
*Ray being a dom or a sub (so kinky Ray porn basically)
*Worm porn
*Bob porn
*Jepha porn
*Anything with Hiro

Edit: I'm gonna be late today, cause my I-pod decided it'd be a good idea to be all screwy. Sigh. Still, we don't really start till half past anyway, so no big loss.
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