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5 Dreams Part 4

5 Dreams
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Bert Mccracken, Gerard Way/Mikey Way, Ray Toro/Matthew Leone, Gerard Way/Gerard Way
POV: Gerard
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Death, sex, implied scat, french
Notes: The main inspiration for this was the Buffy episode Restless (which is all kinds of awesome). It's longer then the rest and is the most twisted perhaps. Lots of random shit.
Dedications: bloodyhands, the_glory_days, antontobias86, fastbetty31 and mrsvandertramp for the translation
1: Mikey
2: Bob
3: Ray

4: Gerard

I gazed around our bedroom, my eyes lidded slightly as I panted softly. I barely registered Mikey's length sliding out of me, though his soft lips ghosted over my neck as he did so. "You're amazing Gee." He purred against me before standing up beside the bed. I smiled at him, rolling off the bed to stand beside him, pulling my jeans up over my leaking ass as I did so. He was naked, his pale skin slightly glistening from sweat. "Do you remember the first time we ever did anything together?" I smiled wider and nodded. How could I forget the day when my 12 year old brother climbed into my bed while I was jacking off to wrap his lips around my erection. "I was so scared you'd push me away. I'm glad you didn't." He turned to face me, his long hair framing his beautiful face. How could I push him away, ever. He was incredible. He had an amazing tongue, gorgeous ass and he knew what he was doing with his dick. I was well aware how lucky I was to have him. I wrapped an arm around his waist and he rested his head on my shoulder, sighing softly. "We have something special don't we?"

"Of course we do." I kissed his hair lightly, staring through the room's open window. The view wasn't the usual view from home, but it was of a lake, with water that seemed almost black and surrounding trees that seemed dead. I shook my head and returned my attention to Mikey. Over 10 years on and off I'd been with him. It was strange to think of it as so long, especially as it had only started as a sexual thing. Being in a band had made their relationship much more permenant and stable. There weren't any worries now about being found out as the others knew, as did Worm, Brian and certain members of other bands they trusted. Matt had known. It was one of the reasons why he got replaced by Bob. Sometimes I'd even have to act out my urges on stage, running my hand over Mikey's chest, grabbing his hair or spanking his ass. I'd always want to lean into him and plant my lips on his. Somehow I'd managed not to act on that yet. Well, not in any serious way.

We'd ravish each other whenever we got offstage though.

"You know, I think we should get a little kitten." He kissed my shoulder as he spoke those words, one of his hands stroking my bare chest. "Yeah, a little black and white kitten and we could keep him on the bus." I closed my eyes, images of a tiny kitten falling over whenever the bus moved filling my head. I giggled at the thought, kissing my brother's hair lightly.

"I'm sure we wouldn't be allowed to keep one." He turned to face me again, his face and eyes looking sad at my words. "We can have one someday though. When we're more settled. I just don't think going from place to place every day would be a stable environment for an animal. And don't bring up Pete's monkey again." Again I kissed his hair, but this time I had to lean forward to do so. The mention of Pete's monkey seemed to make him smile, which made me glad. I didn't want a miserable Mikey with dreams of having a tiny kitten dashed. I kissed him lightly on the lips, then turned to see two other figures in the room.

One of them was on all fours and heading towards us. I knew from sense of smell alone who it was before he moved fully into the light. It was Bert Mccracken. His long, tangled hair hung past his shoulders, a black leather collar was pulled tight around his neck, complete with a shining name tag and a chain leading to the hands of the other figure. He gazed at me with his glazed eyes, one surrounded by heavy blue eyeshadow and the right with yellow. He padded towards me with his hands in paws and a leather thong being his sole item of clothing. A small, tight thong. "Hello Gerard." He grinned at me, then ran his tongue over his lips. "Master says if I'm a good puppy he'll do a nice, big shit on my face." He did a soft woof, wiggling his ass as if he had a tail. "Would you like to watch Gerard?" He glanced back at his Master, then at me. "It gives me such a boner to be watched... maybe you could even join in?"

I bite my lip, unsure about what he was saying. Sure, I wanted to, but I was with Mikey. I twisted my head to look at him, and my younger brother merely shrugged, a cigarette between his pouty lips. "Watch if you want. I don't mind." I blinked in surprised at his reaction, to which he responded by leaning forward and kissing my cheek, smoke blowing over my skin. "Just keep your eyes open kay?"

"Yes Han." I rolled my eyes and kissd his forehead lightly, stroking his bare chest. I turned to see that Bert's Master had stepped from the shadows. Fuck, Bob looked strangely hot covered in skin-tight black leather. His boots were similar to Mikey's, with shining silver straps and he had the chain that was hooked to Bert's collar wrapped around his fingers. His strong, muscular fingers. I moved my gaze up his body until we locked eyes. He smirked at me then turned away and wordlessly dragged Bert out the room. I turned my head to Mikey confirming that he still allowed me to go. He laid on the bed now and nodded at me, smoke falling from beween his parted lips.

I left the room through it's only door and found myself in a corridor. This one wasn't the one we had at home. It was much longer and had windows all along the left side. The lights above were all flickering on and off and the wall opposite the window was covered in obscure art. They all looked like paintings of the lake from various angles, though some showed it green and alive, while others shown the water as being aflame. I shivered at the sight of them. They looked like art I'd do, though I don't recall ever doing a lake landscape let alone the eight that filled this hallway.

It was then I heard the glass shatter. I leapt back an arrow passing inches in front of my eyes, slamming into the nearest painting instead of me. I turned round to go back to Mikey, but the door was further away then I expected, the corridor somehow longer now. Ahead though, there was an elegant looking door not too far away. I made a run for it, more arrows breaking the glass and slamming into the artwork, flakes of paint falling to the floor. I kept my eyes on the paintings as I ran past them. They all seemed to be the same as the first o nes I'd seen, the differences only seeming to be minor. The last two though, were clearly distinguishable from the rest. The first had the a damaged Eiffel Tower coming out from the center of the lake. The other had a firenear the lake's edge, which had consumed a small ring of trees. A figure was standing just outside the trees, a body laying on the floor next to them. I shivered slightly at the sight of them, something creeping me out about them over the others. At least the arrows had stopped.

Of course, I'd thought too soon and another was bursting through the window, hitting the Eiffel Tower. Not wanting to risk staying here anymore, I opened the door and stepped into the next room.

I blinked as I stepped into the large expanse, the lights from the ceiling so much brighter then the ones from where I'd just come from. I rubbed my eyes to allow them to adjust to the light, then took in the sight of this new space. The room was clearly some sort of ballroom, with a shining marble floor. The celing was meters above my head, with gold and silver chandeliers casting light over everything. I wasn't alone here. The room was buzzing with people, all wearing some form of mask on their faces. Some of them had had hand masks, others had their faces painted or sequins stuck to their skin. Still others had masks that were blank and pure white, some that wouldn't look out of place on Slipknot and I'm sure I saw on that looked like Majora's Mask. Maybe I was just seeing things. There was music from a white piano, where a small, young looking boy was playing, equally dressed in white. He had silver thread keeping his lips closed and swirls of make-up over his skin.

I felt a little out of place here and felt their eyes on me, judging me for not looking like them. A figure stepped towards me, a black rose vest covering his chest. Sequins covered his face in swirling patterns and his lips were black, surrounded by a line of silver. His hair was brown, with a fringe that hung over his forehead as well as long strands of hair which covered his ears. His eyes were brown and shining with clear intelligence.

"Bon soir. Tu as abtenu le meilleur masque de tout!"

I blinked at him, not understanding him. French never was my best subject. All I was sure of was he'd said good evening, the rest was just gibberish to me. "Hello, do you speak English? I'm looking for my friends. One was practically naked with long black hair, the other's in skin tight leather." All the time I was speaking, he was looking at me like I was a lunatic. As soon as I was done he looked to the enarest person next to him, a man dressed in a white frilly shirt, the upper half of his face covered in a plain white mask that was somehow secured to his head. His toothy smile was vaguely familiar to me. It looked like Pete's.

"Compris-tu qu'il a dit?"

I really had no clue what he was saying, other then he was talking to 'Pete'. His response was just to nod wordlessly. I wondered why he didn't even try to response verbally, as his eyes clearly showing that he wanted to talk. Perhaps he was somehow unable to speak in a way I was unable to see. Or maybe he was just a mute. The male in the rosevest turned back to me and took a step towards me, his hips swaying and his brown eyes gazing over me. Behind him the crowd were dancing in pairs along to the music. He was looking at me like a predator would watch his prey, which was unsettling to me. It felt like he was going to pounce any minute, though weather that was to rip off my clothes and suck my dick or claw out my entrails was another matter entirely.

"Vos amis ont traversé cette porte." He grinned at me, nodding to the opposite side of the ballroom, where I could just about make out a doorway. I guessed that meant where Bert and Bob had gone.

"Thanks... I mean, merci." I gave him a thin smile, before disappearing into the crowd as quickly as I could. Oddly a crowd of people that mostly wore masks to conceal their identity's seemed safer then being with rosevest.

"Bonne chance un idiot! Ne pas oublier le porte numéro quatre." I head him laugh behind me like a manic, before I was out of sight and hearing range of him completely. I was sure he was just as crazy as whoever tried to shoot me with arrows earlier. I took a deep breath as I slide past the masked people, having up on trying to look for any familiar features on each of them. The masks concealled their faces, none of their eyes or hair looked familiar to me and their bodies were all random sizes. Some were large, while others were slender as rosevest. I weaved my way between them all, feeling their eyes on me as I did so.

It took me about five minutes to cross the room, but when I did I was confronted by a doorway. It wasn't a normal doorway, it was an oval that was split into three parts. As I approached it, the shining white oval opened, each part disappearing into the marble walls. I glanced back at the masked people, but none of them were paying attention to me. Deciding going through the doorway was a safer bed then staying here, I entered the next room.

This room was so unlike the ballroom. The walls, floor and ceiling were luminous white and the room was unfurnished apart from a strange chair in front of the left way. It had no legs and instead hung from the ceiling via a thin white stem. In front of me were a row of five doors, each vastly different from the others. I sat on the chair, leaning back to examine the doors from left to right.

The first door was made of blood-red glass in a silver frame. The second, was a much more solid looking door made of metal with a circular wheel in the center which I guessed served as the opening mechanism. It seemed like it would be more at home in a secure facility then here. The next door was made of wood, with a hole in the upper half of the door that had metal bars through it, like some sort of dungeon lay behind. The forth door, meanwhile was more ornate, covered in silver swirls and inlaid with blue gems. The final door was just a plain black door, with no significant markings on it. One door had to lead where Bob and Bert went, but I wasn't stupid. I knew any of the doors could lead to more rooms, so I'd just open each one and look inside, simple.

I stood and headed to the first door, turning the knob and opening it slowly. I peeked inside the room, noticing it was small and dark, the walls made of dark uncovered brick. Against one wall sat a a boy, completely naked with a black stripe through his blonde hair. His feet were resting on a box in the middle of the room. "Hello, I'm sure I'm not the one you're looking for."

I blinked at him, then shook my head, wondering why a boy like him would be in here. I entered the room, gazing at him curious as to why he was here. "You should come out of here, this doesn't look like a nice place to be."

He shook his head in response. "I have my head to keep me company." He smiled and I looked down to his crotch, noticing that hew was pushing a head up and down his erection. A head with dark, curly hair. I took a step back. "What's wrong?" He looks straight at me, his blue eyes piercing through me. "Do you want a turn? His thick lips feel so fucking good."

That was when I knew I had to get out. I took the last few steps out the room and slammed the door back on him. Fuck he frightened me, what a crazy fuck. Who'd make a fake head of my bandmate to pleasure themselves with? Some people were so insane. Why was I getting all the psychopaths tonight?

I took another deep breath, stepping in front of the second door and slowly turning the wheel to open it. I stepped back as I pulled the door open, gazing around the thick metal to gaze at what lay beyond. the corridor beyond was made of glass with cylindrical lights running along the length of the room behind the glass. At the end there was a door similar to the door I'd opened, which was open as well. Alright, so there was another room beyond that they were maybe in. All I had to do was go through this corridor, it didn't look that hard, no psycho freaks here. I turned around the doorway, ready to enter, but as I did a boy came in through the other entance. A boy in a long, black dress with dark hair and tattoos. "Ian?"

"Gerard?" He looked at me with a smile, heading towards me. Within two steps the door behind heim started to close and by the time he was halfway towards me this one did too.

"Ian?!" I looked into him, trying to pull the door to stop it's movement but I hadn't the strength to. The last thing I saw before the door slammed shut was a panicked Ian running towards me... and a blue laser grid behind him. I heard the muffled sound of him screaming as the door slammed shut and locked itself. Fuck. I tried to turn the wheel again, but it was stuck tight. I guessed it was far too late to do anything to him. I had no choice but to move on and hope for the best.

I slowly moved to the next one, wondering what horror could be behind this one. A door that looked like it was to a dungeon, yeah that would be safe. I turned the knob and stepped inside the room. Blissfully there was Bert and Bob. Bert was still on all fours, only this time over Bob's lap being spanked hard. From the smell in the room I could tell I'd missed up on the chance Bert offered me. I glanced at Bert's face, noting the brown that was smeared over it and matted in his hair. Yeah, I'd definately missed the show. And from the white liquid that was oozing from his hole with each hit, I could tell I'd missed even more. "Bert here's been a bad puppy." Before I could ask what he did Bob gazed at me, a smirk on his face. "He didn't bark before he came, instead he groaned out your name. perhaps I should punish you as well, for polluting my puppy's mind." He pushed Bert off him, picking up a whip from the table beside his chair and stood, taking a step towards me. I could see the black leather of his crotch was shing with piss, most likely from Bert. "I should send you back to Mikey covered in thick, red welts." He flicked the black leather whip at me once he finished speaking to me, barely missing me by a few inches. Fuck, our drummer was crazy too. Again I was forced to back out of a room and slam them door.

I ran into the forth door, hearing a faint bang from the ballroom behind me, which made me even more convinced that whatever was behind this door was safe. The room behind the door was the largest of the four I'd been in so far, yet it was pretty much empty. Reflective water covered the floor up to my toes and there was a lone tree in the rooms middle. I walked towards it considering it to be much safer then anywhere else. I could hide behind it after all. "You know, I was beginning to think you wouldn't come at all." Leaning against the tree was a figure a figure who couldn't... shouldn't be. It was me, except he had his long hair blonde and wore the silver Black Parade uniform. "Ryan's a bit useless at giving directions, what with being French and all. Oh and yeah, I am you, you're not seeing things."

"Wh... what?" I came towards him, looking at him intently. He couldn't be real could he? Or maybe he was some sort of crazed fan, so obsessed with me he'd dressed as me.

"here's what you're going to do. First, you're going to shut up. And second." He moved from the tree towards me and crashed his lips upon mine. I gasped in surprise, but he just took that as an opportunity to push his tongue into my mouth. His arms looped around me and stroked along my back, his hips pushing against mine. I could feel his erection press against me, my own cock starting to harden too. I'd become half hard in the previous room, before Bob came at me and frightened it from me. He ground his hips against me repeatedly, which made me hard rapidly. "You know you want it." He whispered against my lips. "Accept it." I nodded, watching as he reached down, undoing his fly and pulling out his shaft. It was identical to mine, but I'd expected as much. he pushed me down and I slide down to my knees without protesting. Opening my mouth I took his cock between my lips, taking it down my throat as his fingers tangled into my hair. As I sucked him off I wondered if it was wrong to do it. After all, he was, technically me. Was I being the ultimate narcissist? I shook such thoughts away and concentrated on pleasuring the cock in my mouth instead. Such thoughts were best left for later.

He removed himself from my mouth, moving behind me and pulling my pants down to my knees. "You have such a nice pale ass. I knew you would. Mikey's fucked you right?" I nodded at his words, wiggling my ass slightly, feeling some of Mikey's cum slip out. "Perfect, then I won't need to prep you." He gripped my ass cheeks and thrust his hard cock inside me. I felt no pain from his thrust, my hole still relaxed from Mikey inside me. I closed my eyes, feeling one of his hands on my hip and the other in my hair. "Do you like that? You like me inside you? You should be glad Bob doesn't have you, he'd be whipping you to death and packing your ass with shit before fucking the life out of you." He slammed deep inside me, hitting my spot, making me groan our name in pleasure. This was so fucking fucked up. "Your ass feels so good." His lips ghosted along my neck and he held my hair down, so I could see us in the water. I wished Mikey was here, I was sure he'd faint from arousal seeing us fuck. I felt his hand wrap around my cock, stroking me rapidly. "I want you to cum for me Gerard." He whispered against my ear, before suckling the lobe. I groaned in pleasure, rocking my hips against his fist and back against hard cock.

I came into the water below us moaning our name, feeling him follow a few seconds later doing the same. He sighs, removing himself from me and panting softly. "Fuck, I failed to keep you here long enough." I heard him whisper, but didn't understand what he meant by that. I crawled over to him and licked his cock clean, hoping that would calm him down. He purred, but pulled me up into a kiss, stroking my sides and pulling my pants up, doing them up. "Go you should. Be careful though ok." He smiled at me, then whispered in my ear. "Next time we'll do it with Mikey."

I grinned at his words, kissing him lightly before going to the door, gazing over my shoulder to watch him as if he'd disappear. I left the room, wishing I could stay but I decided not to. When I left the room, I sighed sadly, closing my eyes. I turned and opened the last of the five doors, ignoring the smell of burning from the ballroom. The room beyond wasn't a room but a corridor with steamed glass walls and flickering lighting. I stepped inside, heading forward slowly. The steam on the glass would come and go, allowing me to see what lay beyond. All I could see were bodies laying on the floor, with some hanging from the ceiling. It creeped me out, but I convinced myself I was just seeing things. I kept moving forward until I felt a hand grab my hair. "Finally, I've found you." He rammed me against the glass wall, stunning me for a moment. Dazed I turned around, but the last thing I saw was his fist coming towards me, landing write in my fists.

His fingers had the first half of Halloween tattooed on them.
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