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Caught in the eye of the storm

I got past that boss on Resident Evil 4. In your face Wiimote that tried to die on me! Ha! I'm now in the castle. I don't wanna go further cause I hate that Luis dies:(

It weirds me out I'm on my second Resi Evil 4 run through (after completing the PS2 one at babu's) and I've not done Twilight Princess's second run yet. I'm pondering starting tomorrow, if the Wiimote charges properly that is.

Tomorrow I'm taking pictures of stuff then uploading them with the pics from taste of chaos. Expect pics of birthday crap (over a month late, yay), random things, unicorns, Castform, figures, my computer area, signed stuff and.... well I don't know what else. Anyone wants to see anything in my little dumb live, ask and I'll try to get a pic.

I'll also be looking for the blu tac. I had a new pack by the comp, but it's gone awol now. Bah. just when I find the posters that need going up and room for some of them.

I got a bank statement today and the Job Center did pay in £30 more then was in and it mysteriously vanished. I've no idea where it went. Still, they underpaid me by £30 at least, even with that.

Anyway, Heroes is on soon so I'll be watching that. I can't believe next week will be the last one:( What will I do on Wednesday's then?


I like Bullet's Eye Of The Storm a lot more now after a few listens. it's just odd cause Matt sounds so different. Or is it just me? I still wanna hear Waking the Demon. Like, more then anything. I'd sell my first born for it (even though I'd never have a first born). I just know it'll give me massive inspiration for something gory and cruel.

Speaking of I haven't watched Hostel part 2 again yet. I really should. If only for the oddly hot guy that shouldn't be hot.

What else? Once I've finished 5 Dreams (which I really should do, but I've had block for it so it's going slow), the Bob/Worm fic I have open and the next part of Plaaything, I'll go back and look at all my unfinished stuff. I know I've got a few one shots unfinished, some with just a basic plotline and a couple of multi-part ones left to do (like, I dunno... Obsession). Obviously I'll do the one-shots first, then work from there and I'll be doing Plaything along with that so. I dunno.

I'm also slowly working into posting fic elsewhere. None of the MCR comm's though, I'm not ready for that. Or insane.

Anyway, yes. Heroes. Must go now.
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