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Is Jabba the princess?

I don't want it to be next week. The stupid Job Center's making me go on a course thing that starts next week and is in all the mornings (why oh why?) then goes on for two days every week for 7 weeks after that. I hate being up early, especially in the cold, but at least it's only one full day next week. I don't understand though why it can't all just be done in one week. Why must they stretch it out? I mean, the main thing it says we'll be doing is cv's. Learning how to do a cv does not take a week, so how can that be pulled over 8? Plus they want my education results, which I don't know where they are causa the move. It just seems insane, I'll ask tomorrow (and also find out why most of my money wasn't in when it was meant to).

I also hate how next week shall take over everything and just leave me with no daytime time alone. Though I didn't spend that in bed mostly anyway. I don't like the idea of being forced into a room with a bunch of people I don't know. It'll be like school and I don't like that environment. I just hope they're mature. And there's a pretty.

The only good thing is I'll be in town Friday so I'll be able to get Link's Crossbow Training on the release date.


Good things about today. Well, mum'll only be back for a few mins before going off again at lunch. Bullet's new single will be playing tonight, but it means listening to Zane Lowe and I have to find out the frequency for Radio 2 before half 10 cause Kylie's on.

I'll be trying to write later (when I'm more awake), running up the road to check my money (though I expect no change and am only doing it cause I've got a letters to post, one mum's and the wrong The Blackout single I've been meaning to send back).

If all else fails (ie I can't write or anything) I'll go on the Wii. Maybe shooting stuff will help.

I've been really bored late night's so I've just been in bed and falling asleep. Mostly cause there's fuck all on tv and I still can't find remote so I'm limited to what I can watch. Hence watching Spaced yesterday, cause it's nice and simple to put on.

I finally read a fic with Frankie as the main pairing yesterday. That doesn't mean I'll just start running around reading fics with him though.

I think I'm done now so..

Edit: He should always be topless
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