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Breathing's For The Birds

Ah Lj, you're so impossibly stupid I just want to slap you.

I've been singing and dancing a lot lately. It's not good for the environment.

Today I'll be seeing nan after lunchtime, but I should be back before anyone notices.

The next part of Plaything will be up tonight/tomorrow I think. It's definately Moose's part, so there'll be no poll. Might be one for part 6. Although I don't know how long it'll be definately, right now the working length is aout 18 parts (but that's just an estimate working on a part for each of Jay's friends and a Jay part between each one). I'll try and finish 5 Dreams tomorrow too, since there's only 2 parts left to that.

Cause I've got a working player I'll be watching a lot more stuff. Huzzah! I don't like it's positioning now, I might need to get a new, longer scart lead.

My MCR calandar for next year has been knocked down, so now there's a pin on my floor somewhere.

After 5 million tries, the Cobra Starship album finally downloaded right. I'll be listening to it later.

Right now I'll be going between Your Disco Needs You, Addicted and Eye Of The Storm on the player.

I'll upload The Blank Theory sometime tonight.

I really hope someone does a fic based on the Deathcar video. And fic with Jay in.

Edit: Due to loss of keys, I'll be going to see nan tomorrow instead of today. It's better that way, cause even if I find them now I wouldn't have much time with her.
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