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What do you want from me?

Good things about the past day:
*Mum saying she'll give me money tomorrow (read as probably £15, which'll cover getting food)
*Babu's money arriving
*The Blank Theory finally getting here (wtf?)
*Tomorrow being Taste Of Chaos and the Kerrang with Bullet track
*The Star Destroyer coming at last... in a box three times bigger then necessary
*My warm bed
*Seeing nan Friday (though that could go in the bad too)
*Thoughts about Gerard/Worm
*Knowing I'll be able to finish fic if I overcome the cold
*The Sarah Jane Adventures. luke groaning shouldn't be so hot and yay K-9!
*Kylie's album next week and her documentary Saturday

Bad things about the past day:
*Mum being nosy and finding my bank book
*Having to reiterate I'm not a misogynistic asshole. Honestly, why does calling one person a whore cause so much trouble just because it's a girl. Anyone that thinks that's misogynistic is sexist cause I've called guys whores and no one cares. It's only a double standard when you make it so
*Wanting to be able to post whatever I like in my journal without it being posted anywhere else, especially those fuck you comm's. Especially more with my words twisted to make me sound like an asshole. Can't respect my decision for wanting to be out of those comm's? Then get the fuck out right now.
*Stupid people
*The cold
*The dvd remote still being missing
*Being awake at 7
*Wanting to hit stupid people.
*On the third can already
*Tv being shit mostly
*Another tour being announced for the start of Febuary. Wah!
*Not being able to hear the new Panic! song
*Being sent to the grave on his birthday Saturday. Bad cause I know I'll cry
*Stupid people who'd rather delete my comment then make a reasoned reply. Wow that's super mature
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