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How To Be A Support Act

How To Be A Support Act
Pairing: Matthew Leone/Nathan Leone/Bert Mccracken/Quinn Allman/Jepha Howard/Dan Whitesides, others mentioned
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matthew
Warnings: Smut, scat, watersports, double ended dildo
Dedications: bloodyhands, the_glory_days , antontobias86 and fastbetty31
Sequel to How To Become A Support Act

We'd never talked about that night with Bert with anyone, especially the others. We'd bought it up with each other a few times though. Each time it led to something physical, with our clothes discarded over the floor. That had happened a lot, almost every night.

We were now on the last night of the mini-tour we'd earned that night. It was only two nights and a lot of people would consider it not worth what we'd done. We disagreed. We'd do anything for our band, our music.

As we went offstage, I noticed a boy standing by the sidelines, waiting for us. He was a blonde, Welsh boy who was the elad singer of the other support act. I think his name was Sean, but I wasn't sure. Two days wasn't enough time to really interact. I wondered if he, or one of them, had done things similar to what we did. I wasn't sure on that one, though I kinda hoped so. "Bert told me to give this to you." He handed Nathan an envelope as he said that, his voice soft. As my twin started opening it, I noticed Sean turn to go, his task complete. The back of his hair was tainted a familiar dark shade of brown.

That was my question asked.

"What's it say?" I asked as Nathan read over what appaeared to be Bert's hand writing on a slip of paper. There was also a hotel room key that Nathan had made sure to keep in the envelope.

"He wants us to go to their room. For the night." He looked at me with his beautiful blue eyes. "Should we go?"


Half an hour later, we were in the hotel. It had been an easy decision to come here. We both wanted Bert to do more to us and I had a feeeling that he wouldn't be alone. The first thing we did after entering their expansive room was to strip each other, our lips meeting beween tugs of our clothing. It had been pretty easy to get away early, saying that we were both kinda tired seemed to fool Mateo. I was less sure about Dan though, but that didn't matter. I was I saw Sean going passed us on the way out.

Soon our pants were kicked aside and Nathan had his hand gripping the curve of my ass, his forehead pressing against mine as he panted softly. You're so beautiful Matthew. Can't I have you bbefore they get here?" I felt his fingers move closer to my cleft slowly.

I shook my head reluctantly and planted a kiss on his cheek. "They'll be plenty of time for us to fuck and cum Nathan when they get here." i lowered my voice and whispered softly in his ear. "Besides, it'll be so much better with an audience."


About an hour later I finally heard noise from behind the door. We'd passed the time by looking around the room, trying to theorise which drawers would have to the sex toys and which would have the restraints. We stood in front of the door, putting our hands bahind our backs when we heard Bert's voice. "Are you boys naked?"

"Yes sir." We spoke in unison, something which we rarely ever did. We both looked at each other in slight surprise, though we said nothing.

"Good boys."

I heard soft muttering before the doorknob finally turned and the door was pushed open. Surprisingly, it was Jepha and not Bert that entered first. He eyed us both, a smirk spreading over his lips. "Fuck Bert, you were right, these whores do look more beautiful naked. He stepped closer to me, trailing a hand over my chest lightly, making me shiver slightly "Mmmm and I definately want this one." His fingers pinched at the buds of my nipples, making me squirm as he made them erect.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the others filing in behind him. First was Dan, then Quinn and finally Bert. Dan went straight to Nathan, his hands cupping my twin's balls. Quinn just stood beside Bert and looked over us both. "I'm glad you both came." Bert licked his lips as he spoke, emphasising the word came. "I was worried Sean would be in too much discomfort to deliver our message to you." Jepha chuckled, obviously knowing what he meant by that. I wondered what they'd done to the boy, but decided it was best not to ask. "But don't worry about him, he's now keeping your bandmates occupied with his soft lips and warm, tight ass."

"Are you sure it'll still be that tight?" Quinn laughed softly.

"He'll still do for them. Now, this is the same as before. You'll both do as you're told, only you have to listen to all of us, not just me. Is that clear?" I nodded and so did Nathan. The hands that had been fondling us were now gone and both Dan and Jepha were now beside Quinn and Bert, so they were all standing in a line. "Now, did you make good use of what I left you last time?"

I remembered them well, I could tell Nathan did too. The four things Bert had left us in the drawer. It had been obvious what they were the moment we laid eyes on them. A shit from each of them. At first we weren't sure what to do with them, so we just stared at them for a few minutes. It was I who decided we should use them on each other. I'd laid Nathan down on the bed, took the ones marked Quinn's and Dan's and eased them into my twin. After taking my fist it had been easy to just push them both into him next to each other. Once they were all the way in, we switched places and he used Bert's and Jepha's on me. It took longer to get them inside me, as I'd only taken Bert's length as opposed to a fist. After doing so though, Nathan realised it would be too difficult to get them out to use again, so we just ate each other out.

I was too lost in the memory of it to have heard Nathan's description of events. Apparently, what they heard turned them all on, as they each had a noticeable hardness, though it was likely they all were on the way during the trip to us. "Fuck this, I can't wait anymore. Jepha unzipped his fly, pulling out his sizeable, pierced dick and stepped towards me. "On your knees bitch." I nodded slowly, sliding down to my knee before him. Fuck, he was bigger then Bert. Mostly in girth and the piercing didnothing to diminish my intimidation at his arousal. I'd never taken a pierced cock before. To be honest though I was surprised it wasn't tattooed. "I didn't tell you to get down them to stare at it!" I heard Bert chuckle at Jepha's eagerness.I licked my lips lightly, taking a deep breath before wrapping them around his head. "That's better." I felt his hands on my shoulders as I trailed my tongue over the soft flesh and flicking it against the silver ring. He moaned softly and I took more of him between my lips, flicking my eyes over to my twin.

Nathan was on all fours, with his head buried in Bert's crotch, his throat bulging from his cock. Dan was behind him, thrusting two spit-slicked fingers ino my brother's passage. I closed my own eyes for a moment, practically feeling Dan's fingers probing me, pushing against my spot. I re-opened them when I heard Quinn let out a soft sigh. He was pissing all over Nathan's back and in his hair, covering him in the warm, golden fluid. Fuck. A large part of me was jealous of him right now, even though I'd get the treatment later no doubt.

Jepha's fingers tugging on my locks bought my attention back to him. I suckled more of his length between my lips, pressing my tongue against his underside. He tasted so good, but I was nervous about him taking control. I didn't want the ring ripping at my throat. I closed my eyes, reaching up to stroke at his thighs lightly, my thumbs rubbing over his soft balls. A small part of me had expected his shaft to be tattooed and I was surprised he didn't. I breathed in his masculine scent, swirling my tongue around his head. He let aout a moan above me, reaching to my hair and gripping my locks tightly. "Fuck you're so good. Bert was fucking right about you both."

I almost choked on him when I felt two of Dan's digits thrust deep inside me. I relaxed my throat, taking steady breaths through my nose as I got used to the intrusion. It only took me a few moments before I was bobbing up and down again, albeit more slowly. I squeezed around his probing fingers and I felt him slap my left ass cheek as he started spreading me open. I kept my lips sealed tight around Jepha, grazing my teeth very lightly against his swollen flesh, making him grip my hair tighter.

Just as I was getting used to the metaal rubbing against the back of my throat, I heard Bert's voice. "Come on Jepha, pull out from his pretty mouth." He whined above me, but did as Bert requested, Dan's fingers withdrawing from my entrance too. Jepha not only removed himself from me, but also took a few steps backward. I was still enthralled my his throbbing hardness, which was now shining with saliva.

"Now, do either of you know what this is?" I turned my head to Quinn, who held up a long black cylinder. My first instinct was it was a dildo, because it certainly had what looked like a head and veins on it. However, it looked like it was about 12 inches long and lacked the flat base of a regular dildo, instead having another head.

"Is it a double-ended dildo?" I glanced at Nathan, wondering how the hell he knew that.

"That's exactly what it is." Quinn grinned, turning it in his hand slowly so the light played over every plastic vein. "And you pretty whores are going to be using it."

I looked at my twin, nodding slowly. "How do we do this then?"

"You both get on all fours and it's inserted between you." Jepha's voice was briming with enthusiasm as he spoke. "So why don't you get on that." Needing no telling twice, I crawled behind my brother, who was still on all fours from his session with Bert. I gazed over his glistening skin as I passed him, still slightly jealous. I watched Dan take the dildo from Quinn, smearing it's length in lube. I'd half expected them to use piss or shit instead. Satisfied, he bought it to us, pushing each greased up head into our holes. He did it first to Nathan, then pushed me back until it entered my pucker. I groaned softly, watching as they sat around us, waiting for us both to impale ourselves on it.

I squirmed back against the plastic shaft, feeling it fill my hole another half an inch. I looked over my shoulder, noting that Nathan was doing the same as I was. He moved his ass back, taking more of it between his soft cheeks. I moved back down the length, groaning as it filled me. It was strange feeling it in double as we'd never been penetrated at the same time. I wiggled against it, desperate for more pleasure. I felt Nathan do the exact same thing on the other end. I could feel the eyes of the others on me, which made me even harder. "Move faster!" Jepha's words were the only ones which filled the air.

As we thrust our hips back, our asses brushed against each other every so often. My eyes were on the verge of lidding as both the heads hit our spots at the same time, sending shivers of pleasure through my body. We both sped up our movements, rolling our hips back, desperate to feel the double pleasure of it buried inside us at the same time. A few such movements later and I felt the head of Jepha's cock against my slightly parted lips. I opened my lips, allowing him to slide back into my mouth again. I felt his metal ring press against the back of my throaty, but I didn't care. I kept rocking my hips, even as I heard a groan behind me indicating one of the others was down Nathan's throat. I couldn't tell who it was from the groan, except it wasn't Bert. For one, Bert didn't groan like that and for two, I saw Bert was beside me, with his soft cock out. "I saw how left out you were earlier." He grinned down at me and started pissing all over my back. "Do you feel better now whore? More included?" I nodded as best I could with a cock between my lips, which wasn't very well at all. He smiled and kissed Jepha on the cheek, aiming his stream for my hair. I purred around Jepha's shaft as it soaked my hair, making it stick to my head before trickling down my forehead. "Good." He moved my side and stroked his fingers down the small of my back, slapping my ass lightly before moving out of sight, leaving me to focus on the dildo in my ass and Jepha's cock fucking my throat. I closed my eyes again, moaning around him and speeding up my movements.

"Fuck I'm close." Jepha gripped my wet hair tighter, making it clear he was going to shoot down my throat any second. I readied myself as best I could, keeping my eyes up at him as I could tell when he was going to shoot. His balls slapped against my chin with each thrust of his hips, his head was tipped back and soft pants of pleasure passed his parted lips. His eyes lidded as he let out a heavy gasp, his hips thrusting forward one last time as he came. I pulled back slightly and swallowed all of his seed. He released my hair, pulling out only when he was sure I'd swallowed everything. With a smile, he wiped his cock over my face. "Yeah, you're as good as Bert said you were whore."

For some reason his words filled me with a strange pride. "Thank you sir."

Jepha grinned, ruffling my wet hair before moving away from me. When I twisted my head I saw him kissing Dan and running his hand over his chest. Were the together? Clearly that meant Nathan was sucking Quinn behind me. Bert crouched down in front of me as Quinn howled in pleasure, probably almost close to coming. Bert leaned forward, licking the sides of my lips where Jepha had wiped his cock before whispering in my ear. "Soon that dildo will be out of your asses and you'll be free to fuck. You'd like that wouldn't you? I know Dan wants to fuck you and I think Jepha will too. Quinnie's more interested in your twin though. While me.... oh I'm easy."

I pushed back against the dildo, looking him in the eyes, licking my lips slowly. "What made you pick us?"

"Simple, you're from Chicago." He smirked, kissing my still wet forehead. I could see him lick his lips, no doubt to taste himself. "I love boys from Chicago. In fact my boyfriend's from there. He's going to have so much fun with you two this summer." He grinned at me, putting a finger to my lips to silence me. He had a boyfriend? "But we'll go over that tomorrow. Tonight is about us using you." He wrapped his arms around me and slowly pulled me away from my end of the dildo. I heard a soft pop when it left my ass, my hole now open wide for whoever wanted it. Bert let go of me only when I was presenting my ass in front of Dan and Jepha, then he released me and went to my brother.

I twisted my head around and watched as Dan seperated himself from Jepha's body, swaying his hips as he came over to me. "I'm going to fuck you now." He smiled down at my back, aiming his wet length for my hole and pushing inside me slowly. He was slightly more gentle then the others, his dick steadily pushing into me. I bite my lip, pushing back against him to urge him to speed up. I heard him moan and felt him thrust forward hard, burying himself fully inside me. He held onto my ass cheeks and thrust himself in and out of me. His pace was still steady and fairly slow, even when I pushed back against him. He kept hitting my spot, but his pace limited my pleasure slightly. "Awww, does the whore want me to go faster?" He asked, seemingly noting my eagernesss. Maybe it was because I was constantly pushing my ass back when he pulled out, or how I squeezed around him when he was inside me. He gripped my ass tighter and thrust hard into me, eliciting a low groan from between my lips. He increased his speed again on the next thrust, driving his cock into me deep and hard. He slammed into my spot, making me cry out his name in pleasure. Each thrust of his hips came harder and faster, moans of pleasure falling from between my lips, my hard cock going untouched. Dan traced his fingers along the side of my shaft, his tips barely touching it. I craved more of his touch, but when I pushed my hips forward he withdrew his hand. "I'm not going to jack you off." He thrust himself hard inside me at those words, digging his nails into my thigh.

I whimpered softly, watching as Jepha crouched down in front of me. "Actually, he will stroke you, whore." I sensed there was a but coming. "But only if you'll shit around him." And there it was, but it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. "Will you do that?" I nodded, closing my eyes and trying to push back against him. I wasn't even sure if there was anything to give him, but I still tried. After all, I'd done it with Nathan a few times now, so it should be easy enough to do again. I felt a small amount of shit push back against his length, causing him to groan softly. His hand returned to my length and he started stroking me as quickly as he was thrusting. "Good whore." Jepha purred softly, kissing my forehead before standing and disappearing for view. I moned at Dan's touch, pushing my ass back against his erection which resulted in his length becoming dirtier as my muscles pushed more over him. His pace quickened, both on my cock and his own thrusting member.

"So good whore." His balls were now audibly slapping against my ass with every thrust of his hips and his free hand was scratching at my back. His nails didn't feel sharp enough to leave marks, so all they bought was just minor pain. I groaned softly in pleasure, though not as loud as him as he kept slamming against my spot, making my whole body arche under him. He tightened his fingers around my length, continuing to pump me even though it was obvious he was close. I twisted my head to look at him and saw that Jepha was behind him, kissing at his neck and nipping at his shoulders. The sight made me buck into his hand, though I was really trying to catch a look at Nathan. I could feel that his ass was being penetrated, but I wanted to know if his lips were too. I squeezed my eyes shut tight, letting out a low moan as I shot my load over my stomach, Dan following suit up my dirty ass moments later. I heard another, though more stifled groan, from behind me and I knew Nathan had came too.

Dan slide out of me and, when I turned around to look where he'd gone, I saw him go over to Nathan. Quinn came towards me from my twin, his length smeared brown and white, a smirk on his face. "Come on little one, lick me clean, then you can eat out your brother and get some rest." I crawled over to him, opening my mouth and taking in his shitty length, suckling him lightly and taking deep breaths through my nose. I gazed up at him, my tongue swiping over his length making him purr above. "Oh you're as good as your twin. That's good to know." My dirty ass twitched and I knew Nathan was being fucked again, but the feeling didn't last for very long. By the time I'd cleaned Quinn to his satisfaction, the fucking was over and Bert's was in my face, his shaft almost as dirty as Quinn's.

I licked it clean, tasting his cum as well as the familiar taste Nathan's shit. "Mmmm you know, bob's going to have such fun with you two this summer." He chuckled above me, running his hands through my hair. He pulled awa before I was fully done and he pulled me over to my twin. "Now, you can clean each other up." I nodded, climbing onto Nathan and lowering my ass over his face, burying my head between his legs and sliding my tongue inside him. He tasted just like Bert's cock did and I twirled my tongue deep inside his ass, just as he did the same to mine. I closed my eyes, inhaling the scent of him which smelt like a mixture of sex, sweat and shit. I groaned softly, scooping everything I could out of him until I was certain he was clean. Or near enough clean. I rolled off him and rested my head against his chest, gazing at the four people around us. Dan and Jepha came towards us, both of them pissing over our chests as we panted softly. I opened my mouth, collecting some of their urine that came near my face.

"You two are staying here tonight." I heard Bert say, my eyes closed so none of the spray could blind me. "On the floor, so we can all make use of you if we need to. You'll go in the morning." I opened my eyes, when the flow stopped and saw that Bert was now fully dressed, with Quinn in the same condition. "We're going to the aftershow party now, we'll tell your bandmates you had an early night if we saw them." Jepha and Dan did up their pants, while Bert came down and leaned down over me. "And by use, we mean cum, piss, shit and throw up over. Don't shower."

They all turned and filled out of the room, leaving us alone together. Nathan kissed my neck, his eyes sparkling as he looked at me. "That was amazing."

I grinned at him, nodding and planting a kiss on his lips. "It was, but I don't know what he means by summer?"

He shrugged and we were both too tired to think about it any further. We curled up against each other, drifting off to sleep until they returned.
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