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Plaything Part 3

Pairing: Worm/Moose, Moose/dog
POV: Moose
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, slavery, snuff, bestiality
Notes: What happens to Moose in this is entirely due to fastbetty31. Next part will be back to Jay/Ray.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface
Part 1
Part 2

3: Moose

My eyes flickered open and I let out a soft groan. I felt like I'd been hit by a truck, or Omar tackling me. I felt like I was in bed and as I checked my surroundings I could see that I was in some sort of hospital ward. There were other beds around me, the one to my left holding what looked like Jay's sleeping form. i tried to move, but was either strapped down, sedated of both. I couldn't really tell. "Jay." I whispered to him, trying to get his attention. He didn't move or respond, but I heard someone approach. Maybe it was a doctor that could tell me why I was here.

I heard him sigh. "First 4 now 7." I tried to look at them, but the light above me blinded me. We were probably here due to some drunken thing we'd done, maybe we'd had an accident. If so, where were Padge and Matt? I felt a needle piece my arm and started to feel myself drift off. "Think we should call?"

"No not yet..."


I stirred from my slumber, dreams of an accident having played in my mind all night. We'd driven into a tree. It had been Padge's fault, he shouldn't drive when he was drunk. Plus he was trying to grope Jay, which never was a good thing while driving. I opened my eyes, looking around the room. I was no longer in that hospital ward, instead I was in a bedroom, shackled to a bed. I shivered, my body naked and the bed's blanket laying under my prone form. I glanced down my body, blinking at the sight. Instead of my normal flat chest, I was confronted by a pair of tits. They weren't huge, but were definately noticeable. I leaned up to look beyond them and sighed in relief when I could see the head of my cock. At least I was still a man there. What was I now then? Had I signed up for a boob job while I was drunk? Or maybe Padge had decided it'd be a good idea to pump up my chest to look like I'd had one. If it was the former I'd get em removed, if the latter I'd kill him.

I looked around the room again, looking at the nondescript wardrobe, leather chair and drawers. I'd never been here before, so it wasn't any of the guys rooms. Maybe it was a recovery room of some sort... but why was I shackled? "Hello?" I recieved no reply, though I heard movement outside the door. "Is anyone there?" More movement, which sounded like pawing at the door. It sounded like a dog pawing to get in. Then it all went quiet outside.

I must have laid there, naked and cold on the bed for at least half an hour before the door opened. A large man stepped inside the room, his eyes looking me over as he did so. He was as naked as I was, only he lacked proper breasts and had tattoos covering hisbody, mostly on his arms. As he gazed at me, I saw his cock start to harden under his belly. "They did an excellent job with you."

"What do you mean?"

He laughed and shook his head slowly, licking his lips. "With your tits slut. They did an excellent job." He came over to me, reaching out and running his fingers over my soft skin. I shivered at his touch, surprised that the contact actually sent pulses of pleasure to my groin. "Definately." He chuckled, reaching down and stroking my twitching length. "And you seem to like them too."

"Wh... who are you?" I whimpered softly, my cock becoming fully erect at his touch. "What do you want with me?"

"My name." He smiled, a smile which made me tremble slightly. "Is Worm. People call me Big Worm, for reasons that will become apparent to you later." He smirked and it was obvious he was referring to his length. "And you, Moose, are mine. Mine to do with what I wish. For the rest of your short life you will no longer know freedom. In fact, you'll know pain and suffering. I'll make sure of that." He wrapped his hand around my cock and squeezed it almost painfully. I closed my eyes, feeling like the head of my shaft was going to pop off before he let go. I gasped in relief, letting my eyes open again to gaze upon him, my cock throbbing in pain. He just laughed at me, shaking his head at my reaction. "By the time I'm through with you, you'll end up begging me to just squeeze your cock until it bursts."

"Please, let me go..." I whispered softly, though I didn't hope for much. He didn't seem to be the merciful person.

He slapped me around the face, then punched me in the gut, making my body writhe on the bed in pain. "I'm not letting you go. In fact, I'll only release you from your bonds once your heart stops beating." I looked at him with teary eyes, desperately trying to get my breath back. He packed quite a punch. "Now, before then, there's someone I'd like you to meet." He bought his fingers to his lips and blew, making a loud, high pitched whistle sound. I heard footsteps from the doorway and watched as a large, black mastiff came into the room. The dog gazed at me, it's tongue running over it's lips as it did so, as if I was some sort of meal for it. Worm laughed again, kneeling beside the dog and stroking it's head lightly. "Oh he's been waiting for you Moose. You know, he wouldn't give Gerard his usual morning wake up call because he knew you were here. It's as if he's been saving himself for you."

I just looked at him fearfully. Fuck no, he wasn't going to make his dog fuck me was I? Perhaps make wasn't even the right word to use. Let seemed more appropriate, especially from the way the dog was still staring at me hungrily. "Wh... what's his name?"

Worm was still stroking the dog's head, using his other hand to hold onto the animal's collar, apparently to keep him from running over to me. "Sylar." He smiled at me, the dog making a low growl. Animals could sense fear and I was sure he was sensing mine. He sniffed the air and licked his lips again, pulling at Worm's grip. "And he likes fucking boys. And I can tell he really wants to fuck you." I shook my head, desperately not wanting him inside me. I'd much rather have Worm's large shaft penetrating me then his dog. He let go of the dog's collar and the large animal padded towards me, climbing up onto the bed. I struggled, trying to close my spread legs, but the shackles prevented me from doing so.

The dog climbed over me, his large, hairy body pressing against me. I felt his cock press against my hole. At least, I thought it was. I hadn't even seen a dog's cock, (despite Padge trying to make me watch a bestiality film he'd picked up) much less felt one. It felt different to a normal dick, much more sticky. The length pushed against my hole and I gave up struggling, knowing it was pointless. I closed my eyes, feeling his thick member enter me. My entrance opened up for him all too willingly, though his entry still made me moan in pain. He was bigger then I was used to and non-to gentle either. I groaned in pain as he slammed into me, his thick tongue lapping at my face. I felt my nose wrinkle as I smelt his dog breath, squirming under him. His paws clawed at my tits as he pulled out, before slamming his sticky length back inside me, causing me to cry out in pain. As I parted my lips, his tongue forced it's way into my mouth and I found myself making out with him. I wanted to bite down on the soft flesh, but I didn't, knowing he'd bite back and his teeth were much sharper then my own. I was forced to taste him, wincing at the taste of dog food and other things that I couldn't put my finger on.

Although I hated it, my cock was rock hard against him. He moved his tongue within my mouth, then used it to cover my face in his saliva, still thrusting his hardness deep inside me. I felt his slimy tongue cover my eyelids and I was thankful I still had them closed. His claws still pawed at my chest, making me cry out in pain when his sharp claws hit my nipples. I bucked up under him, my dick brushing against his fur as his own slammed harder inside me. That's when I felt something at the base of his cock, something that felt like a lump. With a whimper I opened my eyes, which was hard due to the saliva that coated them and tried to see what was going on. Of course, the dog's face was in mine and his tongue pushed back inside my mouth, silencing me from asking Worm what was going on. The lump forced it's way inside me and I cried again in pain as it entered me fully. He didn't pull out of me, his cock only wiggling inside me. It was as if that lump, which i was sure had expanded slightly, was keeping him teethered to my body. He pulled away from my mouth, licking my face again and growling low in his throat. I could feel blood on my chest from where his claws had broke the skin and whimpered as his heavy body moved against mine. My cock was still hard and aching, and I wished I would just soften like I should be. I was being raped by a dog, I shouldn't be so aroused. His thick cock was rubbing against my spot with every movement he made, which made me leak against his fur. Fuck, I was going to shoot my load over a dog.

I arched up against him, unable to stop myself as I came, my seed landing in his fur. I lay back, my hole twitching around his aching length, but that didn't seem to be enough to finally get him off. I looked at him, panting softly and hoping that I could somehow make him cum and end all this. Instead he scratched more at my body, breaking my skin again. "Please.... stop..." I begged him, but he just looked at me with his hungry eyes and licked my face and neck again, his shaft wiggling inside me. "Please just cum..." I whispered softly, squeezing my hole around him as best I could. With a soft howl, I felt him finally cum inside me, his seed splashing against my walls and filling me up. Unlike a guy though, he didn't stop after a few seconds. He kept going and going, pumping deep inside me. I felt like my stomach was going to explode. I didn't know how long it took for him to stop, but he did, the lump shrinking slightly. He slipped out of me and climbed off the ed, going to curl up at Worm's feet. I looked at my body, seeing the damage he'd done, the scars covering my chest and his semen pouring out my hole.

Worm stroked his dog's hair, before he came over to me and forced a thick butt plug into my ass, sealing most of the cum inside me. "Wh... what are you doing?"

"What's it look like slut? I'm sealing my dog's cum inside you so it won't leak everywhere." He smirked, stroking my sweaty belly, making me groan as he rubbed my fresh wounds. "I saw you enjoyed taking it from him. It's almost a shame I'm killing you, because you seem to be such a natural for taking dog dick."

I shook my head at his words, gazing up at him pleadingly. "Please don't kill me. I can take his cock as much as you want. Just please don't kill me."

He shook his head and waved a hand dismissively. "He already has two sluts for that, he doesn't need another. But don't worry, I'm going to turn your body into food for them." He let my side for a moment then returned a moment later, knife in hand. "Allow me to demonstrate." He slammed the blade through the knuckle of my left middle finger and I screamed in pain as it fell to the sheets beneath me. Worm chuckled, picking up my severed digit and tossing it to his dog. I watched with wide eyes as he picked up my finger and started gnawing at it. "He'll bury the bones outside later." Worm smiled at me, that same smile as before. He held the blade to my neck and I felt it's cold sharpness against my skin. Although I wanted to beg for mercy I decided it was best I didn't, since any movement I'd make would cause my throat to press against the blade. "Now, I could just slit your throat right now. make it easy for you, nice and quick. Since you pleased Sylar so well, I probably should. But then again, where would the fun be in that? After all, I haven't fucked your ass yet."

He moved the blade from my throat, setting it aside out of my sight. He moved between my spread legs, pressing his large body against my belly before pulling out the plug and replacing it with his huge cock. I groaned loudly as he slammed inside me, pushing his dog's load deeper inside me. He laid over me as he started thrusting, purposely crushing me with his weight. I squirmed under him as he licked at my neck, purring softly in my ear. "You know, your friends are all like you now to." He pulled out and thrust hard inside me at the end of that sentance, making me groan instead of reply. "Sure, some might have it better of then you and last through the night, but hey, some might be already dead. Then you'll have some company." He laughed against me, making my skin crawl. I wished he would just shut up, keep fucking me and then slit my throat when he was done. He leaned in even closer to me and whispered right into my ear, his voice low and soft. "You do know you'll be immortalized though? Everything that's happened to you has been filmed. Guys everywhere will be wacking of to the sight of you being screwed by my dog." My eyes went wide at his words and he moved back from my neck, placing his lips on mine, silencing any response I may have come up with.

Fuck I'd wanted to be famous, but not like this. Not like this. His tongue was exploring my mouth and I didn't have the will to clamp my jaw down. What would the point be, giving him a tiny bit of pain when he could hack bits off me? His balls slapped against my ass, his fingers trailing over my body, pinching my hard nipples. His lips left mine and he groaned in pleasure, his cock spurting inside me. He moved himself out of me a few moments later, replacing his cock with the plug instantly.

I sobbed softly as he moved up me again, sitting on my chest so his cock was in my face. I knew what he wanted me to do, his whole shaft was coated white and I knew it was most Sylar's. I opened my mouth, extending my tongue over his length and lapping at it. The dog's seed didn't taste much different to normal cum, except it was slightly stroonger. I looked up at him, his eyes looking back at me, a smirk on his face. I lapped him clean, one of his hands tangling in my hair to keep me still. Not that I could move away. I kept tracing my tongue over his softening erection, cleaning him of all the cum that covered it.

He let go once I was done, stepping off my body and picking up his knife again. I knew the end was coming. "Soon, Moose, it will all be over." He bought the knife down, cutting through my left shoulder. I screamed and watched him as blood sprayed over the tattoos on his arm, the red fluid covering them. I lost all feeling in my arm, knowing that now it was fully seperated from me. "I'll keep that star tattoo of yours." He nodded to my right elbow, where my own tattoo was. He circled the bed slowly, then used the blade to cut an outline around it slowly, cutting through my skin. Once he was done he slide the blade under the skin and used it to pull the tattoo off, leaving a star shaped section of muscle visible on my arm. He set the skin aside, stroking it with a smile. I trembled, feeling my face go pale as he moved to my shoulder, hacking it off in the same manner as my left. Again, I lost feeling of it, watching my blood stain the sheets.

He raised the knife to my throat, smiling down at me. "Would you like to die now?" I nodded, just wanting the pain to be over. He smirked, slashing my throat, blood pouring out over my tits. "You'll be dead in a good few minutes now." Fuck, death wouldn't come as soon as I hoped. He reached down, burying the blade into my thigh, slamming it through it. I whimpered softly, unable to make a louder noise as I watched him hack my leg off. Blood now covered his large chest and for some reason I found that strangely attractive. I shook the thought out of my mind, pain coursing through my body. He held onto my other leg, severing it from my body at the thigh. I was now just a torso and a head. He set the blade aside again, moving my legs and sitting on the bed. He reached between my legs, taking my cock in his hand again and squeezing tightly. I gasped, my body wiggling as he tightened his grip, even more so then before. I watched him, my vision becoming blurry as I lost blood. I felt my cock burst in his hand, vaguely seeing blood covering his chest.

I wished I'd done so many things. I wished I told the guys I loved them. I wished I hadn't drunk as much. I wish we hadn't gone to the bar we'd been at the last time I was with them. I wished I'd told Matt...
Tags: bestiality, bullet for my valentine, fic, moose, moose/worm, slash, worm
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