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Sweet like blood

Today's been fairly. Productiveish. Kinda.

I've still lost my keys (and now the digibox remote too), my minds been thinking of ideas for parts of fic ahead of what I'm doing, I've been to see nan, got and read The Umbrella Academy 3 and got yummy coconut and chocolate biscuits.

So yeah, productiveish.

No money in the bank, so I guess it goes in Monday.

The bus driver was nice, he let me on even though I had the wrong tokens (which'll annoy mum cause she has a bag of them). On a later bus there was a bunch of people being really loud and annoying at the back. I hate buses.

I did some food shopping, but lost the list. Got another version of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit (for £4). I also set nan's room up with Christmas stuff.

Now I'm back, looking for the remote (though if I fail to find it it's no big loss I don't think) and am gonna write in a bit. I don't know what's made me uber-inspired lately to churn out a fic a day (especially for Plaything) but I like it.

I wonder why Gerard thanks Brian in the Umbrella Academy. Seems unusual to thank him, or am I being dense? I liked 3 though. Evil robots and blood are good. The guy that served me in Forbidden Planet was nice, but they're all nice there. I didn't go upstairs in it though cause I'd have wanted things (like the hot guy that works up there).

I don't have an advent calendar yet:( I normally have two and now I have none. Bah.

Since Christmas is coming would anyone like a card? E-mail address to willluvsgrace@aol.com. Since I lack money to get things for people (and pay for shipping) I'll probably resort to the cheap thing of just doing fic :P

You don't have to send me anything. (But fic would be nice.)

Bon soir.
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