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Pairing: Darth Vader/Boba Fett
Rating: PG-13
POV: Vader
Notes: This came to me on the bus and just wouldn't leave me alone, so I wrote it up quick and here it is. it's just a ficlet really, set during Episode V after the Battle Of Hoth.

I watched on the viewscreen as the ships of various bounty hunters came out of hyperspace and made their approach. The call for hunters had been made less then a standard hour ago and already they were here. Some had obviously been in the vacinity, hoping to capture Rebels feeling the system. I was looking for one ship in particular, that I now spotted approaching the hanger bay.

The Slave I.

Now I knew that they wouldn't stand a chance. The hunter in that ship was the infamous Boba Fett, a bounty hunty who'd inherited the ship and his profession from his father. His father who he'd seen decapitated right in front of him during the Battle Of Geonosis almost 23 years prior. He'd been just a boy, while I'd been a different man.

I shook thoughts of Anakin from my head. Lately I'd had too many such thoughts. Perhaps it was due to my search for Skywalker. Perhaps.

I flicked the viewscreen off, knowing that soon I'd have to leave the safety of my chamber to return to the bridge. Some bounty hunters weren't know for their patience.

I knew the other hunters weren't necessary. Fett would get the job done. He would find Solo and the Princess before the others could even begin their search. I admired Fett, maybe it was because of his high sucess rate, or the fact he'd saved my life. I certainly liked and respected him far more then the grovelling officers I had surrounding me on a daily basis.

I appreciated that he wore a mask and armor, though unlike me he didn't require either. I often wondered what he looked like beneath his mask. Did he look like his father and the clones I'd served with? Did he look different, his extended life causing him to bear different scars. Sure, I was far worse off then he would ever be and I wondered if he actually realised that. Perhaps, perhaps not.

If Skywalker wouldn't join me, then maybe, I'd ask Fett to instead. Despite him not showing any skills in the Force, his abilities with various weapons more then proved him a match for most opponents. Together we could destroy the Emperor.

Together we could rule the galaxy.

I nodded to myself, pressing another button, only this time using the Force, which lowered my helmet over my head. Time to inform the hunters of their bounty.
Tags: boba fett, boba fett/darth vader, darth vader, fic, slash, star wars
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