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Is the drug for me


And I don't haave to pay for it cause mum got it for me. She's got her uses sometimes. *puts it on now* Also have an advent calandar. Though it's only Celebrations, I still have 5 days to open. Score.

I had a dream last night about Ray being a porn star. Sometimes I love my subvoncious.

Last night was spent writing and watching Will And Grace, which I've done a lot lately. I watched all of series 5 over the past 3 days. I also researched Mars.

Tomorrow it's seeing nan and going to Walsall to get stuff. Yay stuff! If I can find my wallet that is.

CV writing is hard and annoying. I'm glad we didn't end up doing much of it. Huzzah! I've got the main bits covered. I think. BAH! CV's suck.

I got Kerrang today. And the new Rock Sound. I'll cover that later, Kerrang first.

So what's in this week's Kerrang?
*An interview thing with the second hottest one from Elliot Minor (they're doing a tour too and I'm pondering going)
*Bert's kissing a guy but I can't tell who
*There's an interview with The Used... must Dan always wear a hat? Bert has worn dresses (and makes out like he has a lot) and also went to bed in one and woke up naked. Insert X-Files theme here
*Oli likes Sonic and is 'easy'
*Now the posters, three are good (Charlie, Matt from Muse and Gerard looking gay) but there's one of Lyn-Z. Again she pisses me off. Like in the last Rock Sound, there's a full page ad for their cd and it has the MCR logo on the page. Using Gerard for publicity much? I'd burn it but it's on the back of Gerard
*Oh Matthew. There's a gorgeous picture of him. Seriously, it should be a poster. Fuck his eyes. He's just... guh. I hope they do more posters.
*I must find City Sleep's album
*Next week's the readers poll (CRAP! I didn't vote wah!) and there's a poster of Robb and gerard and Mikey. gerard looks happy and has a cig. Mikey's busy with his bass

So what's in this month's Rock Sound? (I've only scanned it briefly sso...)
*Well, the cover has Matt Tuck on the front, so that only made me grab it
*There's also an MCR calandar that's the shoot of the big MCR poster. I hate that Bob keeps that had on the whole time:( I get Bob for my month though so yay! I don't know which month is best yet.
*Contents page: Matt on his knees looking perdy
*I disagree with their top 75 albums of 07. Where's Madina? The Blackout? Why's Fightstar 47?
*There's a round-up of bands to watch. One is Lostprophets (where's Ilan) and Ian's wearing what look like mitt's. Do you want me to make you a puppy for a third time Ian? Spencer looks so perdy, so does Ryan. Stubble doesn't suit Brendon, though Jon looks decent again. YAY!
*Then it's Bullet and Matt just has to be on his knees in the first group shot. The others are just standing there, arms crossed. Jay looks so hot. And when did Moose's tattoo get extended? Jay has to look all seductive. And Matt has to scream like he's just being fisted. In the last group pic all their hands are at the flies (especially Padge), cept Matt. (please do a: a big poster and b: post the scans online Rock Sound).

So yeah, Rock Sound is awesome.

I'm going to go in a few to check some stuff that's come and move some things, then be back writing. Once X is finished. I'll look at poll later, like iw as gonna do last night, and I'll be watching the finale of Heroes from 9 so I might be sporadic replying.
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