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Plaything Part 6

Pairing: Jay James/Ray Toro, Ian Watkins/Spencer Smith
POV: Ian
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, slavery
Notes: I planned this part out a few days back (before the Ian part) so here it is. Next part is possibly going to be Matt's
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface
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6: Jay

I buried my tongue deep inside his ass, my hands holding his cheeks open. He was groaning loudly, mumbling inhoherently as I slurped at his hole. I'd been down here for about an hour now, breaking off tounging him a few times to kiss and lick at his cheeks and cleft. In that time he'd shit into my mouth, which I'd devoured then spent the next five minutes cleaning him completely and came, which made me divert from his ass to lick the fluid from his chest. I buried my tongue deep within him, my stud rubbing against his slick walls. He tasted so good, better then I'd thought.

He crawled away from my invading tongue, panting softly as he turned to lay on his back. "Fuck you're amazing little one." He petted the bed beside him and I crawled up until I was beside him. He wrapped an arm around my waist, leaning in close to me. "I'm glad I picked you."

I grinned proudly, snugglng up to his strong chest.


The next few days passed by quite quickly. The day after I rimmed him, Master filled my bowl with meat while he was gone. Fuck it tasted so good, I wanted more. He seemed even more pleased with me when he returned that day. He even fed me again. The next day he released me from my leash and gave me another bowl too. This one was filled with his shit. On neither day did he have news for me about my friends, though he assured me that that was good news.

Now it was the three days since the hour long rimming session and he was at the chest of drawers, pulling items from it. I'd already given him his morning blow job and drank his hot piss and as soon as he recovered he was out of bed there. "Now little one, you must be on best behaviour today. I'm having a guest over. I know you're a very good boy anyway, but today you must be extra good ok?" He turned to face me, licking his lips. "If you do, I'll give you a new toy that you must use every day." I nodded in afirmation and he returned to me with the items he'd gotten. I gazed over there. There was what looked like a gag, though it was a black plastic cock instead of a ball. There was also a large butt plug with straps and a cock ring. I moved onto all fours to allow him to put it inside me and he pushed the butt plug deep into my ass. I groaned loudly, feeling the straps tighten around me, the ring snapping around the base of my arousal. I ached into his touch, his fingers stroking my breasts gently before leaving. "Open." I opened my mouth for him and took the shaft down my mouth suckingly it lightly as it was strapped tight around my head. He kissed my forehead lightly, attaching a new leash to my collar and lead me off the bed and out the door for the first time in days.

The corridor was largely white, the walls covered in either large, bleak paintings or smaller frames with the same sort of tan paper as was in his wardrobe. I hadn't asked him about that yet, maybe I should later. He opened a door, pulling me int what appeared to be a living room. A large, red u-shaped couch took up the center of the room, it angled towards a large, wide screen tv. I guessed it was so he could have friends over to watch... whatever. I guessed it was for films like Rou's. Master lead me to the couch and I noticed that there were strange, rubber protrusions on the floor. He moved me towards them, sling my hands into the front two, securing the in places by leather straps before doing the same to my feet. I was now immobilised, on all fours, like a table. I thought it was strange how I didn't seem to mind at all. He unclipped the leash from me, tossing it on the couch before going out of sight, the sound of a doorbell clear.

"Ray!" I heard an unfamiliar voice say and I guessed the front door wasn't far from here. Now my Master had a name at last.

"Spencer, it's been far too long." I heard a sound the sounded like a hug between them.

"I bought you something, here." I heard the door slam and footsteps approach me. In came.my Master, holding a large retangular object, obviously the gift. Behind him came Spncer, who looked much younger then my Master. He had a black and lilac set of swirls over the left cheek of his rounded face. He was slightly chubby under his t-shirt and didn't look as muscular as my master. I noted the elash in his hadnd, which indicated he had a boy of his own.

My eyes returned to my Master as he pulled the paper off the present Spencer had bought. He gazed over the item, which looked like a canvas, his eyes widening."Fuck, is this real?"

"Yep. A Gerard original."

"Shit, this must have cost you a fortune, Spence." He turned and smiled at him, before planting a kiss on his non-decorated cheek. "Thanks so much."

"Oh it was nothing. Worm owed my husband, so I got it for much less then it's worth. But you would've been worth it anyway." Spencer smiled at him, combing his hand through his hair. He was married? He looked far too young to be.

Master smiled, walking to the wall and resting the painting against it. I could just about make it out from my position and I was sure that's why he chose there to put it. It was of the Eiffel Tower, partial damaged but on the moon. Personally I didn't see what the big deal was about it. But often with art it was the artist not the painting that seemed to matter. Or maybe there was something special about it that I just wasn't seeing. Spencer came towards me, flicking his tongue over his lower lip. "And this must be your new toy you've been raving about." I felt myself blush. He was raving about me to his friend? I felt his eyes gaze over me. "I see why you chose him. Nice and sturdy. And I know you like guys with tattoos."

Master grinned at him, gesturing for him to sit. "He has a tongue stud too, remember." If I could, I'd be grinning. "Now why don't you show off your boy."

Spencer moved round the couch as Master did the same. I saw Master sit but kept my eyes on Spencer, curious as to his boy. The boy had a collar around his throat, with a black leather hood on his head. His body bore tattoos that were familiar to me slightly. His hands didn't have any fingers or thumbs. Clearly he'd had different surgery to me. Spencer undid his hood, pulling it off his head to reveal him to us. If I didn't have the dildo with in my mouth, I'd have gasped. beneath the hood, with new, pointed furry ears was the head of Ian. His eyes widened in recognition as he saw me, his cheeks flushing in shame at his appearence. "Perfect! They know each other." I heard Spencer and Ray laugh softly and Spencer knealt before me. "Will you help your little friend?" I looked at him curiously, nodding. "Does he have a boyfriend?" I nodded again, everyone knew about him and Sean. I'd caught them in the toilets once, Sean suckling on Ian's shaft and palming his balls. Fuck that was hot. I'd jacked off to the sight of it. He nodded and looked at Ray for a moment. "Is it one of your other friends?" I nodded again.

Ray came into my eyeline with the list of my friends. Moose's name crossed off. "Point to him with your nose." I point to Sean's name as best i could and he smiled. "Sean?" Again I nodded and they both left my line of sight. "His names Sean Smith, just like your last name used to be. Any relation?"

"Not that I'm aware of. Know anything about what's happened to him?" I heard Spencer's voice, gazing at Ian. His eyes were on the floor. I groaned around the gag as I felt Spencer's booted feet rest on my back.

"All I know is that the buyer's initials are PS." I felt Ray's bare feet on my ass. "But I haven't had chance to find out if it's who I think it is."

"I'll look into it." I glanced at Spencer, seeing him turn to look down at Ian, stroking his hair. "If you be a good puppy for me, then I'll buy him for you." Ian seemed to brighten at those words, letting out a soft bark and licking Spencer's palm happily. "Hey Ray, can my puppy fuck your slut later?" Ian gazed at me, but he didn't seem to object to those words. In fact I could see the lust creep into his eyes. I resisted the urge to tremble, not wanting to upset the feet on my back. I'd only ever seen Ian give a look like that to Sean and it made me slightly nervous.

"Sure." I heard my Master's reply, turning my head to look at him. He ahd a smile on his face and I could see the bulge in the jeans he had earlier. Well, if it pleased my Master, I'd do it. It wasn't as if Ian wasn't attractive or anything either. I assumed that I'd not have a choice, but I didn't mind. My ass twitched around the thick plug inside me.

"Good." I turned my head to Spencer, watching as he slid a cigarette between his lips and lit it quickly with a lighter, smoke drifting from the tip as soon as it was. A few seconds later he blew out a cloud of it, handing the pack to my Master. I didn't see him light up, but felt Spencer's boots press harder against my back. I could see him smirk at me as he did so. He blew more smoke from between hiis shiny lips, gesturing at me. I wondered why he wasn't in my position, since he was so young and looked like he could service a guy or two. "So, he's better then the last one?"

"Very much so. He's not as feisty and hasn't put up a fight, much less tried to escape." I felt his bare feet rub against my ass, his voice filled with a level of pride. "He's a good boy, a real natural slut. Not like Frankie." He said the name with a degree of spite.

"He seems like it." Spencer smiled, the heel of one of his boots digging into my skin. "Still, you have his tattoos at least." So that's what those tan things were. They weren't drawings on paper at all, like I'd thought, but this Frankie's tattoos. I wondered how many he had scattered around. "I still remember watching you kill him. It took you such a long time because you wanted each tattoo removed perfectly." My eyes widened at his words. For some reason I'd not thought my Master was capable of killing, despite his obvious strength. It made me scared of him, despite how kind he'd been to me so far. Spencer seemed to notice my fear and smirked at me again.

"Oh, I won't do it with this one." Master replied and I felt one of his strong hands on my back, strocking my spine. "He's far too obedient and pretty to slaughter like that."

"I guess we'll see." Spencer didn't seem too convinced by Master's words, though they'd certainly calmed me. He leaned forward, blowing out a last cloud of smoke, removing the cigarette from his mouth for the last time. I gasped against the gag, aching forward so my breasts brushed against the floor, as he extinguished it on my back. I felt it burn into my skin, pain coursing through my body at the feeling. Master followed suit, doing the same on my left ass cheek, causing my body to tremble. I'd probably have yelped if I was able. I sucked the dildo to take my mind off it, squeezing my eyes shut.

I felt my Master move his feet from my ass then his fingers work on the straps holding the plug inside me. Once they were undone, he pulled the plug out of my hole steadily, setting it on the floor beneath me. I felt it's sticky end rub against my belly. "Puppy, he's ready for you." I opened my eyes slightly as Spencer's booted feet left my back. I saw him reach down and undo the leash attached to Ian's collar. As soon as it was undone, Ian started coming towards me. He tried to look between his legs to see how big he was, but couldn't tell. He moved behind me and I felt his 'paws' on my shoulders as he mounted me. I felt his cock between my legs and it felt... different. Not like any cock i'd felt before. It felt strangely sticky and not just the head, the whole length did. He pushed inside me with relative ease due to the plug having spread me open. His sticky length pushed deep inside me, the tip hitting my spot hard. He started thrusting roughly inside me, making both my cock and ass ache. I could see Spencer and my Master lay back to watch, their cocks out and hands slowly working their dicks.

Ian was at my neck, his tongue lapping at my sweaty skin as he rammed into me, harder each time. His tongue moved from my neck to my tattoo, tracing his soft flesh over my inked skin. What was everyone's fixation with it? I purred around the shaft in my mouth, my tongue subconciously tailing over it's plastic surface. I knew it wouldn't give me anything, but still I sucked.Ian was thrusting hard and deep inside me and I wondered how long it would take me to cum if I wasn't ringed. I probably would have done by now. One of his paws left my shoulder, moving under me to rub at my tits. I groaned around the dildo in pleasure, feeling it spray something into my mouth. I couldn't really taste what it was due to how deep it was, but I guessed it must be Master's piss. I swallowed every drop of it, looking at Master who was smirking at me, clearly knowing what had happened. His hand slipped out of his pocket, reaching to fondle his heavy sac.

I felt Ian expand inside me, seconds before filling my body with his hot cum. I saw Master's cock shoot at the same time, wishing my lips were around his shaft instead of thhis dildo. Ian pulled out of me quickly, licking down my spine and inserting his tongue in my full ass. Again I moaned, feeling his tongue exploring deep inside me, scooping out his seed and returning to his mouth every few seconds. Spencer was stood in front of me now, his hand now moving at a frenzied pace. I kept my eyes on his movements, watching and waiting for him to explode. He did only when Ian had finished his task and moved away from me. Spencer's load landed over all my face and hair, smearing against my cheek.

I panted softly, even though I hadn't cum it felt like I had. I felt like a slut with semen on my face. The next few minutes were a vague blur, but I watched as Spencer clipped the leash back on Ian left. My Master dissappeared with them, but then returned and slowly undid my restraints. He led me back to the bedroom, where I climbed onto the soft matress. He sat beside me, undoing both the cock ring and my gag, setting them on the bedside table. "You were such a good boy today." He smiled at me, stroking my sweat-slick body. "I'll get what I promised."

He left the room, leaving me alone to think for a few moments. At least I now knew Ian was alive and alright. That was something. And Spencer didn't seem to bad a master for him. At least he wanted to reunite him with Sean. I smiled as Master returned, carrying a strange black object. He set it on the floor and I came closer to it to look at it. It had two large, round indentations which had a hole in the center of each of them. beneath I could see tubing, which linked to the black square base. One side of it was see-through, but it was empty. To one side, there was a small tap. "Do you know what this is little one?" He smirked at me as he said that.
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    I started an MCR/bandom ship discord a few months ago. If anyone wants to join it’s here. It’s 18+ so please don’t join if you’re younger and all…

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    This is gonna be my last post I make here. (Well that’s the intent anyway, who knows?) I basically did the repost of stuff as a courtesy to…