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Pairing: Jay James/Ray Toro
POV: Jay
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, slavery
Notes: This came from a dream I had, so I decided to try and do it causa the block I've had lately. There might be more parts, for Jay's friends depending how it goes (plus those parts would be more violent and one would be snuff)
Dedications: antontobias86, fastbetty31, the_glory_days, bloodyhands mikeyface


I stirred slightly, my eyes blinking in the bright light as I awoke. I couldn't remember much about the last night apart from clearly having too much to drink and staggering around in some bar. Now I was in some bed, with the lights too bright in a room I didn't recognise. I felt like I was naked, the only thing covering my body being the bed's sheets. My chest also felt sore, though I didn't feel like I could move to check why.

"Number 4 is awake."

"Put him out again, then call his owner." I heard a sigh, though I couldn't see who either of the voices were. I felt something inject into my arm and then I drifted off again.


My sleep was dreamless so it didn't supply me with any answers as to where I was or what had happened to me. As my eyes opened again I realised I was in a very different environment then before. My eyes glanced around the room, quickly taking in my surroundings. While the room I'd woken in before had seemed like a hospital, this place.... well, it seemed like a basement, though the room was too dark for me to tell. Plus, instead of being in a bed, I was shackled from the ceiling, my arms aching slightly from having to hold my weight. I guessed I must have been here for awhile. I was still naked, only this time there was a collar locked in place around my neck. "Hello? Is anybody there?"

Silence greeted me, though I had a feeling I was being watched. I tried again to scan the room, but my eyes hadn't yet even fully woken, let alone adjusted to the dark. All I could was I was roughly in the middle of the room, but that was only because an equal amount of blackness seemed to surround me. I could make out vague shapes of tables, but no signs of walls, windows or a door. Even stairs. I struggled against the chains that held me, but that only served to tire me out even more.

"You really shouldn't be doing that you know."

"Who said that?" I asked into the darkness, turning my head in every way I was able. That only made him chuckle and my chest feel sore again from the movement.

"You know, you should have a little more respect then that boy. I just spent an awful lot of money on you." I felt fingers on my lizard tattoo, stroking at the inked skin of my back. His lips pressed against my neck and I felt him whisper down my ear. "So you'll be a good boy won't you?"

"What's going on? What do you mean spent money on me? I'm not a hooker." All the questions fell from my lips like water and I still had more which went unsaid. However, he clearly didn't want me to ask anymore when he firmly slapped my ass.

"Once I've answered these questions, you'll ask no more unless I allow it." His fingers were running over the reddened skin he'd just hit, making me whimper slightly in pain. "First, when you were out drinking, the drinks of you and your friends were laced with drugs to knock you unconcious. You were then aided out of the bar, stripped naked and put on display. I chose you. Your friends got taken by others. Don't ask me what's happened to them, because I don't know. Maybe I'll never know, maybe I'll find out at some point. They could be like you, or be snuffed or turned into mindless animals." I trembled at his words, considering myself lucky. I knew what snuff films were and hoped desperately that the others weren't in them. Padge had tried to make me watch one once, but I'd declined the offer. I wondered if they'd gotten him too and if so what had became of him. "My point is you are mine now, to do with as I wish. So far I've spent over 200 grand on you, that's both buying you and your surgery. Don't make me regret it."

I bit my lip so as not to ask about my surgery, guessing that more questions would just award me with more pain. Still, it explained why I was in a hospital earlier and maybe why my chest was so sore. I tried to look down to see what he'd done, but his other hand was in my hair, pulling my head back before I could see anything.

"You can see what I made them do to you later." He whispered softly into my ear again, making my body shiver. "Don't worry, I haven't torn off your balls, clipped off your nipples or anything like that. Besides, if I did I'd want you fully aware of it."

I felt his hair brush aganst my neck, purring at the feel of the soft curls against my skin. He left my body completely and walked slowly around my body until he was in front of me, allowing my first view of him. He was slightly taller then me, his body looking slightly more bulky then my own, though if it was due to fat or muscle I wasn't sure as it was concealed behind a loose, black shirt. He had thick lips and a mass of dark, thick curly hair on his head. If I'd seen him outside of this basement, I wouldn't have thought anything of him. Here though, he had complete and total control over me and i knew it would be best not to say or do anything that would anger or displease him.

He reached forward and held onto my chin, making sure I couldn't see his crotch or what he'd done to me. "Do you know why I chose you?" I shook my head at his words, honestly not knowing what set me apart from the others. "Your tattoo, your hair and, perhaps most importantly, your tongue stud." He leaned in close to me, our faces almost touching. "I can't wait to feel it wrapped around my cock or buried up my ass." He groaned softly against me, the thought seeming to please him. "Do you think you can be a good little boy for me?" I thought and nodded as best I could. "Good, but if you try and run from me, I'll bring you back down here and make sure you can't run again." I shivered, already so intimidated by him that I wouldn't run, but his words made me more scared.

He let go of my chin, reaching up pulling the chains that hung above me down until my body fell to the floor. I let out a whimper of pain, but that was only met by a kick in my belly as he unlocked my wrists, my hands reaching down to clutch where he'd kicked me. That's when I felt what he'd done to me. I bought my hands up, stroking at the soft, bulging skin of my chest. While before my upper chest had been smooth apart from my raised nipples, now there were soft mounds of flesh. I looked up at him, my eyes wide as I felt my chest again, making sure I wasn't imagining things. He grinned at me, clearly amused by my actions. "Ah I see you've noticed what the gave you. Shame it couldn't have been later like I wanted but still. What do you think of them?"

"I... I have tits." I whispered softly, looking down to the floor.

"You do and they're perfect." He reached down and I felt him clip something to my collar, which I realised was a leash. He dragged me roughly behind him as he made his way out of the room and I was forced to follow him on all fours. I groaned softly, as I moved, crawling as best I could behind him, noting his leather trousers and thigh high boots. My knees were scuffed by the floor, it's rough surface trying to make me bleed. "Maybe I'll pierce your cock so I can leash that." He laughed when I whimpered, pushing a door open ahead and dragging me through it. The corridor beyond was so much lighter then the room behind me and I quickly realised that the room I'd been held in wasn't a basement at all, but more just a normal room that had been converted to look like that. He led me along the blissfully carpeted floor, past several doors until we arrived at a set of double doors. He pushed the doors open, tugging me into the room. The walls were patterned white and dark red, with various shelves along the walls and a large four poster bed dominating the center of the room.

"For now you will be allowed to sleep at the foot of my bed." He tied the leash to one of the bed posts, then turned to face me. "If you be good and obey me, you'll be allowed off the leash in here. If you need to use the toilet, you will go in there." He nodded to a black litterbox, currently empty. "Though I expect you to empty it. As long as you do so you'll be fed regular meals and lead a fairly comfortable life. Of course there'll come times when I will desire to whip, spank or otherwise hurt you. Do you understand?"

I nodded and spoke in a soft voice. "Yes sir."

His smile widened when I said that, the fact that I had without being prompted seeming to please him further. He started to undress, undoing his shirt quickly and throwing it across the room. I let my eyes wander over his body, his belly round and his arms muscled. "If you're a good boy I'll look into the names of your friends, try and find what's happened to them."

"Thank you sir." I was desperate to know that they were alright and didn't expect him to be so nice to me.

He undid his fly, pulling his trousers down his muscular legs and stepping out of them before sitting on the edge of the bed. "Now, be a good boy and suck my cock." I crawled to him and gazed at the sight of his length, gasping softly. He was huge, like, seriously huge. Easily he was the biggest cock I'd seen in my life. Nervously I leaned in close and took his head between my lips. Gently I suckled on it, tasting his precum seconds before I felt his hands grip onto my dark hair and force me down his length. I heard him groan above me as my stud brushed against his underside and kept my lips as tight around him as I could. I bought my hands up to fondle his balls, only half of him between my lips. He groaned above me again and urged me forward. "Keep going."

I sucked harder on his length, closing my eyes and taking in more of him. I started bobbing my head back, then down again, taking in another few inches on the way down. I repeated the action, taking in another inch this time. He gripped my hair tighter, pulling me back and thrusting into my mouth, making my jaw ache as I was forced to take him all. I managed to surpress my gag reflex as best I could, breathing steadily through my nose. I wondered absently if he'd done something else to my body to make taking cock down my throat easier. Perhaps he had, because before I'd had trouble with Padge's length and he was a few inches smaller. Ray slide himself out of my mouth, his hard cock covered in my saliva. "Mmm you know, I think I'll fuck you instead of coming down your throat tonight."

I nodded, reaching behind myself and pulling apart my asscheeks. "Fuck me sir."

With a smile, he moved behind me, pushing his cock against my ring. Again, he slid inside my body easily, his fingers gripping onto my hips as he slammed inside of me. I cried softly, resting my head against the edge of the bed, inhaling the scent of his sweat from where he'd been seated. He moaned my name above, the only other sounds being my soft cries of pleasure/pain and the slapping of his body against mine. I felt my ass tighten around him every few thrusts, whimpering as he hit my spot. I knew he wasn't going to jack me off and I wasn't sure if coming on my own would ensure myself pain. i decided to fill my mind with other images as he thrust into me, trying to will my erection down. "I know you like what I'm doing and I know I'm hitting your spot." He panted into my ear, his body laying flush against mine as he spoke. "But if you unload on my carpet, you'll never cum again, understand?" I trembled as I nodded and he kissed my neck before pulling away. One of his hands moved up my body, stroking over my tattoo again like he'd done in the 'basement'. I kept trying to focus on pleasing him, making my ass clentch more as his hand left my tattoo, reaching below me to grope at my new tits. The skin was very sensitive as his palm ran over it, making me squirm more.

"Please sir..."

I pushed my ass back against him, moving both my hands from my ass to stroke at his belly. My fingers rubbed against his navel, which only seemed to make him moan in pleasure and thrust harder. "Oh yes, I'm going to have so much fun with you." I could hear the smirk in his voice, feeling his nails dig into my hip and breast as he slammed on last time inside me, his load spraying deep inside me. My body collapsed under him and I panted heavily, just glad that I hadn't came. He slid out of my hole slowly and released my body, moving around to my head and wiping his dirty shaft in my hair. "Don't let my seed out onto the floor."

I nodded meekly and headed to the litterbox, squating over it and letting it spill into the plastic, guessing this was what he wanted. He lay in bed again, watching me intently and smiling at my action. "Good boy." I smiled at him, turning around when I was done and licking the mix of seed and blood from the box. The mix of copper and salt filling the tastebuds of my tongue. When I was done I moved to the end of Ray's bed, curling up at the foot of it. "Night pet."

"Night sir." I curled up tight, purring softly at the feeling of my new breasts against my knees. I drifted off to sleep quickly, dreaming of what Ray would want to do to me in the future.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/ray toro, my chemical romance, ray toro, slash
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