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What about smoke machines?

I have returneded.

So today has been spent listening to The Blank Theory a lot. Like 6 times. Nathan really has an amazing voice. Not that I didn't thik so before though.

So today started off ok, with getting Pepsi, Kerrang (oh and Kerrang, please stop refering to Lyn-Z as Mrs Gerard Way, or at all for that matter, it's annoying) and listening to the aforementioned The Blank Theory and previously mentioned Bullet track.

That was until I got tout the station to go get the panto tickets (which I ended up not being able to get cause I forgot ID). Now I either did something very good or very stupid here. Perhaps a little of both. Ok, no, it was mostly stupid.

There was this guy and he came up to me. Stupidly I took my earphone out and listened to him ramble. Naturally he wanted money. He needed some to go home and get some injections cause hesaid he was diabetic. And he looked all cute and sounded so genuine so I was gonna give him a few quid. But he said he needed £20 for the train and would come back to give it me back in an hour. Somehow he got thirty, but he gave me a hug.

An hour later he didn't come back.

So I ended up spending the day with only the money mum had given me, down £30 I could've used in Forbidden Planet in 5 seconds. Damn them for having the new mini's, poicketmodels and topless Anakin figure and damn me for having nothing to buy them with because I was stupid. BAH! Least I'm going back in a week or two, which is good cause they didn't have Umbrella Academy, bad them.

Plus there's a Nintendo magazine in Smiths I just need. Cause it's a Zelda special and there's a yummy poster. Ok, there's two yummy posters so I may have to get two. Sigh.

I hardly eaten before the gig, only having a Toffee Crisp and Galaxy Caramel. Nothing to drink either.

So after two hours waiting for the guy, I went to wait in the line. I think either a he conned me (most likely) or b: something bad happened to him. I don't know which I hope for more. Maybe secret option c, both.

Sigh so an hour later we were in. Before we got in I signed a petition against animal fur. The best tee's are the Used tee's. I picked the black one though. The pink and yellow ones wouldn't go with anything I wear.

The first band was one that wasn't on the bill. Divide The Line or something. They had Oli-like accents so I couldn't really understand. they were ok. I wasn't really paying attention to them. It was really weird how the singer and the screaming ssang and screamed the same things at the same time.

Then The Blackout came on. Before they did the smoke machine went uber crazy and covered the whole stage. So we couldn't see fuck. I couldn't really see when they did come on cause I was behind some tall freaks. Bah. I could see Matthew's neck though, so I stared at that. Plus I saw Sean always doing that thing he does with mics. Twirl and throw them, then catch them again. The weirdo. I like The Blackout, they're funny. Now I've seen them 4 times and only once has been on purpose. Scary. It's like i have a band stalking me....

Next was Gallows. Cue me sitting it out and falling asleep. I don't like them, or the fact I've seen them twice. I also don't like that their 'fan' were calling out for them to be on in a rude way before The Blackout came on.

Then there was Aiden, I stood and listened. they didn't play Knife Blood Nightmare, which made me sad, but they did play Teenage Queen. wiL tried to imitate Sean and failed. Nick has nice arms, but my camera didn't like me trying to take pics.

I sat out Rise Against. they were ok, but I wasn't really listening. Apparently money from their tee's goes to a disease of some sort. I didn't catch it's name but I did hear the singer say 'it's probably already effect you and if it hasn't it will'. Joy.

There was a guy that looked like Matthew, cept he had this cone piercing in his chin. He was hot.

For The Used I got pretty close to the stage. What's with the cut out things? I don't see what Paris Hilton, an alien, Superman, Marilyn Monroe and Darth Vader have in common. Maybe that's the point, that there's no point. I was on Jepha's side and close enough not to see the drums. Just like Fightstar I miss the drummer entirely. Bah. I did see that Jepha spent an aweful lot of time (50%ish of the set) near or in front of the drums. Getting Dna worked up obviously. bert said the chemical romance part of Take It Away. That makes me fuzzy and happy inside. More so then at Islington, cause he actually said it not shoved the mic at the crowd mid way.

Anyway he did crazy stuff, like call himself bret, run his fingers over Quinn's chest., get members of the crowd onstage to dance and generally be Bert like. Mostly my eyes were on jepha though cause I had a clearer view of him. they sang hospital yay and it was going to be the last song before they did A Box Of Sharp Objects which was awesome and the best part of the set and where my camera was going crazy.

Why? Cause Sean was onstage and singing/screaming and it was just... all kinds of amazing awesomeness. So yeah, pics tomorrow.

All in all the Used were the best of them all, cause it was just amazing somehow. I wish they'd announce a tour for next year (but not in Jan or Feb pleasee I'm already gonna be dying from 4 gigs please, no more).

During Rise Against my brain came up with a plot for a Worm fic. So I'm going to write that soon. it'll probably be up soon cause it's that kind of idea.

On the way out I got some fries and a drink from Mcdonalds and ate them on the trip. Well, by that I mean they werre gone before we reached the first station. I was hungry.

On the trip my brain plotted out the last part of 5 Dreams (yes it is 6 parts long, not 5 as the name would suggest). I wish it would stop plotting out parts I'm not at yet. Stupid thing.

Once of the train on the way home I saw a fox. twas perdy, i tried getting pics, btu dunno how they turned out. It scared an ickle kitty.

Anyway, I'm off now. I dunno what I'm going to do. Probably try to write, then crash from exhaustion.
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