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Bathed in outrage and rust

Well I'm going in a minute for the 12:05 train. Yeah, I might be going a bit early, but that's just in case the train is slow and I get lost finding the Hippodrome. And so I have enough time to do what I need to.

I have Kerrang and Pepsi in the fridge for when I get back.

The Kerrang Bullet song isn't the one I was hoping, instead it's Eye Of The Storm which is the Mother Nature one. At first it doesn't sound like Matt to me, I'm not sure why. I like it, but I still would've rather heard Jay's one. the poster's nice and big and perdy (I haven't read Kerrang yet, instead taking it with me). The world seriously needs more Jay fic. With anyone, I don't really care who. He could be with padge or the Way's or Bob and Ray or Bert or... anyone really (I stop myself cause I could be here all day otherwise). Will someone pleaseeeeeee do one. I'll give pictures if you want and reward you with cookiees and fic.

I'm taking my new camera so if anyone decides to wander around signing things (read as anyone not the Gallows) I'll poke them into signing and a picture. So yay. Saying that no one will probably be doing anything.

I downloaded Bender's Big Score last night (yes downloading wrong blah blah) and it's so cool. I'm not gonna say much more cept I missed Futurama. Though it creates so many paradoxes. Even though there's shiny remote control gold Death Stars (which apparently have cloaking devices).

And Luke was in it, though I missed him.

Anyway, before I go I'm leaving bits from two fic cause I was lazy yesterday and spent all my time I could've spent writing in bed. Oops.

From the Support Act Sequel (The Leone twins/The Used), matthew's POV

Out of the corner of my eye I saw the others filing in behind him. First was Dan, then Quinn and finally Bert. Dan went straight to Nathan, his hands cupping my twin's balls. Quinn just stood beside Bert and looked over us both. "I'm glad you both came." Bert licked his lips as he spoke, emphasising the word came. "I was worried Sean would be in too much discomfort to deliver our message to you." Jepha chuckled, obviously knowing what he meant by that. I wondered what they'd done to the boy, but decided it was best not to ask. "But don't worry about him, he's now keeping your bandmates occupied with his soft lips and warm, tight ass."

"Are you sure it'll still be that tight?" Quinn laughed softly.

"He'll still do for them. Now, this is the same as before. You'll both do as you're told, only you have to listen to all of us, not just me. Is that clear?" I nodded and so did Nathan. The hands that had been fondling us were now gone and both Dan and Jepha were now beside Quinn and Bert, so they were all standing in a line. "Now, did you make good use of what I left you last time?"

I remembered them well, I could tell Nathan did too. The four things Bert had left us in the drawer. It had been obvious what they were the moment we laid eyes on them. A shit from each of them. At first we weren't sure what to do with them, so we just stared at them for a few minutes. It was I who decided we should use them on each other. I'd laid Nathan down on the bed, took the ones marked Quinn's and Dan's and eased them into my twin. After taking my fist it had been easy to just push them both into him next to each other. Once they were all the way in, we switched places and he used Bert's and Jepha's on me. It took longer to get them inside me, as I'd only taken Bert's length as opposed to a fist. After doing so though, Nathan realised it would be too difficult to get them out to use again, so we just ate each other out.

I was too lost in the memory of it to have heard Nathan's description of events. Apparently, what they heard turned them all on, as they each had a noticeable hardness, though it was likely they all were on the way during the trip to us. "Fuck this, I can't wait anymore. Jepha unzipped his fly, pulling out his sizeable, pierced dick and stepped towards me. "On your knees bitch." I nodded slowly, sliding down to my knee before him. Fuck, he was bigger then Bert. Mostly in girth and the piercing didnothing to diminish my intimidation at his arousal. I'd never taken a pierced cock before. To be honest though I was surprised it wasn't tattooed. "I didn't tell you to get down them to stare at it!" I heard Bert chuckle at Jepha's eagerness.I licked my lips lightly, taking a deep breath before wrapping them around his head. "That's better." I felt his hands on my shoulders as I trailed my tongue over the soft flesh and flicking it against the silver ring. He moaned softly and I took more of him between my lips, flicking my eyes over to my twin.

Nathan was on all fours, with his head buried in Bert's crotch, his throat bulging from his cock. Dan was behind him, thrusting two spit-slicked fingers ino my brother's passage. I closed my own eyes for a moment, practically feeling Dan's fingers probing me, pushing against my spot. I re-opened them when I heard Quinn let out a soft sigh. He was pissing all over Nathan's back and in his hair, covering him in the warm, golden fluid. Fuck. A large part of me was jealous of him right now, even though I'd get the treatment later no doubt.

Jepha's fingers tugging on my locks bought my attention back to him. I suckled more of his length between my lips, pressing my tongue against his underside. He tasted so good, but I was nervous about him taking control. I didn't want the ring ripping at my throat. I closed my eyes, reaching up to stroke at his thighs lightly, my thumbs rubbing over his soft balls. A small part of me had expected his shaft to be tattooed and I was surprised he didn't. I breathed in his masculine scent, swirling my tongue around his head. He let aout a moan above me, reaching to my hair and gripping my locks tightly. "Fuck you're so good. Bert was fucking right about you both."

And the first paragraph of 5 Dreams part 5.

I sat on the snow-covered floor, carving a face in the torso beside me. I'd found it, just laying there in the snow, with neither arms, legs or a head. Just a body. But a body was boring so I'd taken it upon myself to make it more interesting, sitting beside it and using my pocket knife to make a face instead. Everything always seemed better with a face carved in it. Especially if the face had a nice big smile. As soon as I was finished though, I heard voices.

So leave comments/thoughts whatever while I'm gone. Au revoir.
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