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Plaything Part 2

Pairing: Jay James/Ray Toro, Rou Reynolds/Shannon Leto
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, slavery, snuff, urination
Notes: So originally part 2 was gonna be about on of Jay's friends, but it turned out like this instead, which I think is better. Part 3 will likely be about one of his friends but I'm not sure which yet (might do a poll for that since the other one went so well). Right now I'm leaning towards Moose though.
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface
Part 1

I awoke the next morning, rubbing my eyes before glancing around myself. The leash was still attached to the collar on my neck, there was still the black litterbox against one wall and I still had a pair of heavy tits. I groaned, leaning back against the floor, having hoped that it had all been a dream. I gazed at the bed, watching the chest of my owner rise and fall. I had no idea what I should do. Was I meant to go back to sleep until he wakes, or was I meant to climb onto the bed suckle his length?

Uncertain I just sat there, taking in the room I was in. Apart from the bed and my litterbox, there was a closet along the wall opposite from me and a flat screen Tv was on the wall in front of the bed, a chest of drawers under it that I assumed held dvds. My attention was returned to the bed when I heard a soft groan. He was clearly still asleep, having a dream that was apparently arousing him due to the tent in the bed.

I crawled closer to him, slowly climbing onto the bed under the cover. I moved between his legs in the darkness, whimpering softly as my breasts pressed against his legs. I took his hardness between my lips, closing my eyes as I swallowed his member. What had I become? I was sucking of a stranger who had paid money to buy me and give me tits. Yet I wasn't even trying to run from him, even though I had a chance now. In fact, my cock was twitching to hardness from sucking him. Maybe it was a sign I liked this deep down. That, or he'd done something to me. I heard him moan again above me and tightened my lips around his erection. I took a deep breath and took more of him down my throat, brushing my studded tongue against him as I did so. His hips bucked up at my actions, burying his full length completely down my throat. I reached up, stroking his hip as I moved my head up and down his length. I could feel him stir, but that didn't stop me sucking him. In fact, it just made me work harder to please him.

"Mmmm good boy." I felt one of his hands reach under the sheets and tangle in my hair, holding me down on his cock. As if I'd try to get away from it. I suckled on him, swiping my tongue over his slit to collect his precum every time my head was pulled back and squeezing my lips whenever his member was between them. He stroked my hair lightly, which urged me to go faster. Precum spilled against my tongue more with each movement of my head and I could tell he was close. His grip tightened on my hair, his hips pushing up and his cock expanding slightly as he came. I swallowed all he had to give me, lapping lightly at his leaking slit. "You're such a good boy, I'm so glad I chose you." He kept his fingers in my hair as his cock softened in my mouth. "And to think, some other guy could have had you and snuffed your little life out. What a waste that would be." I nodded, pressing my body against him, again glad he'd chosen me. He seemed to be fairly kind and had a great cock. Sure I'd have to eat my own shit and he'd probably hurt me sometimes but that was better then being ripped apart.

I felt something warm hit the back of my throat, my eyes flashing open as I realised what it was. He was pissing in my mouth. I didn't move back, just let his strong tasting fluid fill my mouth. Before it started to overflow, I swallowed, whimpering around him at the taste. I guessed I'd have to get used to taking his morning piss. I kept swallowing his fluid and he kept filling me up, his hand keeping my in place. I made sure not a single drop escaped my lips, knowing how he'd acted lest night with his cum and expecting him to be the same now. Though he'd probably be even worse, since this was his bed and not just his carpet. He let go of my hair and let out a contented sigh when he was finished. I gulped down the last of his fluid and let his soft, wet dick slip out of my mouth.

"You're such a good boy, coming into your Master's bed to give him head." His hand was on my shoulder, stroking my skin lightly. "You're far too pretty and talented to just be killed like an animal." I shivered at his words and felt him tug on my skin. "Come up here, I want you to see something." I crawled up the bed, until I was laying beside him. I felt one of his hands stroking my breasts. "Now, if you can be a good boy and watch what I'm going to show you, I will give you a pen and a piece of paper if you do. On that paper you will write the names of your friends and I will use my contacts to find out what happened to each of them. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir." I nodded and let out a soft purr as he cupped my tit in his strong hand, his fingers squeezing the soft flesh.

"Good boy." With his other hand he turned my face to the Tv, then used a remote on the bedside table to flick it on. The screen went from black to a darkened room, much like the one I'd woken up in yesterday. It was clearly a different room though. The lights came on, illuminating the body of a boy that lay on a bed in the middle of the room. His body was small, his hair was dark red and he looked like he was in his late teens at the latest. He wasn't wearing a single piece of clothing, not even a collar. He looked around the room, his eyes wide with fear. "His name is Rou, he was taken at a very young age." My Master spoke in my ear as the boy called for help. "He was used in porn where his youthful body would arouse men before they plowed into his tight ass." He struggled, trying to get off the bed, but his wrists and ankles were secured in chains that went under the bed. "I used him once. Maybe I'll show you one day." He stopped speaking just before a man stepped forward, his back to the camera.

Rou's face softened though and he stopped struggling. Clearly he knew this person. Perhaps it was his Master. His eyes still looked like they were begging for freedom and maybe he hopped that this man would release him from his bonds. I kept watching as the man approached his body, noting that there was a tattoo of the world on the top of his spine, his only recogniseable feature at this angle. My eyes widened as my eyes trailed down lower and I saw a knife concealed behind his back. "Master..." Rou spoke softly, his eyes on the man's body. "Why am I here? Is this another movie?"

"Yes my boy, this is another movie." Rou seemed to relax more, even parting his legs at those words. "Your last." That's when he moved the knife from behind his back. The camera zoomed in to Rou's crotch, which had to mean someone was behind the camera, controlling it to an extent. Rou's cock looked quite small as did his balls and I thought that maybe he'd been given drugs to keep him that way. The knife came into view again, the blade going straight through where Rou's balls connected with his body. I heard him scream in pain and saw the blood spray over his thighs. I didn't want to watch anymore, but I couldn't turn my head. It was like a car crash, I just couldn't look away.

I heard his Master chuckle, the blade being bought up again and going through Rou's cock at the base, his shaft dropping between his legs to join his balls. his was followed by another scream and more blood, the camera moving again to show the his severed genitals. His Master picked them up, the camera following him as he examined them in his hand, blood coating his fingers. After a few seconds the camera zoomed back out again, Rou's Master picking up Rou's cock in his other hand. "You'll eat this." He leaned over Rou's body, pushing it between his parted lips, using his hand to forced his jaw closed. I watched his face, tears filling Rou's eyes as he chewed on his length, his throat working to swallow it. His Master smiled, stood back up and looked right at the camera. His bown eyes looked right at the screen and I felt like they were looking right at me. "This is for you." He tossed Rou's sac at the camera, the soft flesh clearly meant for the person behind the camera. The camera didn't move, though I could tell whoever it was had taken it.

With a smile, the dark haired man returned his attention to Rou. He could easily have ripped apart the boy with his muscles alone and he scared me more then my own Master who still had a hand on my breast, his fingers stroking the skin. He picked the knife up again from the bed, which he'd obviously put there while the camera was on Rou's bloody crotch. He smirked, raising the bloodied blade and I feared he was going to just bring it down and kill Rou right then. Of course, he didn't, instead chosing to slam the blade between the cleft of his ass. Rou screamed again, raising his hips up as the blade entered him. I wanted so badly to squeeze my eyes shut and block it out, but I couldn't. I just stared at the screen, at the boy screaming in pain, the tip of the curved blade of the knife piercing his stomach. Blood poured from the wound, covering his belly and pooling in his navel. He screamed again and the knife was removed from his entrance, causing more blood to gush out of his torn hole. He blade was bought up to Rou's stomach and lightly dug into his skin, making criss-cross marks all over his chest.

I trembled against my Master and he used his other hand to stroke my belly to soothe me. "It's ok little one, it'll all be over soon."

As he said that I watched Rou's Master move to his ass, setting the blade down beside his head. "One last fuck little one, then I'll put you out of your misery." Rou gazed up at him, fear and pain in his eyes, tears free flowing down his cheeks. He wasn't able to form a response, just mumbling incoherently, his lips covered in blood. His Master slammed his length into him and he groaned loudly in pain. The camera panned between Rou's legs again, showing the thick cock ram into the damaged boy. The camera stayed there for a few minutes, the movements of his cock hard and fast, before moving back to a full shot of them. His Master held on to Rou's thighs, his fingers reaching into the open wound and pulling his slave's skin back, exposing his bare muscle, more blood covering his fingers. I could just about see his cock moving inside him through the hole.

The sight of it seemed to be enough for him and he came inside him, the fluid seeping out of the hole in his chest. his Master panted and slide out, moving to Rou's head and forcing his cock inside. His tongue worked to clean his length, even as he sobbed. I guessed it was his porn star instinct to service any cock that came near him, no matter what was on it. His Master pulled back, satisfied and picked up the knife. "Do you have any last words?"

Rou thought for a moment, his eyes looking up at him. "Please don't kill me. I can be a better whore, i can service more guys I can..."

His Master put a finger to his lips and shook his head. "You'd barely last a week if I kept you alive and it would be a slow, painful death. You've served me an others well Rou for the past 5 years. Now's just your time to go." Before Rou could argue again the blade was raised and slammed into his neck. He cried out loudly in pain, the blade being raised and slammed back again and again until there was a snap. Rou's head seperated from his body, rolling back onto the pillow. The camera ran over his decapitated body, showing the bloody hole in his stomach, the space were his cock and balls once were and his torn entrance..

His Master trailed a hand over his chest, lightly. "Your flesh will be good meat to sell." He whispered softly to the body, then he gazed at the camera, his hand leaving Rou's skin and gripping his hair, raising his head up.

I shivered slightly and the screen went to black again. "You're a very good boy, you didn't even vomit once." He stroked my belly and chest and I turned to his smiling face. "That was a fairly tame one little one, you'll probably see worse. I promise you one thing though, I won't do that to you." He planted a kiss on my forehead. "For being so good I'll let you jack off next time you're hard."

"Thank you sir." I whispered in a soft voice, his hands leaving my body to pull out the promised pen and paper. With a shaky hand, I wrote down the names of my friends, hoping my writing wouldn't be too much of a scrawl for him.

Matt Tuck, Michael 'Padge' Paget, Michael 'Moose' Thomas, Omar Abidi, Charlie Simpson, Ian Watkins, Sean Smith, Oli Sykes.

I wasn't sure on Oli's last name, since he was more a friend of Sean's then mine. I handed the paper back to my Master, watching as his eyes scanned the paper, mouthing the names to himself. After a few minutes, he set it aside and leaned in close to me. "I'll see what I can do. No promises though."

"Thank you sir." He returned his hands to my chest, caressing my ample chest happily, making me purr again. His touch took my mind off the images I'd just seen and I leaned in closer to him. I hoped the others were ok and not being treated like that poor boy was. I sighed softly, reaching down between our bodies and taking my length in my hand, stroking it slowly. I wasn't sure if what I'd seen had made me aroused, or just Master's touch. I hoped it was the latter. I stroked myself steadily, noting how he was objecting to my action, just stroking my skin slightly harder and pinching my nipples. I thrust against his thigh, my movements becoming faster with each passing second.

"Come for me little one, spill your load over your Master." I let out a soft cry as he whispered those words in my ear, feeling my body arch forward. His lips moved down to my chest, clamping around my nipple and sucking on it hard. I came seconds after he started sucking, my seed landing over his stomach. He didn't move, just kept his llips in place, swiping his tongue over my nub. That's when I felt something strange, like an odd ache and I felt like I was somehow... leaking. It only lasted a few seconds, before it went away. He pulled back from my chest once it passed, licking his lips and removing a white smear from his lips. I didn't have time to question him though, as he pushed my head down to lap my semen from his chest.
Tags: 30 seconds to mars, bullet for my valentine, enter shikari, fic, jay james, jay james/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, rou reynolds, rou reynolds/shannon leto, shannon leto, slash
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