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And you will suck all the light out of me

Todaay's been eh. Apart from the being in a warm bed part. Warrm beds are good, if distracting.

I need to find the dvd control to see if I can get the stupid thing working.

Today I've been to Cannock for the stuppid Job center. bah, they're ended up putting me on a stupid course thing from the 3rd for a week (then two days a week after that). I don't wanna be up before 8 especially since it's December and I'll be freezing my ass off. I bet this all ends up being pointless. Meh. I had plans that day to run off to Walsall to get Deathcar. Guess I'll do that later in the week. Stupid New Deal thing.

Also means I can't do anything for Christmas. So much for having my own freedom.

Least I have drink. And nan's Christmas present.

When I go back next week I'll get Pirates 3 (anyone that wants it, get it from Asda, it's only £8.74) and Treachery On Saleucami battle pack. And Kylie's album.

I'm caught up (pretty much) on one fic and haven't really started redoing the other (though that only had a paragraph so it's less to do). I hope to finish the next part of 5 Dreams tonight.

Taste Of Chaos is turning into even more multitasking then it was. I was going to get te Umbrella Academy before the gig (thanks to babu sending money) and generally look around. Now I'm getting tickets to the panto in Birmingham after Christmas as well. That is, just to pick em up.

Thankfully Chester's been cancelled. Cause mum's got a job in Sainsbury's which means she's stop moaning at me and not be here as much. Maybe the second one's a bad thing. She's put back the operation till January too. I'm less sure why on that one.

I'm trying to decide which Wii game to ask for Christmas and which to get for myself. I know I'll get the Wii Zapper/Link's Crossbow training definately (cause duh, it's Link so it'll be made of awesome, plus it'll have the Wii Zapper too so...). The rest (Resident Evil, Rabbids 2, Lego Star Wars, Mario and Guitar Hero 3) are all question marks though. I could get one for me, but I dunno which I'd want most. Also Guitar Hero's tracklist looks a bit iffy and might not be worth it. So I'm not sure about that (I guess I'll check in Nintendo mag or something) Why do they all have to be out now? It's like the gigs in Jan.

Gamestation also has a supercool Umbrella Corporation umbrella as well as a bag.

Anyway, I'm gonna go now and write, warm up and watch Sarah Jane.
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