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Plaything Part 5

Pairing: Ian Watkins/Spencer Smith
POV: Ian
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, slavery, sick
Notes: This part's shorter then the rest I think.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface
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5: Ian

Why was I in a room with a bright light over me? That was my first thought when I opened my eyes. My second thought was perhaps more important. Where's Sean? I turned my head from side to side, but before I could get a clear view of the people in the beds beside me, everything went black.


I awoke in a cage. Immediately I woke, trying to push at the bars on either side of me to get out. After a few minutes of trying I stopped, realising how foolish I was being. I looked through the bars of the cage, seeing I was in a fairly nondescript room. I thought for a moment, considering calling out for help. Then again, if I made noise I might attract the person who'd caged me in the first place. I bit my lip and decided to look over my body instead, wondering why my hands, crotch, throat and head were aching. First, I looked at my hands in turn and my eyes instantly widened at the sight. Gone were all of my digits. Stiches held skin over the places where they would have been, leaving my hands just smooth and featureless.

I wanted to scream, but all that came out was loud bark. I tried to speak again, but all I got was another bark. What the fuck had happened to me? I looked down between my legs, neding to know if the ache there meant something had happened to that too. My cock looked different and seemed to be hidden within my body, but at least it was still there. If I wasn't in this cage I could get a better view. It was then that I felt something soft brush against my legs. I tried to see what it was exactly, but couldn't. It felt like fur.

I heard the door in the room open and looked up, seeing someone head towards me. I could only see their legs, which were wearing a pair of jeans. The figure knealt down in front of me and I saw his face. He had a round, smiling face with a series of swirls tattooed on his left cheek. His jeans were the only item of clothing he was wearing and his stomach was slightly tubby. "Hello my pet."

I gazed at him, blinking at him. I wanted to know where sean was, but when I tried to ask I just barked, which made him grin. "Good puppy." He reached for the cage's lock, undoing it and opening the door. I instantly moved out, the cage's height forcing me to crawl into the room. Again I felt that soft feeling between my legs but tried to ignore it. I looked at him as he spoke again and I could he was a boy, younger then me. "Now, I'm sure if you could talk you'd have many questions for me. What have you done to me? Who are you? Where are my friends?" He gazed into my eyes, stroking my cheek lightly. "First, I've done nothing to you yet, but the surgeons have altered your body just a tad, so you're now like a puppy." He grinned at me, reaching down to stroke my hands. "They turned your hands to paws, altered your cock so it's now like a dog's, changed your ears, added a cute little tail and made sure you could only make dog sounds." So that's what was between my legs. Fuck. "Second, I am your owner. That is all you need to know. Third, I don't know. I don't really much care to know either. If you had a boyfriend and he's among them then he's now owned too." Fuck, Sean. "If he's still capable of speech I'm sure he'll be calling for you. If you're a good boy and I hear the call, i'll klet you see him."

I hoped Sean could talk, I was worried about him now, more then before. "Right, some rules. From now on, you have to remember that you are a dog now, not a man. You're not allowed to do anything a man would do normally. Like stand on two legs." He stood and gestured around himself. "This is your room. It is where you'll be spending most of your life. As you can see, there's not much here now, but as time goes buy I'll reward you by adding things like chew toys at first." I looked around the room, noting that there was a large dog bed, a pair of bowls and a litterbox all of them a pale lilac. He was treating me like a dog, why was there a litterbox? "Ah, I see your confusion. The litterbox is so you don't piss or shit on the floor. Now, over the next few days you'll be learning to become an obedient puppy. As well as doing things a dog does, you'll also be sucking my cock, licking my ass and getting fucked." He chuckled softly to himself. "Although some dogs do perform those activities for men. Now, you will learn to be an obedient puppy for me by the end of the week. I'm taking you to show a friend of mine and if you show me up there'll be major consequences." He growled threateningly, making me cower from him. He scared me, despite his youthful appearence. "However, if you be a good boy, you might be able to put that new cock of yours to use." He ran his hand through my hair lightly. "Do you understand me?"

I nodded and barked again, guessing I had no choice. If I ran, what could I do? I couldn't talk and I had no idea if what they'd done was reversable or not. I wished I could see Sean again. Even if it was just to kiss him goodbye and hear his voice again. I hoped I could hear his voice again.

"Good puppy." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a leather collar, bending down and securing it tight around my neck. I saw it had a shiny tag, which had my name on it. "There, perfect." He smiled at me, stroking the tag gently. "Now this is pure silver, so don't mess it up." i nodded slightly and he smiled, walking over to an armchair in the corner of the room, settling into it. "Now, come puppy."

I slowly made my way over to him, crawling along the carpeted floor. He was doing his jeans, opening his fly and pulling out his cock. I saw a flash of silver as he did so, noting a ring on his ring finger, but I thought nothing of it and kept coming to him. "Good boy." He petted my head gently when I arrived between his spread legs. His cock wasn't as long as mine, but it had more girth. I took a deep breath and opened my mouth wide, to take him, but he gripped my hair and forced me down his shaft. I almost choked around him in surprise. I wasn't used to sucking cock and I had a shitty gag reflex. I closed my eyes and tried to relax, but still gagged when it hit the back of my throat. He held my hair tight, moving my head along his length roughly. "Fuck puppy, have you never sucked dick before?" He moaned above me, clearly liking the feeling of my throat contracting around him. I was thankful he was moving fast, cause if he wasn't I'd probably throw up over him. He gripped my head tighter, ramming my head down on his dick. I felt him hit a spot at the back of my throat which made my body squirm. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to control my body. I could taste the bile at the back of my throat. I wanted to beg him to stop, but he kept ramming my head down on his cock. I hoped he'd cum soon, tears starting to fill my eyes from the taste.

He slammed me down one last time and I felt my mouth fill up from both directions simultaneously. From my throat came a flood of vomit, the taste of which burned the back of my tongue. From his cock came spurts of cum. He let me go then, my sick fountaining out over his cock and exposed belly. I panted softly when it was done, glancing up at him and expecting some form of punishment for covering him in vomit. Instead, he smirked down at me. "Seems like puppy isn't the expert cock sucking whore that he looks like." He stroked my hair lightly. "You'll learn. Now, lick my body clean of your filth." I looked at him, my eyes wide at his request. He couldn't be fucking serious. "Do it puppy, or I'll plug up your ass and not feed you for days." I could tell by his tone he was, so I reluctantly extended my tongue and licked the acidic fluid up. It tasted foul and I wasn't sure I could take it all. I licked his cock clean then moved to his stomach. Thankfully this sick had his seed mixed with it and the salty taste took the edge of it, making it bearable. There wasn't any bits of food like normal sick, since I'd been unconcious during the surgery for fuck knows how long. Satisfied, he pushed me back. "Very good puppy. If you keep this up, you'll make me proud." His words made me unconciously wiggle my ass, causing the tail to brush against me.

He stood up from the chair, zipping himself up and going across the room. He emptied out some dog food into one of the bowls, turning at me and smiling. "This is your food bowl, I'll fill it two to three times a day. The other one has water and piss. Your litterbox will only be cleaned once a week. If it's full before then, you'll have to eat the contents." I shivered at the thought, hoping I wouldn't need to. He smiled and came over, patting my head. "Eat up, I'm sure you're hungry." I crawled to the bowl, taking a bite and chewing curiously. It tasted better then the vomit, but only marginally. I swallowed the contents of my mouth and looked back at him. "You'll get used to it, don't worry."

He came over and petted my ass lightly. I smiled a little, then watched as he left the room, hearing the door lock behind him. I resumed eating the dog food, just to get rid of the taste in my mouth. I hoped he'd be less rough next time. I also hoped he'd make me lick his ass instead, since that would be much more easier on me. I gazed down at the now half-empty bowl in front of me. This was my life now, such as it was. Being made to give a guy younger then me head until I threw up, then licking his body clean. I felt completely useless. I shook my head, resuming eating until the bowl was clean. At least he fed me.
Tags: fic, ian watkins, ian watkins/spencer smith, lostprophets, panic! at the disco, slash, spencer smith
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