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Pairing: Gerard/Worm
POV: Worm
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Spanking
Notes: I did this today cause I had block for other things. fastbetty31's Gerard/Worm icon made me think of this when I first saw it so I did it. (Ironically I had a fic called Mama to do, but sttill haven't got round to doing it. Causa the poll I'll wait until tomorrow before getting round to the next part of Plaything (it would be nice if the people that voted would actually comment on the fic though, hint hint)
Dedications: bloodyhands, the_glory_days , antontobias86 and fastbetty31 for the Worm fixation

I stepped into my hotel room, not at all surprised by the sight that greeted me. Gerard Way was sprawled across my bed, completely naked and gazing at me. A grin spread across his face as his eyes met mine, like I was the most important person in the world. "Hello daddy."

I shut the door and made my way over to him, shaking my head slowly. "I thought you were going to be a good boy."

"I thought being naked waiting for you was being a good boy daddy." He looked at me with innocent eyes, spreading his legs slightly. This had become a regular thing now, Gerard turning up in my room, cmpletely naked. I remembered the first time he did it, I'd thought he was drunk again, that was until he crawled under my bedsheets and sucked on my shaft. My second thought at the time was that one of the others had bet him to do it, but when they didn't come in I decided that wasn't it either. Instead, Gerard crawled up my body, rested his head on my chest and whispered softly against me. 'Will you be my daddy?' We'd had this strange relationship ever since. I often wondered why he'd chosen me over Bob or Ray, but never asked him about it.

I ran my fingers over his belly slowly, keeping my eyes on his. "You weren't a good boy tonight Gerard, you slapped your daddy's ass onstage, in front all those people." His cheeks flushed pink slightly at my words. I think he realised he'd done wrong, but he had to be punished for it. I pulled my t-shirt off, tossed it to the floor and sat on the bed, patting my clothed lap. "Here boy." I watched as he crawled over me, pressing his small hardness against my crotch as he laid over it, his pale ass sticking up into the air. I raised my hand up, slapping his left ass cheek much harder then he had mine. He cried out loudly in pain, but his twitching cock told me he liked it. I raised my hand again, bringing it crashing down against his skin only this time against his left cheek. I felt sticky pre-cum against my knee, but didn't stop spanking him. I knew he'd probably shoot from this, but I wasn't going to stop just because he was enjoying it. In fact I wasn't going to stop until they were as I wanted and I wanted his cheeks red and sore, so that when I fucked him it would hurt him more.

I watched the colour of his skin turn from pasty white to pink to bright red as I hit him, increasing the speed of my slaps each time. He was sobbing against the bedsheets, clinging onto them tight with both hands, his little cock staining my pants. He hadn't came yet, but I could tell he would if I kept up. His body squirmed against me, his hips pressing against my hip, then moving back so his ass was more raised for another beating. I stroked his beaten, red skin hearing him groan softly. I raised my hand one last time, slapping it down hard over his crack, the last hit enough for him to finally spill against me. He moaned my name as he did so, pressing his hips against me, his sticky cock rubbing against me.

"See, this is why you're a bad boy Gerard. You have no self control." I slapped his ass one las time, then grabbed his waist and pulled his body down, pushing his face into the sticky mess he'd made. "Now clean that filth up." He nodded, mumbling an apology against the fabric before extending his tongue and licking his seed off me. I was already hard from his cries of pain and his squirming body, so his tongue brushing against my clothed hardness just made my aching member twitch with arousal. Once he was done, I felt his teeth clamp around the zipper to my fly, slowly pulling it down. Although I hadn't told him to do so, I wasn't going to stop him. He let out the same little gasp he always did when he saw my hardness, before swiping his tongue along my head. I merely watched him as he got my cock out, his soft muscle working over my sensitive flesh. We'd been doing this for so long and he was still unable to take my whole shaft down his pretty throat. He'd still give it a good try though, making sure to coat my length with his saliva before he did so. I never understood why he did that. Satisfied with his job, he moved back and swallowed my head between those pretty lips of his. His eyes half-lidded as he slowly took me down his throat, his tongue brushing against my length. I never forced him into taking my cock, or worked my fingers into his hair, because I didn't want to choke him to death. It wouldn't surprise me if his death was 'suffocation while giving someone head', but I made sure that someone wasn't me.

I kept my eyes on him as he bobbed down my length, taking more in each time. This was his ritual. Take in an inch, relax, pull back, take in another. Each set of movements lasted just over half a minute each time. I'd timed him once out of curiousity. Right now, he had about half his length lodged between my lips and he was breathing through his nose, the breath hot against the top of my dick. He moved again, taking in almost two inches this time, his throat bulging slightly. He licked at my underside, reaching up and stroking my heavy balls with one hand, the other on my belly. He liked trailing his fingers over my large belly, though I wasn't sure why. It was nice though. I opurred his name, looking down at him again. He was just over an inch away from having my length fully between his lips. His eyes opened up and he looked up at me. I could tell from that look that he couldn't take anymore and I also saw the flicker of disappointment in his hazel eyes. "It's ok boy, you'll take in daddy's cock fully soon. You've taken a bit more this time." I stroked his hair and his eyes lit up, his mouth moving again as he resumed sucking me. I moved my hand to his shoulder, stroking it slowly as he moved his head up and down. Yes, I could just let him keep going and cum down his throat and keep him down there while I soften, piss then reharden and cum again, but I didn't. Instead, I gripped his other shoulder and pushed him back, his lips slidding off my cock with a sft pop. He whimpered softly at the loss, his lips surrounded by his own saliva. He looked so sad like that. "Daddy wants to fuck you."

Again, his eyes lit up and he turned around on the floor, wiggling his ass for me. He was such a good boy sometimes, especially during sex. I moved behind him, holding his sore asscheeks open and aimed my length for his hole. His hole was normally tight, but I noticed he'd either fingered himself or taken an earlier fucking as I pushed inside him, the loose ring allowing me entry easier then normal. I'd ask him about that later, right now I needed to get off. I thrust my shaft deep into him, making him cry out in pain, my belly resting against his lower back as I pulled out and slammed back into him. I held onto his ass, each thrust making him first whimper softly, then practically scream in pain as I sped up. He tightened around me, wanting to be a good boy and get me to come sooner. I mentally counted how many thrusts I made inside him until I came. I got to six before shooting into him. The most I'd gotten to before was fifteen. I slowly pulled out of him, wiping my length against his ass before sitting down on the bed, panting.

"Daddy?" He broke the silence, turning to face me.

"Yes boy?"

"I have a present for you." I raised an eyebrow and he turned to the closet, yelling out. "You can come out now."

The closet door opened up and out stepped a figure in a black dress. I looked him over, not quite believing what I was seeing. "Will you be my daddy too?" Ray Toro gazes at me intently, fluttering his eyelashes as he asked the question.

"Of course I will, you beautiful litle girl." He came over to me, blushing slightly. He fell to his knees, wrapping his thick lips around my shaft and sucking my cum and Gerard's ass juices off me. Gerard made his way over to us and once he was finished, Ray switched to licking the fluids that were sliding out of Gerard's ass, or should I say, his new brother's ass. This was going to be very interesting.
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/worm, my chemical romance, slash, worm
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