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Plaything Part 4

Pairing: Jay James/Ray Toro,
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, slavery, scat
Notes: This part's fairly tame (compared to the last two) as it's about Jay adjusting really. The next part is planned out (as is the one after it) and part 4 it shall be about Ian.
And yeah, I said I'd do 5 Dreams but block's still there for it, which kinda sucks cause I'd hoped to finish it weeks ago.
A new archive post is forthcoming.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface
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4: Jay

I sighed contentedly, watching my Master as he left the bed. He was so beautiful and his ass was such a perfect curve. I wanted to bury my face between it and lick his cleft for hours. "I'm going to be gone for a few hours little one, so you be a good boy for me." He opened a closet door and knelt down, pulling a pair of bowls from a mini-fridge within. I gazed at the black, plastic bowls which matched the litterbox as if they'd come in a set. The first one was filled with dark brown, slimy chunks of dog food and the other was filled with what looked like water. "These are your bowls, you'll eat and drink from them while I'm gone, understand?"

"Yes sir." He smiled, placing it on the floor by my litterbox.

"If you eat all your food and keep your litterbox clean and I'll get you better food. I understand you may get bored while I'm gone." He returned to me, combing his hands through my dark hair gently. I leaned up into his hand, purring softly. I wondered why I craved his touch so much. Was it a form of Stockholm Syndrome, had he given me drugs or was I really liking his touch? "You may watch Tv, however you cannot jack yourself off." When I let out a soft whimper he smiled at me. "But you can fondle your tits all you want."

I nodded, reaching up to do just that, cupping the soft flesh in my hands. "Like this sir?" He nodded, licking his lips at the sight, his cock twitching slightly with arousal.

"That's it pet, keep exploring your body." I kept rubbing the skin, purring at my gentle touch and he turned back to the open wardrobe, pulling out some clothes and laying them on the bed in front of me. I watched as he pulled on another leather pair of trousers, different to those he'd worn during our first encounter, the black material covering his crotch. He pulled on what looked like a band tee and the material clung tightly to his body. "Now, like I said, I'll be a few hours. Remember, you can't leave this room." He stroked my leash for emphasis. "And also, remember to eat all your waste."

"Yes sir." I nodded quickly, mentally vowing to do both while he was gone.

"Good, little one." He bent over me and kissed my forehead lightly, reaching down to stroke my tits for a few moments making me sigh in pleasure. "Now, I really have to go." He released the sensitive skin, turning to go. I watched as he left and he blew a kiss before opening the door and slipping out, leaving me alone for the first time. I glanced at the clock that hung above the door, which was black and shaped like a snake eating it's own tail. The time, according to the glowing hands, was almost 1:30pm.

I wondered how long he'd be gone exactly. His time of hours was too vague and I wondered what he was doing. I closed my eyes, my mind coming up with images of what he could be doing. Working in an office somewhere? Gutting a boy? Seeing a friend? Maybe he was using those contacts he mentioned to find out about my friends. I hoped they were ok, though I knew there was a chance they might be dead, just like that boy I saw earlier. Perhaps, out of the nine of us, I was the best off.

When I opened my eyes again I realised I'd been lost in thought for half an hour. I bite my lip, thinking what to do to pass the time. My hands instantly moved back to my chest, stroking at the soft skin. I loved the feeling of them being touched and wondered if that was natural. Although my inital reaction to them was shock I now kinda liked them. Sure, I hadn't gotten used to the extra weight on my chest and I wanted to see what I looked like in a mirror, but I'm sure I'd do both in time. I gazed at the wardrobe, wondering if it had mirror afixed to the inner door. I hopped of the bed, going over to open the doors curiously. The left door, instead of having a mirror, had a frame that contained a drawing of a pair of swallows with the stylised word and in between them, on jagged tanned paper. Such a strange thing to have on a wardrobe door. I shook my head and turned to the other, smiling as I saw a mirror. I pulled the door open fully and stepped in front of it, gazing over my new body. It was strange seeing my body for the first time with my new breasts. Only now, in my reflection, did I realise how large they really were. Sure, they weren't scarily huge like some models, but they were... ample. I smiled to myself, running my hands over them once more, watching as I did so, my cock twitching. I wondered why he hadn't given me a pussy to go with the tits. Maybe he would in the future. I turned my body, so I could view them in profile. I licked my lips, shivering slightly at the sight. It was strangely arousing.

I stopped groping myself and glanced at the clock again. Another half hour had past. I stepped back, pushing the doors shut so i could stop looking at myself. My stomach rumbled, signalling my desire for food. Fuck, when had I last eaten? I knelat down on the floor beside my bowl, staring at it's contents and sniffing. I'd eaten dog food once before, when Padge had gotten me so pissed I'd do anything he asked for more booze. That night I'd drank his piss, eat dog food and had his cock buried in my ass. After giving me laxative, so his length ended up covered in shit which he made me lick clean. As I thought about him, I realised that he'd used me in such a way more then just that once. Maybe he deserved whatever his Master was doing to him, whatever that was. I gazed at the bowl, leaning forward and taking a bite, chewing on the chucks and swallowing them quickly. It wasn't so bad really, it actually tasted quite good. I tookanother mouthful, then another, each time chewing and swallowing faster to satisfy my hunger. By the time I'd cleared the bowl, my stomach was calm and I extended my tongue, licking the plastic surface clean.

I gazed at the empty bowl, proud of myself for emptying it. I was sure my Master would be pleased for doing a good job. I bowled to the other bowl, lapping at the fluid within. It was definately not water. It was obvious that this was Master's piss, which he'd kept for me to drink. I kind of felt honored that he'd done this for me, which made me drink even more. It wasn't as strong as his morning piss, so I guessed it was from later in his day. As I lapped at the fluid, I wondered how fresh it was. Had he done it yesterday or earlier? Fuck, the thought of him pissing into this bowl, filling it up for me, was so hot. Once I'd emptied the bowl I sat back on my haunches and gazed at the clock.


I thought about turning on the Tv and seeing if anything good was on, but my stomach decided it was time to do something else. I crawled over to the litterbox, squatting over it and holding onto the sides as I pushed out. I closed my eyes, sighing as I pushed my shit out of my ass. I heard a soft sound as the first shit landed in the box and kept pushing, feeling more of it inside me. I felt the rest fall on top of the first piece and let out another sigh. I let go of the box, moving around to gaze inside it. There wasn't much there, probably from not eating for awhile, but the first one was about half the size of my hand. Again, I sniffed it, the smell making my cock twitch. I leaned down and took a small bite out of the pile, wanting to please my Master. Like the dog food, I quickly started gorging myself on my shit, swallowing each piece eagerly. I remembered I secretly adored the taste when I licked it from Padge's dick and still felt the same. I wondered how Master's would taste. I purred at the thought, the pile now gone. Again, I was proud of myself and I returned to the bed, climbing onto it and curling up. I glanced at the clock again.


Maybe I should watch Tv. I considered reaching for the remote, until I heard something outside the door. A few seconds later, the door opened and there was my Master. I beamed at him, almost yelling with glee. "Sir!"

"Hello little one." He smiled at me, coming towards the bed and glancing at my bowls and litterbox. "I see you've been a good boy and ate your dinner, drank my piss and ate your shit. You look beautiful with it smeared around your lips. I shall reward you later." He sat on the bed, beckoning me over with one of his hands. I came towards him, resting my head on his lap and curling up against him. His voice voice went soft when he spoke again, almost sad. "I've found out what happened to one of your friends today."

"Who sir?" I asked, leaning forward and kissing his stomach. I didn't like seeing him sad.

he combed his fingers through my hair as he spoke again. "Moose. He was bought by a man called Worm. Worm has two slaves of his own, that I know he doesn't want to give up so when he buys boys..." He shook his head slowly. "They have a short lifespan. He makes movies of them, fucking them and having his dog fuck them. Then, he kills them." I looked at him intently, realising what he was saying. He genuinely looked sad to tell me this. "Yesterday Moose's movie was made."

I nodded, shivering as I realised that Moose was dead and that his death would be watched by men everywhere, just like Rou's was. I wasn't that sad about I though. We were mostly drinking buddies, I didn't really know too much about him. He didn't really share anything with me, but then again, Padge was always dragging me off for a random blow job whenever he could. I realised there'd been a long silence, so decided to break it. "Thank you Master." I kissed his hand, gazing up into his eyes. "Have you heard any of the others?"

He shook his head slightly, causing his curly hair to sway from side to side. "Not yet. I know a few of them were also in for surgery the same time you were, though I don't know any details or names." He stroked my face lightly and i pressed my face against his crotch, kissing his bulge. He purred above me and I felt him twitch under the leather. As I undid his fly with my teeth I wondered who'd had surgery. I guessed whoever it was was getting breasts like me. His cock slapped me around the face as it was revealed, but I didn't care. I just leaned back and opened wide, taking him down my throat in one swift movement. I heard him groan above me, tightening my lips around him, rubbing my stud against his shaft. "Fuck, I'll have to give you that meat I got you tonight, instead of tomorrow like I planned." I smiled around him, suckling harder on him. I bought one hand up to rub his balls and trailed the other one up under his shirt, stroking at his belly and chest. I moved back, so just his head was between my lips, and tongued his slit which made him goan louder. His hand had stopped stroking my hair and was now tangled within my locks. I went back to deep throating him, occasionally coming up and repeating my action on his head every few sucks. He seemed to be content to let me set the pace, despite bucking his hips uncontrollably. It didn't take him long to cum from my actions and I swallowed every drop he had to offer when he did.

Once I had done, I pulled back from his softening cock, looking up at his sweaty, panting face. I waited a few moments for him to get his breath back before speaking. "Sir, can I eat out your ass?" He didn't reply, he just grinned and ruffled my hair. I was sure that meant yes and returned his grin.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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