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No hope, no love, no glory, no happy ending

Why does my head have to give me dreams of dead fish coming back to life and other strangeneess? I want my usual porn dreams back now k?

Yesterday was blah. Mostly this was due to spending the day with mum (and hearing her ramble on about nothing), then seeing nan and coming back to the cold that is here, with added block and then dealing with mum moaning (again about nothing) when she returns. Bah.

Good things about yesterday, I got a sparkly new unicorn friend (called Matthew and he's gorgeous... though was £9... eeep), the Treachery on Salecumi battle pack and the Zelda Nintendo Special (and I can't decide if I should have Link with his mouth open up or Link in bed up). The last one makes me wanna go back and replay Twilight Princess, which I probably will in a day or so. It also makes me feel old as the Zelda series is as old as I am and I can rememeber playing the first game on the NES way back when. Sigh. I wonder how many of you will actually know what a NES is. Please day you do.

Also got Pirates 3, though that's for tomorrow when mum's actually around, which she isn't today. Joy at having to spend over two hours with her. Where's the suicide pills?

Today hasn't been as bad as I thought it would be, mostly cause I've been in bed. Before making this post I've only left the bed once, to go to the grave. It's so cold out though. I think the cold took my mind off what I was actually doing. I haven't felt sad today yet, is that normal? Mum'll probably set me off when she gets back though.

I have chocolate cake though.

I've got a ramble though. Where are all the good fic writers (apart from the ones on my f-list)? It seems slash everywhere is really.... falling apart. Even if bands do something slashy (like Fightstar or Bullet) or have really pretty members (like Madina Lake or The Blackout) no one's doing fic of them. It really makes me sad. What the hell has happened to slash? Even the MCR fandom seems to be just... imploding. Come on universe, we need more writers... maybe it's all the stupid fuck you comm's discouraging people.

I've yoinked a thing from fastbetty31 so here it is. It's keeping my mind off things, dunno what I'll do when it's done. Probably go back to bed since no one's on. I'll upload The Blank theory for tomorrow, cause I think everyone needs to hear it (and sort pcis then too).

1) Make a list of 15 Musicians/Actors/Athletes who ever, you find attractive.
2) Order them from 1 to 15, 1 being the hottest to you.
3) Find a picture of each
4) Post the pictures from 15 to 1, explaining why you find that person hot.
5) Drool!

(If I'd had an extra 15 I'd have also had: Ryan Ross, Robb Flynn, Captain Jack Harkness, the Letos, Pete Wentz, Luke Smith, Matt Tuck, Charlie Simpson, Bert Mccracken, William Beckett, Worm, Quinn Allman, Dan Haigh, Dan Torelli, Ilan Rubin)

15: Omar Abidi (Drummer for Fightstar): Honestly, I'm not sure what is it that I find attractive about him (he seems to be against my normal types, with his darker skin and overal bigness). He has very sexy arms though and seems to like covering Charlie in tape.

14: Padge (Guitarist for Bullet For My Valentine): Padge has just this strange... quality to him. When I first saw a picture of Bullet it was him, not Matt or Jay, that I found hottest. Sure, that's changed but I still think he's hot. Despite (or maybe becuause of) his permenant state of drunkness, his ununderstanderable accent and that he'd rape any boy he came across. Wait, that last one isn't so bad...

13: Ian Watkins (Lead singer for Lostprophets): Well, just look at him. I don't think I really need to explain Ian to much. he's pretty, he's Welsh and he obviousl has had sex with Gererd, Mikey and Bert. I honestly don't understand the lack of Ian porn, because he's just so pretty.

12: Tomo Milicevic (Guitarist for 30 Seconds To Mars): Tomo's pretty and he's Croatian. I don't know why the second one matters. I'm not sure why I like him, part from his general prettiness. And his tongue.

11: Patrick Stump (Guitarist, lead singer of Fall Out Boy): Ah Patrick, the hat obsessed pretty of FOB. I don't know what there is to say, so I use the picture instead.

10: Jepha Howard (bassist of The Used): My attraction to him might have something to do with these pictures. Maybe. Just a little. Either way, he looks good in a dress, has nice balls, a hot body and is obviously dating Dan (he even siaid it himself).

9: Sean Smith (Joint singer of The Blackout): So we're only on the 6th person and half of them have been Welsh. Yeah, I seem to adore guys from that strange, sheep-filled land. It's cause they all seem to be hot too. Sean has a strange, special place in my heart-thing (not cause I've managed to see them 4 times now, mostly completely by accident) cause he supports same-sex marriage, gets his band topless, likes licking Ian and well, just seems to like pestering him. Again, where are all the fics of him? Where?

8: Spencer Smith (Dummer for Panic! At The Disco, no know relation to Sean): Ok, when a lot of people see Panic! they first notice Ryan (either cause he's wearing the pretty make up that takes forever, him looking like a slut or him looking like a hobo they've just pulled off the street) or they see Brendon (don't get me started, I'll be here all week). So Jon and Spencer are basically ignored (Jon cause... well, Jon generally jut seems to have bad taste THE HAIR gods.) I'm not sure why Spencer keeps getting overlooked though. To me he's very pretty and, when he isn't cursed with Jon's facial hair, is the prettiest of them all. I just wanna pinch his cheeks to start with. See? Doens't he look sexy? And evil and just guh

7: Ray Toro (Guitarist for My Chemical Romance): Now we're in the top 7 and it just gets so hard to order people. When I first saw a picture of MCR I didn't think much of Ray don't ask me why (I can't even rememeber the picture very well). Now I just think... well, I think a lot of things. The hair, the lips, those thighs. And gods that bulge. I swear I died when I saw him topless and I wish he'd done it at my show. Damn cold England.

6: Gerard and Mikey Way (Singer/bassist of My Chemical Romance): I put them together cause they've brothers and they've together so nyeh. They're hot, they're doing it and they're total sluts. Just cause I'm posting two pics instead of one to show the sluttiness, with each other, not with others cause we'd be here all day then. I believe in their love as much as I believe in anything.

5: Link (Hylian Hero Of Time, Waker of the Winds, savior of princesses [particularly the various idiot incarnations of Zelda] and general savior of the various worlds from the Zelda series): Ah Link. When I first saw him properly (in 3D, not in the ickle 2D pixels of the NES) even though he was young Link (which was 12, but I was around that sort of age so that's ok) I was like guh. Then he turned in adult link and became even hotter (and even hotter still when I realised leaving the control would make him pant and check his ass). In twilight Princess he's even hotter. Maybe it's the hair, or the eyes or the fast he has to put up with annoying fairy's and princessess in order to save the world from destruction I'm not sure. maybe it's the fact he's screwed/bbeen screwed by a lot of guys too Sheik, Vaati, the Shadow Link's, Shad, Ralis, Prince of the Zora, Lineback, Dark Link, Morpha, the golden wolf spirit, Ganon and Wolf!Link. Yeah, he's probably had more, like Kafei froom Majora's Mask but I couldn't get good pics. So without further rambling here he is.

4: Kit Fisto (Nautolan Jedi Master, Jedi Council Member and High General of the Galactic Republic, from Star Wars): It's the tentacles I tell you! Or maybe the fact he's green or his grin I don't know but it's definately the tentacles. I hate that he didn't have any lines in the films (and that he died completely differently in the book... the book's death was better). Sigh.

3: Bob Bryar (Drummer for My Chemical Romance): There's something about Bob. really. When he first came into MCR he looked big and scary, like he'd punch you if you'd so much as looked at him. Now... now he looks all cute and cuddly, with his cute fringe, lip ring and oh so hot blue eyes. His eyes are gorgeous. Before MCR he shared an appartment with Patrick and was The Used's sound guy (and yet no one seems to care about that when he's ficced). Plus he's perhaps the most stubbon person in the universe, not stopping playing unless a doctor tells him. Plus Gerard makes his heart burn.

2: Jay James (Bassist for Bullet For My Valentine): Jay like Bob was at first very scary looking. Again he now looks like someone I just wanna cuddle. Ok, that's just one of the things I wanna do. If anyone fics Jay they instantly go into my top people. I mean he gets drunk, has a tongue ring, is in a band with three guys or get drunk a lot (and play tricks on each) has been bandaged up, pole danced, showered with bandmates and got his ass felt up by Matt. Plus he's Welsh.

1: Matthew and Nathan Leone (bassist/singer for Madina Lake/The Blank Theory): Again I put two brothers together but they're twins so nyeh. Look at the pretty though, they're so gorgeous. Matthew's the one with the stripe.

Wow, so that's an hour of my life gone. And only half the cake's gone.
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