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Definition of 'Busy'

Definition of 'Busy'
Pairing: Worm/Ryan Ross, Gerard/Mikey
POV: Worm
Dedications: bloodyhands, the_glory_days , antontobias86 and fastbetty31 for the Worm fixation
Notes: this is my first Worm fic (though it wasn't meant to be) and the idea came into my head last night at TOC. I wrote this all today, which is pretty fast for me.

"I want to see Gerard."

I stared at the boy that had spoken those words. A boy less than half my size, with brown hair sticking out in all directions and intricate make-up covering his cheek that must have taken well over an hour to reply. A boy who, despite looking like a homeless boy from the last century, had managed to get through several other security checkpoints to get here. A boy who looked under 20 and almost girl-like, but had a surprisingly deep voice.

"Gerard's busy." I said on a calm tone, looking him right in his eyelined brown eyes. "Come back later."

"I want to see him now." His voice was insistant and his eyes were showing he wasn't going to back down. I was the only one standing between him and the doorway to the dressing room which was now occupied by Gerard. A half naked Gerard who was getting head off his brother.

That was Gerard's definition of busy.

"You can go and see Ray and Bob, then see Gerard when he's done." Then I could warn Gerard that there was a lost child demanding to see him and quietly push him out the nearest exit into the tour bus to avoid him.

"No, I want to see him now." He looked like he was about to stamp his foot like the child he was. "Do you even know who I am?"

I shook my head slightly, his face not ringing a bell and since he hadn't said his name I was even more clueless. "No, and I don't care much to princess. Gerard's busy and no matter who you are he isn't going to come running."

His eyes narrowed to a glare, anger and frustration clear in the dark brown orbs. "I'm Ryan Ross, guitarist and lyricist for Panic! At The Disco." When I gave him the same blank look as before he looked at me like I was insane. "What? You don't recognise me?! You're the only security guy here that doesn't."

"I told you whoever you are..."

"Yada, yada." He sighed and rolled his eyes, clearly not caring what I said. "Zack!" Great, he has a boyfriend. I just hoped he wasn't a dumb fuck like he was. Knowing my luck he'd be dumber, like a boy on a sugar rush and he'd bore me to tears with rambling of some sort to convinve me to let Ryan past. If that was the case I may as well shoot myself right now.

Instead of a lean, pretty and stupid boy, Zack turned out to be completely the opposite. He was much larger then Ryan, with a body type more similar to mine. It was clear to me that he wasn't his boyfriend, as I was sure Ryan could have whoever and this Zack didn't seem his type and also that he was a bodyguard or security person. His round body was most definiately due to looking intimidating rather then just being overweight. "What's wrong Ryan?"

"He," He jabbed his finger in my direction. "Won't let me see Gerard."

"Because he's busy." I added when I realised he wouldn't say it it. "And the princess here won't accept it." He glared at me as I called it him, clearly not liking his new nickname. Inwardly I smirked, glad he didn't.

"Ryan, why don't you just wait." Zack said in a soothing voice and I could tell that he'd had to deal with this kind of behaviour before. A lot. "I'm sure he'll be out soon."

"I want to now though." I could tell he was losing his steam now, just from those few words from Zack.

"Don't you want to see the others? I'm sure you could see them right?" I nodded at him when he looked at me for confirmation.

"I just want to see Gerard. And maybe Mikey." His eyes lit up and he turned to face me again, as if just the mention of Mikey's name made him remember he existed. It was at times like this I felt sorry that Ray and Bob didn't get as much attention but also glad that they didn't have to put up with people like Ryan. They were lucky. "Can I see Mikey?"

"No." I said firmly, staring him down. "Mikey's busy too, he's helping Gerard." I noted that Zack had a knowing smirk, which told me he knew exactly what i meant by that. Clearly he was smart then Ryan, who just looked like he'd go into a huff.

"I've got an idea." Zack spoke up before Ryan could find anymore words. "How about you help... er..." He looked at me, his eyes telling me he wanted my name.

"Worm." I supplied and he smirked again.

"Yes, how about you go and help out Worm here and I'm sure grard won't be busy by the time he's done. And you might even get to see their bus and even some alone time with Gerard." Zack kept his eyes on me as he spoke, winking when he was finished, clearly hoping I'd got his meaning. Great.

Ryan's eyes lit up when he finished speaking, meaning he obviously liked the sound of that idea. He nodded, clearly speechless and looked at me again, his eyes hopeful and optimistic.

"Sure, why not. You stay here, let no one in ok?" Zack nodded, moving in to take over my position. Gerard would probably kill me for leaving my post, but he'd kill me more if I let Ryan through to see Mikey on his knees deep throating him. Especially as ryan seemed like the type to have the newest camera phone and take pictures of everything he could get in his sights. This seemed to be the lesser of two evils. I took Ryan's hand and dragged him off down a different corridor, pushing the door open into the guy's toilets, checking briefly to make sure it was empty. Satisfied, I pulled Ryan in, moving to the nearest wall and leaning against it. I didn't care if anyone saw me, so I wasn't going to use a cubicle, especially for princess here.

I reached down, undoing my fly and pulling my cock out, his eyes widening slightly. At first i wasn't sure if they'd done so because I was pulling out my length or some reaction to my size, but then he spoke up and I was sure. "Wow.... you're so big." I shrugged, his words pretty much confirming in my mind that he was used to sucking guys off in toilets. Or at least had done it before. He slid down to his knees, gazing from my cock to me. "And doing this will mean I get all those things Zack said?"

"If you do a good job." I smiled down at him, which seemed to translate as 'let's get started' to him. He parted his lips, leaned forward and took my head into his mouth, his tongue sliding over my sensitive flesh. I leaned against the cool tiles of the wall, slipping my fingers into his hair. Like him, this wasn't my first experience of a blow job in a semi-public bathroom. I looked down at him, feeling, rather then seeing him take more of my length down his throat. His movements were slow, though I was sure he could go faster if I urged him. Which I didn't.

I moved my eyes from his head to the door, hearing the portal open. Obviously Ryan didn't hear as he didn't stop moving his lips down my cock. The person who opened the door didn't come through, isn't they just popped their head round the door and grinned at me. Ray gave me a thumbs up, then quietly shut the door and was out of sight. Great, now I'd have to tell him about this later.

I returned my attention back to Ryan who now had most of my dick between those pretty, pouty lips of his. A lot of guys couldn't manage that with the apparent ease he had. He moved his lips back up my shaft, occasionally letting his teeth lightly graze my skin but always keeping his lips tight around me. I moaned softly in pleasure as his tongue swirled over my head. The soft tip of his tongue dipped into my slit, which was now oozing precum. Then, moments later, he plunged himself back down, taking me all the way to the base in one quick movement. Fuck he was good. Not that I'd tell him that, I didn't want him to have a bigger ego. His hands reached up and cupped my balls, his lips moving back along my length to repeat his movements. I let my eyes fall shut, tangling my fingers in his dark brown locks, his lips sliding down to my base again. He was getting into a rhythm now, bobbing his head up and down every few seconds. Whenever it's just my head in his mouth, he swipes the precum from my slit before taking my length fully again. If ever his career in music failed, he could always suck cock for a living. Maybe I'd tell him that.

He started pressing his tongue against my underside as he moved down my shaft, the soft flesh pressing against my veins and making me groan louder. I guessed I was probably close already from the amount of precum my cock was producing already. I gripped tighter onto his hair, but still didn't force him to go faster. If I so desired, I knew I could with ease but the way he was working was just too good. I came a few seconds later, not even able to give him any sort of warning but he didn't seem to care. He continued his movements and I could feel him his throat contract as he swallowed my load. I panted softly, letting my head lean back against the wall, his mouth still bobbing up and down even as I softened.

That's when I saw Mikey, stnding by the sinks, watching us intently. I wasn't sure how long he'd been there, but it was certainly for awhile from the looks of things. I pushed Ryan's head away, noting how he as licking his lips. He clearly enjoyed what he was doing and I guessed if I hadn't stopped him he'd have become a permenant fixture. "You've done an amazing job princess." Ryan smiled up at me, seeming to like that name now. He didn't seem to mind that some of his make up had smudged. "You can go see Gerard now." He grinned up at me, stood up and kissed me on the cheek.

"Thank you." He disappeared out the room, not seeming to notice Mikey in his excitement.

"Getting sucked off by a fanboy in the toilets Worm? You surprise me." Mikey was smirking, leaning against the sinks and staaring right at me.

"It was to keep him from getting in and seeing you two." I shrugged slightly, zipping myself up and licking my lips lightly. "It was just to keep him distracted, but he was pretty good though."

"Mmm... you do know that's Ryan Ross, Pete's new plaything." He said it matter-of-factly, though I knew it bothered him whenever Pete got a new toy. I knew better then to talk to him about it though.

"Really?" He nodded and I came over to him, kissing his forehead. "Come on, we better save Gerard before princess becomes attached to him." Mikey giggled and nodded, leading me out of the bathroom back to the corridor.

I could already hear Gerard's voice in his room, which set Mikey off into another fit of giggles. "Who are you and why are you undoing my fly with your teeth?"
Tags: fic, gerard way, gerard way/mikey way, mikey way, my chemical romance, panic! at the disco, ryan ross, ryan ross/worm, slash, worm
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