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He is the traitor

My comp sucked last night, cause the mosue batteries died and the ones I set aside for it have vanished. Bah.

I've still lost the remote.

About the bandom award thing that's going on right now. I don't expect any votes. I mean, you can if you want, but since I've retreated to this journal I'm not expecting anything.

Today's eben, eh. Not as bad as I expected so that's something. The Job Centre still haven't paid me the money forom last month they were meant too. I have to have a go.

The whole thing today could've been just this morning. It was mostly paperwork/going over stuff. I ended up drawing stars on my leg. Not hot guys in the group, but at least I'm not the oldest there. Yay.

We did numeracy and literacy tests. I got 50/50 on one and 70/72 on the other. I think I might've been the best one there.

Least the other days are only mornings.

I got some magazines at lunchtime. I got two Radio Times's. This weeks with Hiro on the front and the Christmas one with Kylie. I also got Sci-Fi Now (yeah, put Kylie and Sylar on the front, you may as well have wrote buy me in neon lights on it) and Rock Sound. I got Rock Sound two days before it changes till next months. In it there's Matt being adorable and Pete picking his nose. He's odd. And there's The Used/BMTH. I'm curiously listening to one track on it's cd, by a band called Wolves In The Throne Room. SO far, me likes it.

I pondered getting Drummer magazine cause it's got Madina's drummer in. Dan's hot. I need to do something with him.

I won't get Metal Hammer if I see it cause it's Avenged. Bah Avenged. Cept Zacky, he's perdy.

Did anyone know there's Bullet shoelaces? I'd get them if my shoes weren't slip on's.

Why did I have to have a Saw 4ish dream last night? I blame remembering it randomly.

I should be getting X Thursday. It makes me tetchy I haven't got it yet. I wanna hear!

I'm gonna go reply to comments now. Then lay down cause I'm tired and wanna rest. I might write later, I'm not sure yet.

Minor Edit: From the poll, who'd people like to see tentacled?
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